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  1. It's too bad they got rid of that, but I can see why they did (it probably cost them a lot of money from people who continuously buy and sell their prem tanks). You wouldn't think that many people would do that, but I keep meeting more and more people who re-buy tanks they sold months or years ago.
  2. Is there a way to sort through the compiled data to determine how many people on each server have all three CW reward tanks? It would be interesting to know, but not worth manually sorting through all the names for each tank separately.
  3. The dumbest part of the campaign is how little the first 20 days mattered. They should have just made the whole campaign be these last 8 days and saved everyone three weeks worth of meaningless effort.
  4. The problem with this is that "rigged" is often entirely subjective. Does a team that derps down the center and gets wiped out simply have a bad strat or are they throwing the game away intentionally? Does taking 15 VK 72.01 tanks and getting wiped out by a better tank comp mean that it was rigged, or can a clan legally bring fun tanks when they don't care whether or not they win? Someone has to make these close calls, and whatever WG decides is going to be arbitrary and unfair. The other problem is that pretty much everyone is doing it, which makes enforcement a nightmare. WG would have to review practically every battle of this last stage.
  5. 1. Are you really Garbad? Without the MLP avatar I'm suspicious... 2. Do you still like the GLD after 8.6? I find with the accuracy buffs that I rarely need it while sniping and when close usually prefer to take my shot without fully aiming in (so I can keep moving). Do you still think it's better than vents? 3 Hickory or applewood bacon? 4. How many skills does it take for a crew to graduate from being ghetto? 3 full skills? 4?
  6. He might run 20 AP and 16 HE... In fact, why not run all HE since it does so much more damage!
  7. In other words, when your gun is damaged it would normally have 50% of the original accuracy, and with 100% armorer it will have 60%. Noticeable, but certainly not worth sacrificing repair or bia for and probably less useful than snapshot unless you're often shooting with a damaged gun.
  8. The Camo skill is still great on all the tanks and TDs it used to be great on (268, Foch, T-62A, Batchat, etc.) and is still worthless on the building sized tanks. On all other tanks it's still worth getting as a 4th+ skill, just because most of the other skills suck by that point (Signal Boosting, I'm looking at you).
  9. I was in a match where I saw a 183 snipe the broad side of an E-100 for 2000 damage from 500m away. You can't get wow moments like that without rolling the dice.
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