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  1. oh hey thats me check out my stream Twitch.tv/exo__xd Thanks
  2. Akula you got any more guides coming up? I need to improve my play.
  3. hey vetro I'm borderline retarded, will this guide help me?
  4. That's one of the best things I've read all year. So, because I have fewer battles than you AND I'm a better player, I'm a reroll?
  5. Are you serious? LOL. Nice winrates on your tier 10s, you clearly seem to be impacting your team a lot. Totally a reroll. Check it out yourself. http://www.noobmeter.com/player/na/exo_xd__down_mid/1004426153/
  6. The fact you think I'm a reroll confirms that you are, in fact, retarded.
  7. Anyone below 3k recent is basically a bad player that I wouldn't want in my platoon. You literally padded your stats and they're still bad.
  8. you're inadequate and unskilled either way tho
  9. As a recruiter, these changes are hilarious and really useful. I dropped ~180 wn8 and 100 recent. Who cares? I do love all the salt, though.
  10. Good bye legendary diastant. One day you will get gud.
  11. This looks like a solid bronze league team, good luck guys!
  12. Wtf is the advice in this thread? You bounce flat sides of e5s, scraping is like auto bounce everywhere. The tank is ez mode when you wiggle.
  13. You can also play it in tier 8 and tier 6. (7/68, 7/54,7/40)
  14. Can confirm this is dank. Made $100 USD playing this in about a week, come try it out.
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