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  1. Why do inbreds exist? one sexii kept blocking me entire match so i had enough and tked the little shit for a 1hour ban. Musta amuzed the bastard.

    1. TheEmptyLord


      can't you send a ticket to support?

      I mean blocking is not team damage. Last I heard they still deal with this issue manually. (unless they changed that with "unsportsmanlike conduct")

    2. sa1f


      Its at the heat of the moment when they just get what they want, they frustrate you as much as 1 click cancer. So now im in the wrong for tking the prick.

    3. Migizikody


      They want to elicit a response and you gave them one, they won.

  2. sa1f

    Type 59 Fan Club

    you didnt recognize the second part of the sentance, the turret is awefull. i was being sarcastic ^^ This thing has trouble hitting a e100's side from point blank. OK , not that bad but its what makes this tank a reasonable t8 pref prem tank imo
  3. sa1f

    Type 59 Fan Club

    I have something nice to say about it. Its gun bloom is awesome, much better than all other t8 meds and the turret is just bad. Hope you get what im saying
  4. How the F do lemming trains die outnumbering enemy to 2-1? its freeking amazing when their other top tiers are stopped by a couple whilst they get munched by the lower tiers...freeking dumb apeshit pubbies

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    2. Zinn


      You cannot make the train go forwards because as soon as anyone takes damage, they stop. Also, what Kilpanic says.

      You should look up the map guides here on WotLabs to get some idea of where to go and why being there is important.

    3. sa1f


      zinn i try, i try to watch streams but meh sometimes it doesnt work. EG prok south spawn, we have lots of guys f5 ,so i go in dip on hill quickly hulldown, however my donkey friends camp behind me even as i get surrounded on edge of hill...its those moments, you try to make the winning moves but the donkeys just dont think

    4. sa1f


      kilpanic will try to learn more..i still have alot to learn i guess...=(

  5. MM to me *you get a donkey, you get a donkey, you get a donkey......until i become a donkey myself

  6. Hey guys, my first time streaming..just wanted to know if any1 would wanna join and poke fun at me , meh whatever ^^ http://www.twitch.tv/gamhurr

  7. Although that is true, for early spots, or even bush abuse, wouldnt optics be more viable since its like a over buffed t44 and everyone says t44 is a excellent scout for t9/10 games. So i was wondering, what are people crazy for type 59? i dont get it.
  8. So its the best t8 prem atm? also my equipment is it decent as im thinking to change GLD for optics for that vision game maps. I have trouble with its gun handling..sometimes it just derps you and do they run apcr? sometimes ap shell with bad acc makes the shots hit you instead, thats how bent and slow they are.
  9. Tyvm all, yeah makes sense. So why do people hype t59? i dont understand. Plus, i kept cammo over repair as ive seen that i dont really get tracked and imo i rather be more stealthy in type. Ty
  10. Hello there, As title suggest, what is the optimal way to own with this 'op' tank. Equipment i have Vstab,rammer,Gld. Crew- Bia , SS,cammo snapshot,, cammo smoothride,cammo Safe stowage,cammo Some tanks straight up eat me alive like IS6s,IS3's or even t34 with the odd bounces due to derpy gun. Is there a way to pen them with 181 pen or is Gold spam there required. Should i install optics instead of GLD for vision games? Bascially any advice, Ty
  11. It'd be an honor to play with all 3 of you. I have added you to my prestigious friends list, prepare to be spammed ^^. no i wont spam. Any more peoples i can plutonk with? ty!
  12. You make me purple like you , whichever method ! love to platoon with you if you would! i got alot to learn i know sadly...for 10k battles i still am lagging..
  13. yup i lurked alot? yup im a tomato? yup you wanna platoonnn!!!???? which one lol.
  14. Hello there all! as title suggest, looking for anyone that i can learn from and add my to my FRIENDS list. Ive lurked alot, but the time has come to take action! Ty
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