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  1. Title says most of it, About me as a player: I generally play very aggressive and sometimes it screws me, I'm a very good at listening and learning Link to stats: http://wotlabs.net/na/player/coolcoolcoolnow Clan has been found.
  2. Finally got the mastery in my AMX 13 90!!! Hope you guys enjoy! And yes, I know i screwed up at the end. -3334 damage -1843 Asist damage -1602 base xp http://wotreplays.com/site/1462397#pearl_river-coolcoolcoolnow-amx_13_90
  3. here are the replays from yesterday, sorry for all the 430 play. http://wotreplays.com/uploader/coolcoolcoolnow/id/367162
  4. I will definitely keep your clan in consideration.
  5. It is indeed something that can only be fixed by my self, but i do need the help and pointed int he right direction to do so. my tier 10 damage pergame is bad. i am only working on my new tier 10 witch is my 430, getting it up to 3k damage a game is a grind but i am slowly raising it up. So most importantly i am looking for people to platoon with and teach me that next level game play. I could send you some replays if you have the time, and how many would you like to look at? I am also really looking at getting to know some better players, and be able to do tournaments with them.
  6. I am looking for a clan that likes tournaments such and WGLNA, a little clan wars, and a clan that can push me to the next level of play. i feel like i am stuck in the 2k WN8 and would like a clan that could push me into the 3k. ~coolcoolcoolnow~
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