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  1. Yea, actually after that I got a 105k credit game(no prem) on my kv-4. Amazing, I have never seen 6 digits of credits. Granted, I only got 78k profit("only") but it was in a tier 9 game wow... Anyways, I want to thank you once again for taking the time to look at my replay and give me really nice feedback. Just that one replay feedback helped a ton. "o at about 11 minutes you had the Tiger 2 in front, IS 3 on the front porch and T28 on your left. they're enveloping you and the Pershing." ". So all of a sudden their T29 one-shot ammo racks your sturer emil (the best gun on your t
  2. Thanks for the advice. Funny but the first game after reading that I got an ace tanker game with 40k profit non-premium, 7 kills/steel wall
  3. Krotux

    t14 equipment?

    Best equipment? I heard rammer, stab, spall..but seems off
  4. I recently got back into WoT. Last time I played was when the KV-1 and KV-2 was just called the KV so I got all those tanks in the garage for free xD. In any case, I've been doing really well in t-150 after playing the kv-4. I'll add you Here are two replays: One is with me as top tier; I do well but I don't know what to do in those situations http://wotreplays.com/site/1306076?secret=ce96d2ae29e69fdeeb6f9f18fb4ef9e7 This second one I felt completely helpless in a tier 10 game. Not only does t10 hurt, but I don't know what to do in open maps as a heavy. I resorted to using bin
  5. Thank you for all your responses. Yea, I'm advancing down other lines and trying them out now. Got t5 in a bunch of other lines, and a tiger 2. I know the concepts of angling/sidescraping/wiggling. From what I'm reading here, it seems my biggest problem right now is lack of situational awareness/map knowledge and tank weakness sometimes. I know the kv-4 is not so good in tier 9/10. However, shouldn't it be good in team battles where it is always top tier? Actually my arty was pretty good which is why I kept playing it. I had like 40% win on heavies but 55% on the s-51
  6. First, I want to say thank you for reading my post and possibly answering it. I'm a yellow player that played arty to tier 8 and then tried other tanks and got rekt. After a little struggle I managed to get my win % with my favorite tanks to 52-55%. Now I have a few questions: Some people say the kv line is noobish, and that tanks like the kv-4 are bad and I should stop playing them. Is there any truth to this? I like their playstyle so far. Any suggestions on how I can improve with the kv-4? I saw someone with 70% win on it and I want to get to that level. Heck, I don't care if I
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