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  1. Hello to everyone. New forum user here. I've been playing wot for 2 years now and it's a love and hate relationship. This is ofcourse my first account and it sucks so much having so many games. Especially because my first 15-18k games I was an idiot. I saw the game at first as a tank grinder. I was throwing my tanks in suicide rushes to maximize my xp. You can see that from the horrible stats on my first tanks. American heavy line and t67 and hellcat. Then I left to join the airforce. Left my lil sis play as much as she wanted to grind me more tanks. 8k games like that. Still regret th
  2. For the reroll guys. What motivated enough you to make new accounts and do that much work? Was it hard in the start? Does it really cost a lot of money? Was it worth it in the end? Playing for top server clans etc?
  3. That'd be a ridiculous amount of work. that's over 8k games even for a good player except if these overlap. If they overlap it's still a hell of a lot of work atleast 3k games.
  4. Another obj 260 gameplay video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h--yHdcSw4g&list=UUDx2-SCLzDaC4vlh2PCGYQA
  5. If 2 e75s camping deal 4k dmg each let them be there all day. It's still gonna be a win. Your game will just be fucked. But still a win. The problem is many pubbies, they don't understand how much damage is actually gonna help the team. I've seen camping heavies tier9 say to me "oh look at my damage noob" and they had only their HP at most 2k dmg. That's only gonna hurt.
  6. IMO low. Because they seem they want to buff Lights in general and they most probably buff the old lights than nerfing the new ones.
  7. I agree that focusing on WN8 will improve WR. Just focus on doing as much damage as you can. WR will come. You have no idea how many times I've been told that I will lose all the time when they see me not scouting in my RU in a loss. But they fail to realize I have 62% in it over 350 games. Most of them solo.
  8. I honestly hope that's the case. Obj 260 seems OP as fuck lol.
  9. As Evilly confirmed 9.5 will bring the new individual missions, the rewards will include the new T28 Concept, T-55A and Object 260. Obvious source: http://ftr.wot-news.com/2014/11/15/evilly-qa/ Gameplay videos of them provided next to tank name. obj260: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kk7lcm1tBBU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h--yHdcSw4g&list=UUDx2-SCLzDaC4vlh2PCGYQA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wWmNk5LyyCY&list=UULZIN4aTXYm92c1ENyN8KmA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GoGAPQIvsCI&list=UULZIN4aTXYm92c1ENyN8KmA Tier 10 HT Hitpoints: 2100 Engine: 12
  10. Nice thread actually. The last months I did start to find that weakness in WN8 with lights tanks. So yeah I can maintain a recent of 3k wn8 in tier 10 tanks and I have 25k games with an overall of 1800wn8. 8 to 10k games by my sis when I was off serving the airforce. and another 6-8k games out of the wn8 game for having no idea what the hell it was. That leaves me with almost 18k games that should be out of my WN8 but still dragging me down since I furiously don't want to reroll. I was at a point I had 1200overall and 2800-3000 recent without statpadding. That really sucked. So now I'm pla
  11. AMX-13-75: 430 (390) 430 holy fuck lol I welcome this change. Now I might actually scout in scout tanks instead of getting outspotted by invisible e75s when I'm passive spotting. Even having time to shoot me before 6th sense lights up.
  12. This is older, but it will always be pinned in my memories.
  13. lol yes I forgot to point that fact. The shell velocity is funny. It's very hard to lead shots if you haven't played it for 10 games before to get used to it again.
  14. Yeah except the bad news is for the RU driver. RU is my favorite tank in the game I have 300+ games in it and 5500k WN8. You cannot take another tier 8 light tank 1 vs 1. vs a 13 90 you;re completely fucked. You will get 2 shots out and you're dead. vs a t49 you're simply fucked if he comes close. You only fire once. vs a wz132 you might win the encounter but you're left with 300hp same goes for t71-m41-t54light (if he's an idiot and shows his side) And no you cannot risk shooting HESH. One non pen cause of tracks etc for 40 dmg and you fucked up. It's ridiculous to call the RU O
  15. I don't mind, My RU will be even more OP now. Smashing everything unspotted.
  16. Hmm seems pretty cool with the 105, won't even bother commenting the 120, its joke. The view range kills it though, I'm gonna play it like a med like I pretty much play everything. TD class after the defoliation and the corridor maps is useless.
  17. Absolutely ridiculous, easy the worst tier 10 in the game. I'll have to grind it to keep my British technical engineer but then its Spider webs for it. Retard WG because some tomatos are whinning and they are unable to flank and push right on these tanks guns they Nerf them to hell like they did with the poor fv183.
  18. As a dedicated RU251 lover Seems a bit big but not too big. It's a bigger RU 251 with slightly less DPM and less top speed, that accelerates much faster and only seems tier 9s. (If pref MM indeed)
  19. They might mean the bug that you got stuck in the game after it ended and when you pressed back to garage manually nothing in that game counted. It's like it never happened. Or maybe some battles that didn't count on the specific "skirmish" tab in the service record. I don't think they're gonna merge the stats. If they do, RIP skirmishes.
  20. I LOVE this thing. My favorite tank easily and made me a fan of lights tanks. I don't scout with it almost never. Scouting is suicide with the pubbie teams. I play it like a mobile snipers in some maps and a paper med in others. Doing pretty well. It's my top WN8 tank. Made an account here just to say how much I appreciate it I ace tanked it on the first game stock lol, only with sniping 5.4k dmg since It was pretty sluggish without top engine and tracks. REPLAY And recently I did my best game/carry with it. 5k dmg 9 kills, dramatic badass ending. REPLAY Are they gonna reduc
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