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  1. I'd love to see players names along with clan rags completely removed myself... no xvm is a good start though
  2. I recall a while back mods that instead of giving a countdown timer it gave you the avg reload time and had a timer (going up)... could easily go back to something like that and be "technically legal" as I understand the rules...
  3. just dropped tags after almost 2 years with my clan... I was a combat officer (whatever that means? lol)... but the clan has pretty much died outside of a few people to platoon with... with the possibility of winning a dank tank... it's time to move on and see where I can fit in... done a good bit of tourney play... 1% winner of GF tourney in 2015, top 5% I think it was this year (won the 13 57 twice)... and more recently a 122-44 from whatever tourney it was... I have only played a few battles in CW (clan was never really set up for it. what I'm looking for right now..
  4. I'm sure it's doable but running a 90mm when everyone else is shooting you with a 105 sucks... plus you'll need to be slinging lots of APCR with that 90mm... 68k xp is a long time to tough it out... I haven't compared the soft stats of the turret upgraded but you'll see above I felt a huge change when going from the stock to upgraded turret. for tracks just use upgraded suspension module... once you can reliably deal dmg you can earn xp easily enough. I'm enjoying the tank still but also working though the type 61 and the amx 30.. I worked though the cent 7/1 not long back...
  5. I bought this tank a while back when it was on track... after a few battles I used free xp on the gun... still didn't like it... today I spent a bit of xp on the turret... suddenly it feels transformed.... still rolling on mid engine and stock tracks (upgraded suspension equipment) so 18 battles in I managed my first ace game... I was honestly shocked at how "easy" it felt... 4500 dmg, 900 assist and 6 kills in a tier9 battle... had a few other good games in it also... not sure if it really was the turret or I was just in the mood for it to "click" with me... really looking forward
  6. ding ding ding... we have a winner I bought this tank with Christmas money... I never expected to buy it but after toughly enjoying the wz-120 (once I got the bloody thing upgraded) I decided along with the depression buff that i needed to have an actual medium tank with prem MM... also figure it'll help get the 3 skill crew up to 4 skills I've been running it along with my cdc for money making lately... both are very different but very fun tanks for me, sure I could make a little more in the JT88 but that isn't really fun to play...
  7. for the low tier LT toss the free 100% crew from either the tier1 or the freebie tier3 gift tank... turns them into a 75% crew if you don't train them... done it before with multi-skill crews before... works nicely and just as cheap as a 50% crew (aka free) I wasn't planning on playing the czech line for a little longer but with the 4 females mission showing up today moving down that line was obvious... as for free xp... I free xpd my way to the tier5... I'll do the low tier stuff just for the personal reserves... tier7 and up I'll prob spend the free xp on getting the tanks elite or
  8. na that would be me grinding stock/near stock tier9 tanks as I've run out of free xp and the little gold I have to convert free xp... recent wn8 has typically been up at 2100-2200 most of the time before that as well lol... although my overall did take a 3 or 4 point hit as well... but it's on the rise again as is my w/r... in fact my w/r over the last 1 k battles went from a 54.5% down to 54.29%... which with 15k battles is a HUGE freefall drop... team makeup over last month + grinding tanks wasn't friendly to me lol... oh and I spent some time playing clickers for missions... before th
  9. I still find this tank to be a cromwell at tier8... it's quick and agile can get into interesting spots but has no armor and crap gun handling... of late I've enjoyed it more than my FCM
  10. I have both but the wz-120 is still a long way from being upgraded... t-54 is versatile and fun and would be my first goto tier9 (and then onto the 10s) for crews don't worry as you'll easily build them along the way
  11. Ah been using illigal mod... Must be why I'm now blue yo.... Lol
  12. guess I got my ace a little earlier (edit I got mine the day after you got yours)... 1273 base xp was enough for an ace when I did mine... 2657 dmg and 456 assist in a tier8 game... net of 59,136 (with prem) would have been 32,548 without... I'm still enjoying this thing which is nice... I remember seeing it on FTR and then some supertest vids knowing I wouldn't like it... I couldn't wait to get rid of the 12t or 13 75... but I ended up winning one in the grand final tourney... I wouldn't say it's good but it is fun, I've got 42 battles in it, avg 903 dmg, 542 assist and 1.1 frags... it fa
  13. I pulled off all of the spg Stug IV missions in the bishop or fv304 "bert"... I got to the platooning missions and then it sat for a while until one day a few of my clanmates decided to give it a go... one guy needed his light missions and two of us in SPG... only arty we had was bert and only tier5 scout he had was ELC... played a few games and I managed finishing everything off that evening. here was my spg-14 game but also met requirements for spg-15 which I got a few games later https://youtu.be/OTt1UAKKhWk I honestly think the lower tier stuff made it easier for things lik
  14. sorry I overlooked the xvm post... thanks for pointing me in the right direction
  15. what is the specific folder/file i'm editing in? thanks a ton man mark
  16. so I run Anfields mod pack, have for the last few patches and I really dig it but as I'm starting to play more and more team battles and platooning I'd like to be able to change one thing... as it stands the XVM numbers float over tanks instead of their names... I can hit alt and the name shows up but that is temp. how do I mod the XVM file so that my team mates names show up as default... the xvm floating wouldn't be bad ALSO (for pub play)... and I still want the xvm over the enemy. any tips/help on modding the xvm file? thanks Mark
  17. I find the tourney environment enjoyable... team up with people of similar skill lvl that don't have their head up their arse, try to think about how the other team is going to play/think and make moves/counter moves... but ya the sitting around for 9 min for another 3 min of play time sucked... at least on steppes we had some games that took a little longer and forethought.... the waiting was tedious... :-/ as for the tank... I'd rather the kv5... but feel it's pretty awesome for a bunch of scrub nobody's to finish 1%... (went in expecting top 50%, maybe 40%)... I think this was our clans
  18. lol I wondered about how serious the name was based on the name especially after you sat up in the 1% for so long lol...
  19. interesting on the 12t for size... we played around with it earlier and ya the 37 did have some size issues... we ended up using the 85s hull down and Id spot from the bush... I was invisible enough to move fairly freely when it came time to hunt the lone tank that inevitably showed up once he was down on HP... we agreed on the t37 though... (ran 2 37 and a crommy) on the open field days... basicly used what each was comfortable in... crommy gave us a few more HP but the 37 we ran heavy for the gun handling... 2.9 second reload and on the move accuracy with a gun that hits and pens what it
  20. did you play the numbers for what teams you threw the game too?... just wondering... I'd rather the kv5... but i'll happily take that 1% prize
  21. we ran kv85 on the "city maps" with a t37... distance spots and being able to back flank... on himmelsdorf I really pissed off a bt player (all heavy team) they managed to kill my 2 heavies but I was behind them and managed to take 2 of them out then brought the vk on a fun little chase... ended up using a small block section and turned towards him after I darked out... I had the HP and was able to tank him at the end and he derped his first shot... ended up he got 1 shot on me but died... then it ended with a nice "FU" to me ;-)
  22. so... tied for 15th in both gosutactic and wotscout... the question... is top 15 officially the 1% or put into the 2%?
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