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  1. In light of the recent gun depression buff, I wonder if it's worth buying and grinding out a new crew when I could keep using my IS-6 w/ 5 skill crew... Part of me wants to grab it before they remove it from the game as it's limited MM. The gun seems almost identical except it has less bloom on hull move/traverse and 1 degree less depression and HEAT premium. Mobility-wise, somewhat improved thanks to the .5 med resistance decrease, however a much weaker hull. I wonder if a whole new world of hull-down tactics are opened up with the added gun depression. The turret armor looks decent.
  2. We may have a few open spots soon. Now is the time to talk to a recruiter.
  3. Because of lack of communication somehow, it could be the case where one mod says yes and I post it, and another one says NO I cant do that. This type of thing!
  4. Direwolf, I do like tanks, but i'm going to move over to Armored Warfare. I am burned out on WoT. All I do is tournies. My account has 30+ OP tanks all with at least 3 skills, bunch of premiums, and gobs of gold. Couldn't ask for anything better, so a new player might want to buy it, cause imma take off for AW.
  5. Heya, Just wondering if I could put up an add somewhere. Newer people might want a tank with tons of gold and premium vehicles. Thought I'd ask before just doing it. I look forward to your reply.
  6. The T110E5 is probably the best all-around tank in the game. It's like a jack-of-all-trades tank. It can do just about anything, but is not the best in any of them. I look at it as a good generic tank. T110E5 is my YOLO tank. When I'm in the mood to just fart-around and bully stuff, push the middle of the map for giggles, and generally play like a maniac doing wild things, this is my go-to tank. It has enough armor and speed to get away with it.
  7. Might buy this. What are thoughts on upcoming accuracy nerf?
  8. Now I know the secret to purple, you seal clubbers. Really though, sold it when it turned into an ugly turd n retrained crew to t1 heavy. Man its ugly now! Did 232 Games in it and finished 75% Win rate. Felt like a cheater tank, seal clubbing. T49 best wn7 Padder NA Not the best wn8 Padder tho if u want to do that.... 75% win, 2.01 frags, 1k avg DMG shows 2689 wn8 for me. Pz sfl Ivc tier 5 German TD with 88mm is prob best Padder even tho stats are worthless in this game. Eta: on second thought, most low tier arty shoots 105mm meaning pz SFL IVc will get one shot.
  9. Hey man, biggest secret to unicum is HE. HE does most damage!
  10. One valuable skill I learned is that if youre stuck in close quarters (like on himmelsdorf), play like a bitch. Get a reload timer mod and hide behind heavies and poke for dmg. You can make that heavies 122mm feel like a 152mm. That may give courage to your heavy.
  11. Speaking from experience (some1who's ground out 3 marks on several tanks while tracking percentage and Dmg/spot each game) its not based on DMG n spot DMG done. Each good game you can do will bump it a percent or so. Go for high risk/ high reward. 0 DMG games won't drop it much, but high DMG games cut your grind time a lot. #YOLO
  12. Only on high percentage bushes and if there's no targets and I can reload fast enough to hit a target that would appear in a likely location before he disappears into cover Keep your barrel hot.
  13. Shit stats make me wonder if other lights' guns are being nerfed as a class, come the vision changes... Id rage quit.
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