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  1. And this is probably the most important post in this thread. Effort? Here's reality: I am a world class martial artists, racquetball player, singer, negotiator... there's a lot of areas I could touch on but wont. I speak multiple languages fluently, I interface with national business leaders and politicians, world and local businessmen alike. I bake the best bread ever eaten according to literally everyone who has ever eaten it. I'm a mid-level lover, a superior musician by any standard I've ever heard of or been compared to, a reasonably good cook, a marginal paleontologist, a mag
  2. Can't take the stupid any more. Wish you all luck and freedom from this tank-crack addiction. All best, Derp PS: reserve the right to come back, but unlikely given the amount of soul sacrifice required to endure the stupid.
  3. FFS? Anyone? It's my single biggest irritant in this game other than stupid people. How the FUCK do I make the camera keep pointing where I was looking before shifting?
  4. Took my commander out of my T1 with 6th sense. Let's see how it goes...
  5. You guys believe in me (us) more the I (we) do. That's pretty fucking impressive. That's why wotlabs is what it is. I still think there's a maximum potential for each player. But I'll try to find mine and assume I haven't reached yet. Love you guys.
  6. Well, It's probably been overdue for a while but here it is: I have peaked in this game. I have hit my maximum potential for a variety of reasons. I mostly play while drunk. I mostly play angry at my lack of hand-eye coordination. I mostly play with no clue what to do with each tank on each map. TL;DR: I am mediocre for life. So please let me let you inside the mind of a play4fun: I want to be better, but I can't. So next time you run across me, or one of us, just try to remember: we would be purple if it was possible. Wotlabs is a powerful force in the gaming universe. But
  7. Well I went from deep red to mostly yellow thanks to this place. Unfortunately I think I've hit the limits of my personal capacity around 54%/1000 wn7, but that's no fault of anyone here. I blame my parents. And scotch.
  8. Why no videos? I look every day and every day no recordings. <face is sadface> Or is it that you only actually stream every 17 days? You should... fix that.
  9. 47% at 71 battles. I can see it's potential, but I really don't want to play it without 6th sense. I mainly only do my doubles in it, then park it. Once I get a crew trained up in my T1 or M6, I'll swap commanders. Then... it should be game on.
  10. If you find one let me know. I did great in the Stug (as an example) but I just can't seem to find the pulse on the Russian TDs. I do ok, but I never feel like I'm even close to maximizing their potential. Sluggish and piss poor accuracy. They pack a hell of a whallop, but managing to land the whallop evades me about half the time...
  11. What I'm most confused by is that no one seems to realize that mandatory health care is a form of taxation. It's an expense mandated by the government. I'm no scholar, but isn't that basically the definition of a tax? Second part of my horror at this whole situation: In order to SELL insurance, a minimum amount of education, continuing education, licensing and monitoring is required. How the fuck are we allowed to BUY without the same level of education? And if it's mandatory to buy, why isn't the cost of the education covered? I honestly feel the same way about all taxes: you
  12. Update: I've left the minions so I don't soil them with my bad attitude. But fuck this game. I've had enough. Months of work ruined by MM giving tomato team after tomato team. Don't care anymore. I'm going to rush out and shoot shit (with strategical not rushing to confuse them occasionally). Love you. Fuck this game. -Derp
  13. I'd be insulted if it wasn't true and obvious. So stick with a heavy, even though my worst tanks are heavies, at least the slow ones? Might be something to this actually. I guess if I want to learn the end-game, I should work with the most durable possibilities. E100 then? My track record so far in heavies above tier 5:: Tiger I. 152 games. 52.8% w/r Tiger II. 29 games. 37.9% w/r Tiger (P) 185 games. 36.7% w/r (my first tier 7. I sucked way worse then) VK 3601 (h) 259 games. 46.3% w/r (wasn't a heavy through 258 games... sigh) M6 82 games. 56.1% T29 145
  14. A local eh? Nice! I've heard great stuff about Twisted Root, but haven't tried it yet. I think it just became tomorrow's destination for lunch in fact. Mooyah's veggie burger is actually awesome; and I NEVER say that about a veggie burger, but one of our developers is Indian and vegetarian. He offered to buy one day and bring it back (I had to stay at the office) and I just said, "bring me whatever you're having." It was AMAZING. Kenny's burgers are pretty great, but not really "fast food". It's not like gourmet or anything, but one hell of a step up from McDonald's. And yeah, the
  15. Word. And since there's grindiness involved regardless, I'm going up three lines at once. The tier 9's will decide the victor. Half way to the T54, but I have to admit a hate-affair with the T44. I did really well with her for my first 100+ games, but the last 50 have been absolute shit. I can't win with her. Just... can't. Quite infuriating. Dropped from 63% to 49% in ~50 games if that puts it in perspective. So... 62A is in the works, but not looking forward to finishing the grind. And I hear the 54 without at least the top gun is an abomination. Sigh. Bought the SU 152 the other
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