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  1. I just bought it, just another step towards ru.. and it's amazing. First game, 3 shots 3 kills 100%-0%, it's derpy, crew 85% so it was more luck than anything else, yet satisfying as fuck;)
  2. I do, always learnin somthing from 'em. I actually progressed a lot since I've started watching your replays. Thank you. It made me rebuy m46, now it's my favorite tank of all, incl. t-54 <3
  3. OP as fu*k. On feiry silent taking 400 dmg per shot from t6 artys.
  4. I don't have tiple on t62a.. yet. But Ive been at 94.xx quite a few times. 1. I noticed, that after 1 shit game i.e. clicked for full hp by som 45%, I get annoyed/angry, and that really affects my next games. 2. when you know you are at 94.99%, you are just so eager to make some extra dmg, some extra assisted, that makes you play careless. At tier 10 one mistake is all you need to be destroyed. Always analyze whether you can be aggresive or you are in shit position, enemy team gets annihilated but if you stick your nose out you are dead. It's better to survive, get few more shots and drop only by 0.2% instead of 1%. Best way to counter what I have pointed, is not to look at your MOE progress. Seriously, try to make it a secret to yourself, also dont get too excited after few good games.
  5. So I have unistalled all my mods, cuz too much shit on screen... My first triple So proud I still have an erec... shaky hands.
  6. E5 and M103 defense tactic, known to many as "WSADASDWDASDAWDASDDSDDSAAWDAWDSAD" seems to be usless now, as interia makes tanks much less responsive. Same to "WSWWSWSWSWWSSWSWSWWS" tacitc when hulldown, moving horizontally to enemy trying to aim at your turret's weakspot.
  7. less bushes, smaller ammount of mini-hills at diffrent angles. This side seems as simplified as the other atm.
  8. Nice idea, though I'd leave friendly team like it is and make enemy as "tags only" You still know who can you rely on in team, but you dont know who are you facing. That would also get rid of xvm snipers.
  9. WG is too retarded for skill based MM. Seriously, when there was a discussion about it, their only vision about skill based MM was to team up unicums against unicums, like 15 unicums vs 15 unicums, 15 blunicums vs 15 blunicums etc. Idea was scratch becouse this would lead everyone to 49%-51% WR. at least their conclusion was correct... Everyone else had "same ammount of bad and good players in each team" in mind.
  10. I belive you are right, bottom half is being pushed up by change of meta. Influence of 1 player is getting less and less. However, take under consideration that all your stats and performance should be compared to other's players, not to stats themselfes. What I mean is that a unicum that was pulling 3.5k dmg and 64%, now will do 3k and 62%. You were pulling 4.5k dmg and 70%, now you will pull 4k dmg and 65%. Everyone has the same MM, as much average arty+scouts number per battle. WG is also introducing anti-unicums mechanics so that one player will not use "cheats" (ie vision mechanics) to rape potatoes that actually pay for gold, while unicum earns gold. XVM arty players are pinning down unicums which have hard time to stay unspotted due to lots of scouts, having no possibility to peak and shoot or use 75% of map is forcing meta-play corridors. I also got banned today for unspotsmanlike conduct. Got called cheater and reroller quite often recently and I dont type on chat. Due to X3N4 post and my observations, I'm now looking more towards AW.
  11. I bought with 15% discount, mainly for crew training but I must say that I love it. I have T34, IS6, CDC and now prot, and it's deffinetly my favorite t8 prem. Sure, CDC is better, t34 and is-6 make more money, but none of them give me so much fun as t-54 proto. It feels like more mobile IS-6 for the cost of alpha, but better gold ammo and gun handling. In tier 10, tier 9 I play as support, and quite often I have to change to APCR (carrying 9 on board) butIm still making shitloads of money. In tier 8 battle.. well, everything dings, the gun can pen almsot everything frontally without switching to APCR. Im really loving it, not to mention sweeet experience for my hoovercrafts' crews.
  12. Nice article, but I wonder how would WZ turn out compared to t-54 when neither runs food/heat spam.
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