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  1. Also, in addition, keep in mind, dead commander means no 6th sense.
  2. After  all these years. after all these changes, t54 is still the most kickass tier 9.

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    2. hazzgar


      @kolni it's not a 100% fullproof solution. Just minimize your risk of getting penned and aim for that. I think the tank will still frustrate you because it's not a tank that gives you total control over what is happening (I expect the boost to results tapers off in the low 60's in WR) but the speed boost is a really significant upgrade. Before t95 felt absolutely useless. You basically only got damage on loosing flanks. Now you can actually attack things. The mobility is very similar to a Maus. Lower T4T HP but higher T4T armor Maus with no turret but 750 alpha is what it is now.


    3. kariverson


      @hazzgar I played it once more. Lakeville encounter. Untill I make it to the city I was alone vs 5 and lost again with 2 shots off and 320 dmg bounced. 45% WR on the damn tank now. It's just un-fucking-playable. 

    4. hazzgar


      @kariverson one game means nothing. Again the tank now travels at normal superheavy speed. The same would have happened to you in a Mauschen. You would maybe get 1 shot more off because lower alpha/higher rof but that's that. 

  3. I read it twice going on third and I still have no idea what this is about.
  4. Arty ruining the game in one than 1 ways. One of the best carries (well sort of since it was a draw) of my wotlife ruined by a draw cause there was 1 arty hidden. 


  5. I have 63+ WR for days now I mean look at my recent. Well the last two days it's in the 40s. What gives. It's like the game completely changed on me. I get teams that die in 3 minutes. Literally. I know it's stupid but it's hard not to think this shit is rigged sometimes. 

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    2. kariverson


      @Wanderjar I don't know about that with perma 3 arties every game. Plus I think they started today :P

    3. Wanderjar


      mine started monday

    4. hazzgar


      Wot map rotator is stupid so I assume whatever algorithm sorts teams for them may also have a habbit of bunching up players for a long time.


      Also tanks being faster and having more dpm means more steamrolls which means its harder to carry. 

  6. That's 45? He might have had more of his front then. And Tanks GG is not 100% right about pens, when on the vk7201 says 0.0% on the side armor I got penned. Nontheless it's a broken tank. IS3 might have the ridiculous autoreloader but it's very slow with mediocre armor and gun handling of a KV2.
  7. It's just that I shot everything lower plate, drivewheel etc not enough pen for any part. And it moves as a fast heavy and it can snap with the best of them. It needs a drawback.
  8. The armor on that prem is ridiculous at mid distance, just had a battle against it in my IS3A and in the open he angled it 45 degrees and it was unpennable. It's a bullshit tank as much as the defender was. It has no drawbacks.
  9. The depression angles are going to be decent at -8 but looking at their armor tier for tier it's pretty bad. Ofcourse the premium is comparable to the tier 9 not the tier 8... Slightly worse gun stats for better armor. Again comparing it to the tier 9 not the tier 8 which is trash next to the prem.
  10. I can't believe they'd release it for credits. They can sell it for 100k gold and it'd sell out in an instant. Now a good business tactic for them. Although I wouldn't mind it. I got 30m credits and I can sell some shit haha. Now I got to wake up early every day. I miss the god damn thing.
  11. I just got reported by half the team for camping in a light while I WAS PASSIVE SPOTTING. The pubbie population is seriously fucked up in the head.

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    2. Haswell


      As if reports actually do anything. :serb:

    3. kariverson


      @Haswell That's true it's the chatbans that I'm afraid of. Not that they matter too much, I wear them as a badge of honor, but it's annoying not being able to talk to toon mates and friends.

    4. j_galt


      I was getting griefed last week by some Skorpion shithead and a few others while racking up over 5k spotting.  Then I went out and got a kill myself.   TD drivers are just the worst whiners.  They always assume lights carry a double bush around on the engine deck.

  12. My friend that is relatively new and has only one tier 8 tank in the game got the 703 on the 3rd box... >:O

  13. That's so true. Most fun tier in the game. It's going to be sad to see it go.
  14. Some of these might be rewards for new CW campaigns. They might stop giving 10s because of all the backlash from plewbs that can't deal with tanks like the Chieftain and 907. Also didn't they mention in a video a new Personal Campaign?
  15. I read this and I disagree about some stuff, there is no way to tell if someone did something for the absolute first time. I never saw anyone in that mines spot, I found out myself. (Maybe that's why I was a pubbie until my 20k games lol) I was playing the 54-122? That tier 9 TD exceptionally without having watched even one other player's replays and I wasn't even very good then. You might be overestimating the gravity of one player on the meta.
  16. Still debating if I should use the gold I got from boxes to buy the OP432 or wait for something else. Maybe they will implement the 100mm version of the 703 too or else why the (122) on the name.
  17. What's the fucking point of the Leopard if it can't fucking snipe. Sand river and enemy is just throwing himself at me, clean sides etc NOTHING HITS, and if it hits it's only on the strong parts. 2 out of 12 and we lose. 

    1. SkittlesOfSteeI


      it's good at yoinking hp from idiots cause you can spot for yourself 

    2. kariverson


      Yeah one game is good the next you want to break the keyboard lol. Very unreliable.

    3. Diriz0n


      Sniping is usually a bad tactic, unless you can do it with impunity, like mega-bushed, or with tanks like Strv or E25. And a high rate of fire.  or late game,  picking on a tank that can't see you, with 35Om view range or something shit like that.

      Sniping is just too unreliable.A lower plate at four hundred meters out is quite small. And cupolas are tiny. And AP/APCR also lose their pen over distance too, definitely not using one hundred meter numbers anymore. 

      Leopard missing fully aimed shots,  or oi and KV2 derping a tank 52Om out  -  the game just doesn't assess accuracy (RNG) properly. 

  18. 32 euro Bretegne Panther and PzIII ausf K Only that for tanks
  19. Why is the Paris map still in rotation??

    1. sohojacques


      Because WG sets the bar real low.

    2. Strigonx
    3. hazzgar


      Ironically I had a 2 recent battles with 8k spotting in the city part. People are really shit at this game are the only explanation this is possible.

  20. I tried the STB1 again today after months after its nerf. Still sucks ass. Reload to high for the damage per shot, gun still derps around, and the hydraulics still mess with aiming

    1. Assassin7


      Meanwhile (and this is high praise from me) I quite like it. I hated it when the non suspension depression was -6, but after they fixed that I barely notice the switchover any more. Meanwhile a sub 6 second reload is dank. Dont really feel the alpha nerf either tbh. I never had an issue with the gun handling myself either. (My STB when fully aimed is still, ironically, my second most accurate tier 10 tank at 0.32, after my Cent AX

      And the turret armour is super comfy, poking ridges is way safer now. And the extra depression is also pretty nice.


      I still think ultimately I would of preferred them to leave it as it was and just buff the turret and probably the DPM, but as it is now its absolutely a pretty decent buff over what it was.

  21. Didn't they change it to 300 dmg each? That was the case to a gameplay video I saw recently. EDIT: NVM I just saw the portal. They changed it back to 390
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