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  1. So you go to the wot.Eu forums, and you find your typical thread. Someone whining about how the game is fixed to make him lose! http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/525245-really-coincindence-really-i-say-rigged/ he lost 3 games in a row, 2 of which he got 150 exp in the M41 walker bulldog, so of course it's rigged! People tell him he's stupid, and then comes the fun part, when AngelofAwe says something mean about his Bulldog performance, the OP enrages and answers with this gem. dlcatalin: So basically EU server voodoo magic confirmed. The people that play this game...
  2. This friendly fellow did 0 dmg in his E-100 in a match with mostly T8 tanks, and then complained about "noob team" (that's the trigger where i stop ignoring the tomato) So i decided to have a friendly chat with him. Since i was clearly not coming through to him gameplay wise, i decided to give this idiot very smart human being a little help in other areas Seems like he did not appreciate my random facts But I think i'll do this more often, it was fun to enrage a tomato this way.
  3. I think that is the lowest T10 winrate i ever saw one someone a.) playing not botting b.) having this many games. How do you do that?
  4. 1.) Turn most maps into a corridor brawlfest 2.) Tell Mediums to "Go flank nubs" 3.) ??? 4.) Profit How dare i lowly medium-peasant penetrate the glorious IS-7 master-race frontally. Who put this donkey in charge of a multimillion dollar project?..seriously...
  5. I tried the T62A on the Testserver with only normal ammo. I could not pen Is7 Lower plates, i could not pen Is4 lower plates i could not pen E-100 lower plates, even when they tomatoed around completely unangled. When shooting a Maus in the side hull that was nearly completely unangled i bounced 3/4 shots. 230-240 is just not good enough to go trough weakspots. This is absolutely retarded. People complain about goldammo, and what does WG do? Nerf Normal ammo and buff the tanks, so that when you keep spamming gold, you actually get buffed. I'm not sure if WG is just this
  6. I read the thread of X3N4 There was a FAME member in the thread claiming he gets reported "cause you'r in fame" and got also a unsportsmanlike conduct ban. The .eu "support staff" answer he got is the highlight.
  7. How is this possible.... I don't think he's a bot. He moved in battle and tried to shoot people...tried.
  8. Shaming whoever the guy at WG.eu is that is managing the German Facebook account. Regularly posts crap like this. And of course usually a discussion about artillery follows, and since it's facebook the "Herpderp arta is gud for da game, stahp camping" faction is present and very vocal. And yes the WG Fabook guy is one of 'em.
  9. After the numbers were leaked i would agree with you. But the post that i quoted doesn't sound to me to me like they are experimenting, it sound to me like "we think those numbers would be okay" Sure they might still change, but it just didn't sound like a "we are just going crazy with numbers don't mind us!" And i know how development works.. in a competent company. Remember the WTE-100 ? Unnerfed release version? Where everyone who whined about it being Op was told "It's only a test not final, they will never bring it live like that, relax!" when it appeared on the test. Remem
  10. I don't know who this "developers" are, but they have no freaking clue about the current meta. It's probably the same guy that in the internal mail said Arty was so poor and Underpowered that you could not even get 50% winrate in it and everyone who said something else was clearly lying. Normal ammo in its current state is fine imho, a little nerf here and there might be okay, but overall it's okay. If you hit weakspots usually you pen, if you don't usually you bounce, that is how the game should be, that is how the game is fun. I have zero interest in having to highroll with penetra
  11. Another story in Pictures Our Protagonist is this nice fellow here. And yes i know he is a newb, but that does not excuse being an asshole, i was a noob once too, and i was neither that shit nor that much of an asshat. Picture 1: Oh no an E-25 is flanking my heavy, better support him since i can't push further anyway , there were 2 enemy ISUs spoted down the north. Pic2: Mission successful, Is-3 did 0 dmg to the E-25 because as you can see he thought sitting still with an enemy in his ass was a valid strategy even if the enemy was so small he didn't have enough
  12. Eu Forums: 45% player opens a thread crying that he thinks about quitting the game because the insults ingame become unbearable. gets told he's bad and it's understandable that people are angry and then gets his stats linked. His reactions It never stops amazing me how little self reflection skills some people have. Link if you want to read the thread, but it's 10 pages of blahblah http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/491788-alot-of-ingame-insultsverbal-abuse-seen-recently-ingame/
  13. I was just arguing with him about how his "Every side has the same amount of artillery therefore the class is balanced" and "I have fun playing arty, therefore it is good for the gameplay" are 100% idiotic statements. Dingers often seem a little bit off yes..some are okay, but then they have such extremes like this guy, 60% of his battles in Arty, can't get any normal tank over 45%, can barely get 50% in his T5 clickmachines, but thinks he's the smart one and knows shit about how Arty affects hightier matches. There just is no winning when arguing with Tomatoes of that magnitude.
  14. Since WoTlabs refuses to work for me today i gotta copy&paste the stats khazarid Wn8 Rating: 332 (Bad) Battles: 5,693 Win Rate: 47.01%
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