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  1. I tried using both of them and so far I prefer the D-54 since it has better accuracy and dispersion values. But thats because my playstyle os pretty passive and I prefer more consistently. But the D10 has godlike dpm and if you spam heat, it can pretty much hold an entire flank by itself in a top tier battle honestly. But the gun choice depends entirely on ur play style.
  2. I dont use optics on mine, but I still have max view range :3 I have 5 skills on my patton crew and 2.5k battles. Should tell you how I got this. (And also first tank with 3 MOE!! XDXD)
  3. Thanks a bunch, I'll check it out and hopefully learn it one day. Btw I want to go into Mechanical Engineering or Aerospace engineering when I go to college :3 Whoops, I meant Base Code...
  4. Hi all, so Last week I decided that I wanted to try and pick up something new! So I wanted to start learning how to code. Now I know there many different types of languages like python and C++. But just to be curious, what is the base code of the wot client? Plz no hate and thank you!!
  5. Need it to complete my american mediums collection Includes: t23e3, m60, m48
  6. Anyone have anymore info on fatton buffs apart from armour?
  7. I am surprised that there are so many 15 - 19 s though, I always thought this game mainly consist of 30 >
  8. 15 Most people in my clan think I am 20>
  9. the turret is weak... get penned by 76mm guns in the mantlet
  10. Whenever I see a MAUS, ok time to load gold coz im too lazy to aim for weakspots More money for serb space program i guess
  11. Probably confused between the fatton and m46, fatton has worst camo in all of the t10 meds
  12. Time to get my m46 back
  13. This is about a man whose name is Jesse Born In Kansas and raised in Missouri Was called to fight for his beloved country And assigned to defend an outlying territory Jesse fought as hard as any American would For freedom and democracy he did everything he could For Uncle Sam, even in danger steadfast he stood Believing in his heart that everything will turn out good He was with the Death March in Bataan But he was helped to escape by his special someone Josie was the name of this special woman Who walked along with the March since it began It was in the territory that he met Jo
  14. Vietnamese clans no cheats confirmed, FLAPDACOC no more now ever1 just fighting for land and no more bigtalk about VPA hogging goldpots breif summary of clan wars in SEA
  15. Yes, Patton too stronk must nerf its pen too. But on the bright side, after HD remodelling patton can start bouncing t62s
  16. True dat In a nutshell, better slopes on turret but less armour, added pike nose go to this website: http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.nl/2015/05/m48a1-hd-armour-model-updated-88.html
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