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  1. Yes, but the majority of the loud voices in a forum are things like BB pubbies. So it's just like arty - even if the balance isn't as broken as people think, it still creates division by its nature. I stand by my original point.
  2. See, this is why torps prove that WG never learned their lessons from arty: we see the same sort of too-many-extremes on both sides creating a rough sort of quasibalance and rampant polarizing opinion.
  3. Maybe that's true at high tiers, but wouldn't it possible to agree that in low tiers, with the fast reload times, some amount of restriction may not be a bad thing for torps?
  4. Please. It's not like I can blame him. I did give input etc and WG did fuck all with it. In the end, no fucks went down period, doubly so if you didn't agree with the mindless majority that the NA alpha forum was clogged up by.
  5. Well, yeah. With the limited engagement ranges, the visibility system, and the map design, it was never going to go any other way in organized play.
  6. The lack of dispersion in damage is weird though. I mean, if anything it's kind of proved that rolling max on every penetrating hit is somehow harder to get your head around. It also leads to a lot of alphaspiking when you get lucky on pens too, rather than a more gradual damage progression.
  7. Crossing the T never worked out, in practical terms. Too obvious, and usually the one being threatened with it will attempt to maneuver so as to force parallel(ish) courses - which, with the wonky speed/turning physics of the game, being on the inside of the arc (the threatened force) actually doesn't make it harder to turn fast enough to do so.
  8. That would require WG making more robust (and less generalized) design/coding decisions. Which appear not to be on the schedule.
  9. More like recurring problem. Before the last (prebeta) patch, HE was almost essentially the default ammo in alpha for a long time as armor kind of vanished so HE did better DPS than AP fullstop. Actually is part of the reason why cruisers were in flux at the CBT launch, since they had just gotten some of that HE power pulled. HE power keeps coming and going in WoWS, and unlike in WoT the ideal balance of power between it and AP is murkier to begin with.
  10. They've done that twice now and both times what came out the other end looked worse than what went in. So the latter is quite correct.
  11. That, and the reduction in credit ammo pen vs sprem (by %, but also in relative/absolute performance terms) for most of these changes means that, once again, WG is dodging the gold ammo problem by leaving them in a range where they overperform against credit ammo in competitive situations. Meaning they still haven't done anything to discourage goldspam in real terms.
  12. As it happens, no. But I was referring more to balance changes,,, which WG seems to be addressing at the same rate of WoW meta changes.
  13. But at least in WoW they don't set those changes virtually in stone and take months to revert them though, ja?
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