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  1. It can always be played like a normal medium with a very good reload. There are always time periods in a game when you have to relocate or there are not possible targets that you can reload a full clip.
  2. I got lucky last year and got the IS3A with 20 euro. I might try it again but I don't have high hopes. Atleast you get your money's worth in extra stuff.
  3. Is there something special about the patriot that attracts the absolute lowest of the scum in my team? I haven't seen so many pieces of shit teams in a row in all my time in WOT

    1. hazzgar


      Same curse on the liberte.

    2. sohojacques


      3 wins from 12 Monday night for me. This included 5 games in a row where my team was down 5/6 to 0 comfortably within 3 minutes. 5 wins from 15 games last night.  The marathons really do seem to bring out the worst of the worst.


  4. Funny how every time I have to be first in team in damage, there is a god damn mofo that has the god damn game of his life

  5. Looks really strong. I might try the missions for mastery.
  6. How can someone hate on lights? Only the EBR is extremely annoying, especially when the team underrates it and just lets it run around. The rest are fun to play and not a problem to play against. The Russian ones are much better than their counterparts though. T100 vs Manticore lol.
  7. I never understood the fascination with MoE
  8. I did it with the obj 268 V4. Just play normally until you get a really good game and then go suicide to get that last 2k lol.
  9. Those nerfs hit it pretty hard. It's going to be very slow with horrible gun handling. Atleast now it doesn't look like a tier 10. More like a tier 9 IS3A
  10. Lol, yeah so true that comment that they're out to ruin the last balanced tier in the game. This looks really strong. What kind of fucking grind are we going to have to do for that. Next CW reward? They stopped the 10s cause of all the pubbie whining?
  11. So In Ranked there are 3 waves of getting to the top. 1st wave is the best players having the most fun. Great games, fun games. It's a pleasure to ride that wave but you have to play all day nonstop to keep up with it. If you don't then you fall on the 2nd wave. The wave of the people that think they're good and they just want to snipe and to fail their way up. These are the most painful games you're gonna have in ranked. If you get caught there, good luck getting over 80% chevrons. It's a bottomless pit. After you get stuck there for days, the 3rd wave comes, the really bad people you can pretty much kick their ass solo so you can advance further.

    Personally because I play only 2 hour sessions, one early and one very late every ranked season I get stuck into the bottomless pit. People playing E50Ms etc camping all game. Only loses. Atleast I'm top 5 half of them .

  12. Yes the bond shop in principal is more than fine. Sell for 20k the old tree tier 10s. And have for 10k a new exclusive tier 8 prem, for 15k a new exclusive tier 9 and for 25k a new exclusive tier 10. Everybody is happy.
  13. Every time someone says 279 is OP I wish I could give to him for a game in ranked so they can see how fun it it to not bounce anything except if you angle it so you can't shoot back. 

    1. Diriz0n


      People have this ridiculous notion, that 279E is like Type 5. Load gold and it melts. It isn't. Type 5 isn't even truly like that, because it has portions of auto-bounce ricochet angles that gold won't even go through too. I don't know who the fuck started that shit speak, but it is wrong wrong wrong. 279E armour is significantly stronger, way more angled. Look at its armour LIVE model, using standard med tank 33Omm HEAT (which is common because 9O7A)

      It is almost ALL RED. Auto pen on this tank is a med, and is nonsensically retarded to even say. The UFP comprises of armour patches ranging from 14O-185mm. That needs nerfing, from 12O-165mm, just flat out -2Omm every spot there. And lower front underneath hull, reduce it back to 2Omm so you can over match it, not 55.  

      Then we are talking, the tank isn't a fucking sledgehammer made out of Wolverines fucking claws, blocking thousands of damage from 8 fucking enemies at once, like Deus there.



    2. kariverson


      @Diriz0n Well IDK man. You will rarely see it at that angle of the pic. I don't like its armor when I'm playing it, if I want to shoot back I'll get penned. On even ground I lose races vs sconqs. And I LOVE it when I see it on enemy team. Just a big phat target. Sides are trash too. But I get that in randoms with pubbies not shooting gold it could be strong. But any nerf on the armor and it will be trash all around. Just a bad balanced tank. 

    3. Diriz0n


      Trust me. This is exactly the case of the following:   ""Dude, you don't have the tank. You know only elite people have the tank, and people who don't have the tank, just say its op. But those who have the tank, know its not op."" It is the stupidest argument. The tank clearly is broken, and very much over powered compared to peers. People say the exact same shit about EBR75 and 1O5. Broken ass, op vehicles, and don't have it. BUT THEY FACE IT. And elitists, who have the fucking vehicles, say no, it is not OP because they have it and have a couple fails with them. Does that change anything? It is still a fucking illegal auto aiming, great gun disp/acc/aim-time, non overturnable, high camo, high pen HE light tank that UTTERLY dominates. 


      And by the way, 279E has on avg 3O% better side armour than super conqueror.  Which in itself isn't trash side armour, so I don't get what you mean when you say trash. Are you the type, that refers to side armour as anything except Maus, Type 5, or E-Hundo as trash side armour? And please, show me it beats Super conqueror in speed tests. Please do. 


      This is the problem with WOT. Over reacting and nonsense. 0bj 7O5 and A are released, everyone calls them trash side scraping tanks because useless armour. When they have rear turrets, and wwwaaayyy better side armour than a great majority of high tier heavy tanks. Because the side armour isn't MAUS, 185mm, they are trash all of a sudden. Sure makes alot of sense. How about T11OE5, T11OE4, Kran, AMX54, 5OB, 215B.....how about we call tanks with actual trash side armours, trash 


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  14. I agree. I paid 43k bonds in their bogus bullshit "auction" they had for the chieftain cause the Clan I joined was bad. 15K bonds in nothing. We don't need an influx of these tanks. What's next 279 for bonds?
  15. Getting 15k bonds in not nearly enough effort compared to a clan war campaign. It's a different kind of monster. Anyone can get bondas just by playing the game normally throughout all its events.
  16. I wasn't expecting them to put one of the OP prem trio for sale. The Patriot. Grabbed it right away. The rest do not interest me enough for now. I want to keep some bonds for the foch155 I don't have. The rest of the 10s, I have them all. I also got the tier 5 french M10 TD. Seemed pretty OP for its tier and I haven't gone into French TD so I needed a crew trainer. I just really hope they don't ever sell 907 and chieftain. Last thing we need is a more inflated number of them.
  17. Has to be the worst mode this game has had. I don't know how they manged to fuck up even that. They tried to fix something that was not broken
  18. Wiggling will be huge to avoid damage by these tanks. Not only he can't anticipate where to aim in 3 secs while you're wiggling (then we have the ping that will play a huge role when you're changing your aim point really fast) but if you're close it's gonna be often that one of the two guns bounces you. I don't see it being any good in close range either.
  19. Wait what? That's on a whole 'nother level! Now I'm even more curious!
  20. OMG the 4 shot HE autoloader is so much fun. 0.5secs intraclip pew pew pew pew and you run. But in general fast tanks are in a huge disadvantage at the endgame. Where there is only 1-5 sectors to fight.
  21. You kinda low key said WR is luck on that post.
  22. These are very few superhuman people especially in some certain tanks. Maybe it's true but there are limitation on how rigged it can get. Can't keep putting one of these guys with 14 reds all the time. We've been hearing about this patented MM for many years now. There were many pages documents leaked some years ago. It has to have some basis.
  23. I get the the mobility upgrades instead of the HP ones. Even if you take the big gun in the start you can end up with the auto-reloader. Not autoloader on the germans. My mistake. The American one ends up a t69ish with autoloader. And an m103ish with hp and armor upgrades. With the german one never managed to get to the end upgrade. Neither fast nor heavy. The Russian starter is so much better than the rest, especially the American. It's the fastest by far and sits in the middle in armor. It can bounce. It can fight and it can run from anything. BTW I came across a Vksomething
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