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  1. about the same amount of time since I last played a game CR/D removed as well now, This would never happen in Russia.
  2. Seems like I need to stay awake later to not miss out on these fiestas
  3. Saffee

    HWK 30

    A LT that is bigger then RU meds and about the same size as a T-10 0 armor again all the EBRs with HE that is floating around. Quite slow. It's not worth it. Only decent thing on it is the gun which handles quite well
  4. bol will have fun fun fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun
  5. Yeah fair enough, I guess I just assumed that it's a lot more likely to happen to younger kids with a lot less responsibilities Yeah fair enough, Like I said, each to their own! I personally struggle to understand how a game can impact things outside of life to much, if I don't want to play I simply dont play which is kind of what iv'e been doing for the last 1-2 months, the only thing I feel bad about is the guys subbing to my stream! but I need to do what keeps me happy and right now that is kite surfing every single day there is wind! brand new challenge for me and I just br
  6. Nagging in the back of your mind? It's a game? It's not like we are talking about a life changing decision where you have to worry to much about consequences. like, should i get back with my missus or should I quit my job and so on. Quite simple no? do I feel like playing, if so, then play, if not, then don't play Anyway, each to their own I guess.
  7. Not sure why you would delete an account you spent that much time on. Seems a bit drama queen to me but hey
  8. Thread binned? No evening read before bedtime, feelsbad. To be fair it did stop being entertaining around page 9/10 oh well, he will be back next time he starts feeling forgotten
  9. You should try all of them yourself and see what works for you, or you know, keep coming back here to deal with all us meanies from time to time
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