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  1. Here is my analogy of Arty in WoT. Being a boxer in a bout and getting sucker punched by the Ref. The only way Arty was affect during engagements during WWII was by just pounding an area with 5 to a couple dozen pieces of artillery. The whole concept of the Arty in the game really makes no sense. They say that it is there to stop the games from lasting to long, making it more strategic. Really 15 mins is too long, wow. I remember playing PVP in WoW back in the day and running Alterac Valley battlegrounds and have them last for days, no that is long. I think Arty slows the game down, because once you get shot at you want to stay hidden behind objects to avoid that failtillery from getting you. Also in the higher tiers since most Heavies roll slow if the Arty is decent it is like shooting fish in a barrel, plus some of those big guns do a hell of a lot of splash damage so they can suck and till get you.
  2. What a massive undertaking for you Never. I know the feeling though. I just had to restructer our network architecture and database. The company I am working for was using an AccessDB for there 14k of SKU items that they sell. Also storing customer detail information and had a Point of Sale through the same DB. It had gotten so large that they were linking across multiple AccessDB's, because the prior IT gent apparently was self taught and knew nothing more then Access. I told them when I started that I was surprised that this DB actually was still running. Just bumped them up to DB2. Now we have a really products database to use. Plus the server was running a raid 2 setup with 5 mismatched drive sizes, and the swtich setup was well to say the least odd. Needless to say I had my work cut out for me at the time. On a serious note though you only learn from experience and props to you and all your hard work on WoTlabs. Incoming contribution for all your hard work.
  3. Thank you very much for the feedback. I will take what you have said and apply that mentality for when platooning. I guess sometimes it just comes down to who I platoon with we have some decent players in our clan, but we are still rebuilding after a divide. I am very serious about getting better, a lot of times I do bypass platooning as I am on a roll and do not want to slow that momentum. I have joined the wotlabs in game channel. I will give a shout out there for anyone wanting to platoon.
  4. Okay, so I was wondering how others might deal with this situation. I am currently on a path to better myself and have dropped back to tiers 5-7 to really focus on my game play. And I try to stick with a specific tank and grind it to really learn how that tanks plays. My issue is this, I really enjoy hanging with my clanmates, but whenever they want to platoon. We end up jumping all over the place and I feel that I never really get the chance to focus on my game play for a specific tier or tank and the platoon is so unpredictable. I have gotten a few of my clan mates on the band wagon of self WoT improvement. I really enjoy platooning. So does anyone have any advice on how to combat this wacky clan platooning phenomenon.
  5. Blind firing for me is a game in itself. I am always out to see how many tanks I can hit that have recently disappeared, I enjoy being that annoyance to others that are thinking, "What the hell, my camo is on and my Sixth Sense is not going off how am I still getting hit". Especially tanks on the move trying to lead them right after they disappear and scoring hits always fun. Like stated above the take the shot so you might miss, but you might hit also and the satisfaction of end of game results showing more damage than you thought you did always a great feeling.
  6. Hi everyone, As with many others I have stalked this site looking at all the wonderful information available. I have played WoT since beta, but until recently I finally found myself in a position to finally get to play the game as the game should be played. I hope to be able to pick the brains of all you blues and up, to help better my game. I look forward to getting into some great discussions about the game and game play with all of you and possibly some matches.
  7. Fat kids lag in real life.

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