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  1. Don't worry, once CR/D is back up, we can share fun in the dank memes. Terribad poasts will be commonplace there. Hue http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/56677-clan-rivalry-and-diplomacy-forum/#topmost
  2. Have you guys seen the CR/D discussion on the round table? What do you guys think?
  3. I guess could let people have their personal tirades, you might find some fun in joining in on that. But I can't make anyone my officers, due to my officers being my officers
  4. Unfortunately, RPS won't be carrying the skillz to make walldecks over from LUCK. My officers want to keep low key... There'll be the occasional posts from butthurt baddies about how STlG talks to them in game tho
  5. dank This is now representative of the few luck players who joined RPS
  6. Head in a jar. Advanced artificial intelligence should be able to engage in discussions, so no. Plus "a head in a jar" could be symbolic of his life, basically he's trapped in the prospect of dying, and all he has is his thoughts as his physical body should be too frail to let him do as he wishes. Supposedly...
  7. lol Red Pandas are more closely related to raccoon, so I guess you can call us raccoon dogs. We sure love our tanukis Bonus: My display pic is a pug, so I might be one irl
  8. And bringing this up for discussion with any of the mods brings you grave misfortune.
  9. Makes sense, but it'd be better all around if people understood where he's at and if WG would work to take some things off his mind. Moderating with his current condition... Ah well, thanks for the info Cronk
  10. F-Fruity senpai, I never knew you felt that way LOL I dunno man, whenever I feel the time's right to poach you it seems you've had prior arrangements... every time! Plus, I'm not sure if you'd, mix in well with a lot of the players, they're oddballs and they hang out on TS a lot, which I know you dislike using :/
  11. Honest question, has AALG updated anyone publicly about the condition of his health lately?
  12. What SH incident? Did it involve other clans? It seems I'm out of the loop, but if you're referring to the SH skirmish held the other day, it's pretty normal for less people to join if someone made a detachment on a whim. Everyone else was most likely grinding or in their own plats at that time. SH defense and CW is where everyone pops-up, we make sure to announce plans before hand
  13. Credit for killing RPS? I've never heard of this from anyone from within the clan Don't worry mttspiii, if you allow us to collect you this time, we assure you that you won't kill us. Come my friend, join us
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