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  1. I miss 2015 WOT. Magic Forests and Waffletractors.
  2. For fucks sake when did Frontline stage 2 even start and it's already over? 0 fucking announcements. RIP now getting 2 rewards tanks. 

    1. hazzgar


      Yeah it was super short. No idea why

  3. Those 919 are not extra, not added on the people that die each day. But they are included. Everyone that dies that has a trace of the virus in their blood is counted towards coronas deaths. But they would had died from any other season flu as well. A very decorated microbiologist here shares a different point of view and straight up says that the virus is not the cause of death but the underlying issues are. Something our local WotLabs doctor called "unequivocally, 100%, unadulterated bullshit."
  4. They are not. It's pretty much martial law in several countries
  5. Good thing you're not my doctor then For both our sakes
  6. The Diamond Princess The 15% statistic came from my country's ministry of health. I'm pretty sure you'll find it somewhere but google is pages upon pages of fear mongering so not too easy. I don't get the fears of mutation, like others viruses don't mutate or something. With the 0% I meant it's something that will not kill a healthy person. It's not zombie apocalypse. The virus itself is not the cause of death. It only complicates pre existing conditions. Anyway like I mentioned it's much harder to do research now as there are way too many fear mongering results. I can't even find how many people die normally in Italy every day lol. I read the other day from W.H.O. itself that 2/3 of annual deaths have some kind of complication with a virus or a flu and I cannot find it again for my life.
  7. What is the number of people dying daily in Italy in for example 2019? It is a 60 million country. Mortality rate of COVID19 in Italy is about 9% out of confirmed cases. Confirmed cases are only about 15% of the actual cases. Actual mortality rate is about 1% and that to people with already prexisting problems. Infect a healthy portion of the population and you'll see a mortality rate close to 0% The only controlled enviroment where we saw the actual mortality rate of the virus was that cruise ship. Mortality rate on that was between 0.05% to 1% and it was mostly occupied by older people as well. FACTS God people! I thought these forums were a place for smart people!
  8. Fixed role XP MY ASS almost didn't make it to top 10 (pic)


    1. Snoregasm2


      Fuck me why so many bonds? Saving up for something else to be released in the bond shop?

    2. kariverson


      @Snoregasm2 Yeah, I have all the tier 10 reward/special tanks except the Foch155  which I hope it might make an appearance some day. I got the patriot, the tier 5 M10, the M4 and I might get the Guard soon. And to think I gave 43k for the chieftain the first time around. 

  9. It's that now, it's going to be another thing later. All for the sake of "public safety". That's more frightening to me than any flu. Especially in Europe that we already surrendered our right to bare arms. Just saying. That's what I get from this whole thing.
  10. I passed pneumonia and I didn't even know I had it while I was in the airforce. Same with H1N1 some years later. Also the high mortality rates are not statistically true since that's on the confirmed cases, in reality the cases are several times more but they never get confirmed because of no need to get hospitalized. In Greece the message we all got on our phones was that if we feel sick NOT to try to get to a hospital. It's a neat social experiment though. Sacrifice all liberty for some false sense of security. You know the famous Benjamin Franklin quote? "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." I personally find all the bans everywhere appalling.
  11. The only reason the whole thing is even remotely scary is because we all know someone that is old with respitory issues. Otherwise I couldn't care less about a virus with 2% mortality rate. The fact that it spreads easily is fake news too. If that was the case in a country of 11 mil there wouldn't only be 100 cases.
  12. I think they mentioned they fixed that in ranked and kills count less. In ranked I just might have been 1st in that battle because role XP and damaged bounced. Definitely in a brawl kind of situation, or when peaking for 2 targets one 1hit and another full hp, but when I have an lone 183 firing HESH vs 3 of our tanks, I think it would actually hurt to wait for the other two to get him down to one shot and then get the kill. If they bounce once, he'll have time to reload. But yeah I get it I do have over 1k clan war battles in the good ol days haha but I find it difficult to believe it's possible to have 4 kills consistently.
  13. Lol, after this I lost all the will to play the marathon. Forget it it's not worth the trouble. I still wish they'd fix they damn game sometime. No way 2 kills covered for 2k more damage inside 300m and 3500 more assist damage.
  14. Oh but they nerfed everything... But Heavies and Arties. Heavies now have more HP yet the prem ammo you need to pen them does less damage, not to mention tank HE doesn't do nearly as much dmg as before, so survivability of heavies skyrocketed. Just imagine how much they widened the gap between Heavies and Mediums now. You must have not read something right. Arty's damage remain the same with the normal shell that does stun as well. They keep their pen too. The 2nd shell just does more damage, so it's an arty buff and that's the bottom line (cause Stone Cold said so.) This is easily the worst thing that has happened in WOT.
  15. Time to build another skyscraper in Cyprus!
  16. That shows how little attention I paid to that grindy mode after a while.
  17. Good changes. Will last years FL reserves work? I got many because I didn't play the mode, it was a chore. Now that it's shortened I might play it.
  18. After a comment I made about frontline being a ridiculous grindfest on the official forums and others followed a mod said that this time it will be different and we'll like the changes. I think they dropped the requirements by a lot.
  19. I would have also gotten the Lancen and the Chrysler if I didn't expect a new tank. Screw them.
  20. Damn, 2 out of 3 that sucks. I should have grinded more this years frontlines. Yeah I think I'd go with 777 and I'll have to think about the 2nd one.
  21. I won the BT-SV for 12.859.000... I hope it was the absolute minimum Nah seems like it didn't sell out as 10m was also enough. Oh well 12.8mil wasn't that much higher.
  22. Yeah I'll probably never play it as well. Lowered it to 12.8 mil
  23. I made a bid for 18, changed it to 15 right after. And I still feel it's too much.
  24. BT-SV for last, 10 million credits starting bid. Officially disappointed.
  25. I mean they want gold right? Instead of crap for gold like 3D styles and orders, why not put the defender or the 703 or the IS3A up for auction? Limited numbers not to cause inflation. I wouldn't buy them as I don't have gold but atleast some people would be happy compared to none.
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