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  1. Are you still shopping around for a clan?
  2. ION, yes that ION, is back and have started looking for new recruits for clan wars and strongholds. We're looking for players with good attitudes towards team play and some clan wars experience who have the ability to be on two nights a week. Statistically speaking we're looking for: Overall: 1500 WN8 60 Days: 1800 WN8 3+ CW Tanks All players must be on TS3 while playing. 18+ (except Robjon, he's grandfathered in) Interested? Message me in-game, on the forums, or hop on our teamspeak at scfhosting.com:9989 and someone'll be right with you.
  3. What equipment are you running? I was thinking vents, gun laying drive, and rammer.
  4. Maybe I'm dumb, or maybe I'm just tired, but I don't understand what you're saying, sorry.
  5. I mentioned the database suggestion previously as it removes the need to deal with files and is easier in general. Excel is good, but keeping the memory low with .Net will require something like this. Plus you'll have a ton of files laying around. If anything, using a database will be good practice for when you graduate. With database experience, you'll be ahead of several of the new employees (and some of the senior devs) I work with. I'm not sure I've made my point, but I think using a files is the wrong thing to do and database would be better. But, all programmers need to learn that databases are the shit and files are cumbersome. That said, this is the last time I'll suggest it. Good luck with your project and if you need any help, let me know.
  6. As @monjardin mentioned you need a database. Depending on how efficient you can get, you could probably write a stored procedure to process the WN8. Databases are used to storing large datasets and (almost) all programming languages have the capability to handle the manipulate the data an item at a time: but some are better than others. This is a brilliant idea. Can go even further and include the AccountId and the TankId as the primary unique key so that retrieving or updating the information for an existing record faster. With an additional tank table for storing the string information so it's not duplicated millions of times will definitely cut down on the size. Try to keep to the minimum sizes expected (based on TSQL data types): unsigned ints for battle count, unsigned small ints for maximum experience, unsigned tiny ints for max kills, etc. Additionally, storing the information in a database correctly may keep the database size "low." Start with limited data and scale from there and see how things go. I know Microsofts SQL Express has a hard cap on database size (and I definitely prefer it over MySQL, Postreges, or Sqlite). With a student license you should check dreamspark.com and see if you can download a copy of MS SQL Server. Another alternative is using a hosting service like GoDaddy who also provided databases. The application can have access to the database without being hosted on their servers (as of a few years ago, I don't expect that to have changed) and you don't have to worry about managing any hardware or software (which is a huge plus). Although, they may become curious if you take up hundreds of GBs of their HDDs.
  7. What folder location did you use? I can't find it anywhere that doesn't appear to be a GUID.
  8. I'm no where near as good as those reading and posting in this thread but I've noticed the same trends. I had the opposite problem Sunday when I faced you 3 out of 5 matches. I was 0/5 in those matches with the highest score being 5. Then last night (Monday), I had the same problem where my teams went 7/8 and I had a < 1k WN8 game because: I attempted to kill a two shot tank (IS-3 or IS-8?) in my BC 25t last night and ended up ghosting 3/5 of the shells at point blank and bouncing the 4th before landing the fifth. I feel bad for the astronauts killed by the shells that went into space The best part of playing any heavy tank is clearing a flank to have arty one shot you. Since 9.7, I've noticed a lower percentage of top tier games at 8. This may be confirmation bias, I haven't cared enough to investigate my VBAddict data, but when a platoon make picks an 8, I joke that I don't want to play 10's. That said, Saturday (6/13) was a weird night where most of my 8's were top tier or few (less than 3) 9's. From what I understand of how MM works (only from the video and wiki article) that may be attributed to Saturday night server population. Last night I raged in my 7/8 wins and played Armored Warfare for an hour to make myself happy. AW is worth looking into if you haven't already: I didn't realize how broken so many WoT mechanics were until I played AW.
  9. Can you include build number in either the about page or the header? I keep downloading RC 4 thinking I don't have the latest... but since I played arty people already knew I'm dumb.
  10. Awesome, thanks. I do like the new page too.
  11. Can you update the original post to show the new location whenever you change it? I kept looking for the map rotation in the side bar until I noticed the "content" area changed... because I'm dumb. I don't look at places that don't change often.
  12. Thanks for the information. I mentioned the T92 based on it's proximity experience wise. The M53/55 is already listed under the CW viable tanks.
  13. 4 C/W ready tanks: 140 62a M53/55 E3 I'm close to (<300k exp): E4 T92 Leo 1 M48 T57 I've recently started a new job and my schedule is limited to 9PM on Sunday and week nights, but I am available all night Friday and Saturday. Note: I've dropped tags, API hasn't updated.
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions, I'll be attempting to implement them. I haven't found this to be true: maybe he has slowed down by the time of his second shot so his transversal's are matched, but the first shot is the shot most likely to miss while the others pen. This is my typical engagement with a BC. I'll be supporting someone and the BC will appear and clip me while the people I'm supporting are reloading or otherwise ignoring him. This is the type of engagement that caused me to create this thread. Note: The above accounts may be applicable only due to confirmation bias and misremembering the events. Edit: Did my title change again? WTF bro.... wtf...
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