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  1. I missed the RUDY sale!? </3 RIP, & I needed a low tier russian crew trainer..
  2. no no no I'm not critiquing your gameplay in anyway shape or form @CraBeatOff I just choose to watch your gameplay and can't understand why you do some things. I'm deff getting better at retreating from a losing flank, but where to relocate to is a bit harder for me. I'm trying to teach myself to identify which tanks are on which flank and their level of importance (Heavies, autoloaders , top tier tanks ETC.) But I just need to work on positioning a bit more. I feel like when I go to "Flank" I end up in no man's land and die, I need to work on better positioning based on the battle & fle
  3. S0UP0RHER0

    Ode to the T-34

    Bringing this post back to life. do you suggest the T-34 as a crew trainer or T-34-85 if you don't own the rudy.
  4. Took me 10k games to finally understand: Shoot bad TONKS but no get shot back. Now I'm going to play another 10k games before I understand what the green & Blue players see that a normal pubbie like me doesn't. I'm not really grinding tanks much anymore; I'll do my 2x on my hated tonks then go play my Pershing, T69 or RU251; so I don't burn my house to the ground in lower tiers. What are above average tips you find really help your game play. I've noticed my game play is a bit overly aggressive, I want to spot the enemy to shoot them but get punished severely. I've also noticed I can't w
  5. Two Cheap as dirt Prem LT's that are apart of my favorite Tech Tree; Wanting to go down T-54 lwt line and most likely want to keep the T6, 7 & 8 in that light line; That being said I'll need decent crews in each of them so is it worth getting these two Russian LT's to help train them up or would you suggest the MT-25 as the crew trainer? -How are the T-127 & Val II -Are they worth the gold -Do you suggest a better crew trainer for the Russian light line.
  6. BDR was a great tank with a punchy gun, I prefer it over my KV1.
  7. &&&&&&&&&&&&& That's all she wrote folks, ty.
  8. Was searching around for lower tier tanks and my binocs kicks on & I spotted the G1 R. Anybody try out this tank it looks like a KV1 Killer, the .39 accuracy makes my cry a bit but a 2 second aiming time. What are your thoughts?
  9. Looks like you should get a WZ-120
  10. What do we suggest running on the type 64 for equipment. Optics , rammer &&&&&&&&&&&
  11. When at work I can't play TONKS, but I can certainly watch them. With that in mind I'm looking for people who play tanks T6-9 who I can observe and learn from. As a simply average pubbie I can't #YOLOSWAGDOITFORJESUS like the Uni's with great situational awareness and who realize when they can; that being said... Who do you guys watch when trying to learn how to play tanks? Questions: -Would I be better off watching lower tier tanks and learning how they play against higher and lower tiers? (T8 can see 6-10) -Would I be better off watching Tier 9 or 10 players and see how they manage against e
  12. I love this tank, the mobility is great, it's turret is STRONK & it's 122mm packs quite the punch! Oh wait... That's the WZ-120.
  13. yes In the T54 when bullying lower tiers I find repairs much better to get out of shit situations; How is the Obj140's playstyle, this will be my first tier 10 but I'm really interested in how it should play & since the women will have SOS already do you suggest 6th + (Smooth ride , snapshot & safe stowage) with my 3 skills being repairs or repairs , then grinding out (Smooth ride , snapshot & safe stowage) Give reasoning and game styles please!
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