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  1. I won the BT-SV for 12.859.000... I hope it was the absolute minimum Nah seems like it didn't sell out as 10m was also enough. Oh well 12.8mil wasn't that much higher.
  2. Yeah I'll probably never play it as well. Lowered it to 12.8 mil
  3. I made a bid for 18, changed it to 15 right after. And I still feel it's too much.
  4. BT-SV for last, 10 million credits starting bid. Officially disappointed.
  5. I mean they want gold right? Instead of crap for gold like 3D styles and orders, why not put the defender or the 703 or the IS3A up for auction? Limited numbers not to cause inflation. I wouldn't buy them as I don't have gold but atleast some people would be happy compared to none.
  6. Shiieeeet. So last one in the morning. What a weak Black Market. Only way to salvage it is to have a brand new tank for credits. 5900
  7. Already? I think there are still like a couple days left? I'm not sure. Shouldn't there be 14 offers in total?
  8. Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) Auction from 10k gold. 10k gold for a marathon reward tank lol. BTW why is every damn offer for gold. Jeez this Black Market.
  9. The fact that they kept the pen on Arties also is complete BS. Seriously this is awful.
  10. Damn it, I won the damn thing with 361 gold. I was hoping I'd lose lol.
  11. Looks pretty damn cool to be honest. Maybe the best 3D style they've done. I might bid 261 gold
  12. Looks like we have a style for 261 up for auction today morning. 261 gold starting bid.
  13. Played the "balance test server and I have one piece of feedback.

    This is the biggest stinkiest pile of steaming shit I have ever witnessed. Fire and Whip whoever came up with this horseshit. Wow. What in the blue hell did I play. I'm gonna have nightmares today, that's how frightfully bad it was. Scrap it ASAP, don't even let the test server run any longer. Scrap it now and pray people can forget about it in a couple of decades. 

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    2. Assassin7


      Its almost like I said over a year ago that doing anything that results in prem ammo being nerfed without changing the actual underlying issues of TOO MUCH ARMOUR NOT ENOUGH WEAK SPOTS was just going to make those problem tanks an even bigger problem and nerf everything else in the game.


      They HAVE to fix armour and the massive over armouring and weakspot removals. Theres no its buts or maybes, thats the biggest problem. The second is the massive power creep

    3. hazzgar


      @Assassin7 they wont because they listen to bobs. The bobs cry about "stupid unicums in their op mediums" and they mostly mean unarmored mediums so the bobs would cry that what you suggest is a buff to stupid unicums

    4. Draco912


      just played this shitshow sandbox besides bad latency side shot at a super hellcat in a kv2 with HE and guess what no damage just tracked him. this update if it comes out how it is means i am done with this game.

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  14. The whole HE rebalance is complete BS
  15. Welp, I need to do some shopping then. Also screw WG
  16. "High tier stuff" How many high tier stuff??? Several of them from every nation? Textbook " If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
  17. No more HESH pens?? I don't know what they're doing in WG I don't know.
  18. I think it's a set 1500 gold price? I'm not sure as "I DON'T NEED THEM" like the bald dude says
  19. What the hell is this: Бланки приказа Первой кампании x3
  20. I hope the 777 is for credits. Sexy tank. But even if it isn't screw it, I still got like 6-7 tier 10s I need to buy.
  21. If there is already a new tank, what is gonna be the last offer?? Hmm.
  22. Last time THE offer was the Type 59 Gold though. This time it's not. I'm still waiting for THE offer. It being either T22 or Obj 777 or WTFE100 or something else. Hopefully just one of those and for credits. EDIT: In RU they haven't sold out yet. They're half way while on every other Server they were gone in seconds.
  23. They're draining the server hard of any gold people might have accumulated during the lootbox period. I really hope the offer for the tier 10 or 9 or whatever is not for gold
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