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    M36 Jackson

    I just picked this up after the Hellkitty was abused from the last nerf. I must say that I'm really enjoying the gun, but not the mobility. I have everything researched and I currently use Rammer, Binoc and CamoNet. Crew at 100%, 35% Camo skill on each. I'm trying to play this like any other TD and it just doesn't' work. Should I drop camo net , and go optics > binocs, what's the view range on M36? Should I consider top fuel or food to increase the agility? Any play style and other advice is appreciated.
  2. catak

    M7 guidance!

    I have limited experience in this tank, but after seeing allot of "Purples" playing I though what the hell. After playing it for a dozen or so battles, my initial reaction was the lack of speed and turn radius, however this could because my crew is only at 75%. I do have some experience in scout tanks, but I don't think this one qualifies. It has a great combination of light and a medium tank but no armor to speak of, even for a tier 5 tank. What gun would be the suitable choice for this tank, load out for ammo, equipment and skill sets. Do you consider this tank a keeper and play tactics would be appreciated.
  3. I saw something done by an M46 that made me think I am likely using the mouse wrong or is there another device for turret operation. The tank was moving forward and constantly and VERY SMOOTHLY moving his turret 270 degrees -At best I can only move 15-20 degrees before I run out of DESKTOP real estate and have to lift mouse to reposition.. I think most people play their wrist fixed in place so that all movement is done with the fingers. I've heard of others using a lower sensitivity to play with their entire arm. Whatever the case I keep picking up the mouse when trying to rotate 360 degrees in arcade mode on whether its a low or high setting. My mouse is a Deathadder Chroma with 650 DPI and 1000 poll rating. Please provide your setup, i.e. different stages programed via mouse software etc. DPI settings and maybe a video on how to accomplish this. Thanks in advanced.
  4. catak


    Has anyone experimented with this Mod? I've done some light reading and it seems that it can provide a smoother rectile in sniper mode which uses a classic old server cross hair of some sort. It also seems to have an add-on for session stats etc. I'm not very computer savvy, but how can one download and install it? Is this a program with an interface so I can add certain features or is it a file that needs to be edited? Can anyone provide a link or more resources where I can educate myself on this feature? Thanks so much!
  5. catak

    M4A3E8 vs M4A3E2

    I'm torn between which tank I should get. The E2 has great defense for a medium tank so I'm thinking I should go with that. If anyone has either of these tanks and can give me feedback on either, that would be great
  6. Ok guys I have a question for you all. I have googled with little to no luck. What I am looking for is an option or a mod that will set the default level sniper zoom instead of saving what I last used. eg. I enter sniper mode with the shift key, I use the scroll wheel to zoom in to take a shot on an enemy, lets say 8x zoom level for the shot. I'm done engaging that enemy and go to third person to re-position. Now I'm much closer to an enemy I would like to engage, I hit shift to aim my shot and I'm 8x zoom again and that's much to high for my new position. Is there a mod that would default the sniper zoom back to say, 2x every time regardless of my previously used zoom level. Is this a thing? Is there a mod for it? Config file option? Some kind of work around? I heard PMOD could work, but never used it. If anyone has a good .json file, please allow me to use. Thanks!
  7. Hi, i will like to know if there is some way of changing default level of zoom when i enter sniper view to always stay on x2? I've edited the mod_pmod.json file under "defaultzoomvalue" : 2...but it doesn't seem to change. Any help would be appreciated or can someone post or send me there mod_pmod.json file. [email protected] Thank you
  8. The line above "defaulzoomvalue" called "defaultZoom". Tried it and no joy. Could you send me your .json file so I may test it out? Thank you:)
  9. catak

    Help w/ Skoda T40

    So, I thought I'd get this tank to train other crews in the same line, however I can't seem to make this tank work. What tactics along with setup can anyone recommend before I sell this? Thanks.
  10. catak

    Mouse sensitivity and FOV

    Do most of you use the wheel on the mouse to zoom in and out in Arcade mode and sniper mode?
  11. catak

    T25/2- Appreciation Thread

    What's the point of upgrading the second turret? Numbers no improvement in traverse speed and view range, only heavier. I understand that it needs to be used to mount the top gun and doesn't have a cover but for only 10 AP more.
  12. catak

    Fours FPS Mod

    Is this Mod still available or has it been discontinued? If so, has anyone developed something similar? Thanks.
  13. catak

    Show your T20 setup

    Revisiting this tank to work on my Medium skills. I know the tank has exceptional camo and can abuse hills with descent gun depression. I believe I was running Vents, GLD, and Binocs at the time. What are some of the suggested equipment to take advantage of it's potential? Please share your skills, perks and ammo loadout along with play style. v/r
  14. catak

    Help w/ Skoda T40

    Yes. If you've got one handy:)
  15. catak

    Pz.Kpfw. II setup

    What setup are you running on yours? And what kind of ammo load out do you suggest? Also, any one running food? Thanks.
  16. My DeathAdder mouse isn't responding to my 4 and 5 mouse clicks for my Medkit and repair kit since the new patch. I know the hardware is good, because every time I click the respected buttons there is a message on the screen " No repairs needed, everything is intact", however when I need to use a repair kit or med, it doesn't respond. I've checked the assigned controls in settings and it's currently assigned to the mouse 4 and 5 buttons. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  17. I've reinstalled mouse drivers, uninstalled and reinstalled WoT and also deleted dataromaing file. Still no change.
  18. catak

    VK 28.01 Help!

    ive tried almost every thing with this tank to get it a usefull member of a team but almost every time i play it seem like a drive 3 feet then i get one shotted, ive tried: to be a mobile scout - no good! - too heavy, too slow, ive tried passive scouting - still no good - too big to hide, makes a nice fat juicy target!, almost no acceleration to get the hell out of the way! Please provide your insight on how to play this tank? Thanks.
  19. I may be out of touch, but I just noticed that the Jagdtiger is at tier 9. Is this different from the one previously sold in the store? And if so, would it be worth the grind and what are the major differences other than premium match making? Thanks.
  20. catak

    Panther 3rd MoE

    Why are using the derp on the Panther? Interesting!
  21. I've been using a shit computer that runs a Dual Core 2.66 ghz CPU that was given by a friend a few years ago that struggles running above 30 fps and since I started a second job recently, I have some extra money and I'm looking to start fresh with a build. I'm looking to build one that can run WoT smoothly while being able to surf. I got a budget of $1000 USD although it can be raised slightly. Please be critical on the parts and any recommendations would be helpful. Here's my inventory list: Intel Core i5-4460 3.2GHz Quad-Core Processor Asus H97M-E/CSM Micro ATX LGA1150 Motherboard PNY CS1211 240GB 2.5" Solid State Drive Seagate Barracuda 1TB 3.5" 7200RPM Internal Hard Drive Zotac GeForce GTX 960 2GB Video Card Fractal Design Core 1500 MicroATX Mini Tower Case Corsair CX 500W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply Thanks for looking and providing feedback! v/r
  22. So, my plan is to upgrade with the revised list provided to me by Folter, however In the meantime I'm getting allot of freeze ups before I actually enter battle and sometimes I even get a BSOD. Is there any free memory test programs out there that I can run against my machine?
  23. I think I'll go with the R9 380X 4GB to save for some system fans. I thought about getting these, since they come in bundles. Thanks so much for going through my inventory and refining my parts list. The current MB that you suggested states that it can be overclocked, would this MB be included with an user interface to do just that or will I need to fine tune settings in the BIOS?