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  1. I tried using both of them and so far I prefer the D-54 since it has better accuracy and dispersion values. But thats because my playstyle os pretty passive and I prefer more consistently. But the D10 has godlike dpm and if you spam heat, it can pretty much hold an entire flank by itself in a top tier battle honestly. But the gun choice depends entirely on ur play style.
  2. I dont use optics on mine, but I still have max view range :3 I have 5 skills on my patton crew and 2.5k battles. Should tell you how I got this. (And also first tank with 3 MOE!! XDXD)
  3. Thanks a bunch, I'll check it out and hopefully learn it one day. Btw I want to go into Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace engineering when I go to college :3 Whoops, I meant Base Code...
  4. Hi all, so Last week I decided that I wanted to try and pick up something new! So I wanted to start learning how to code. Now I know there many different types of languages like python and C++. But just to be curious, what is the base code of the wot client? Plz no hate and thank you!!
  5. Need it to complete my american mediums collection Includes: t23e3, m60, m48
  6. Anyone have anymore info on fatton buffs apart from armour?
  7. I am surprised that there are so many 15 - 19 s though, I always thought this game mainly consist of 30 >
  8. 15 Most people in my clan think I am 20>
  9. the turret is weak... get penned by 76mm guns in the mantlet
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