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  1. It all depends person by person and exactly what they're looking for. But like for any game the fastest way to improve is by surrounded yourself with people better than yourself and moving clan to clan to do that is a step for up and coming players
  2. For a player who is looking to be competitive and improve you should never be the top 10% in recents because you want a healthy pool of players you can learn from
  3. 3rd Mark E5/E4 Journey twitch.tv/Oxmathus

  4. Dankly streaming some tanks, what you up to? twitch.tv/Oxmathus #shameless

  5. My life is complete knowing I'm #2 for damage in the Jagzilla, thanks bic boi
  6. Been about a week since one of these, and unfortunately this one is going to be a bit short too Tuesday, August 4th - eLevate vs. Team Rival This has the potential to be a good match, with the possibility of being some sort of 5-2 or such depending on map picks. I'm going to pick 2 players from this match which will be Arclit from eLevate and wwii_fanatic from Team Rival Maple Freedom vs. High Woltage Caballers With the other matches tonight I don't think it's worth picking anybody from these matches, so I'm going to pass. o7 Gaming vs. GAME-OVER With the exclusion of Vetro from o7's r
  7. Hi ^.^ It's currently Thursday, July 23rd and these are my fantasy picks for tonight's matches. Tonight at 20:00 EST we're starting with - eLevate vs. o7 Gaming This match is interesting in the fact that both of these teams have the exact same points values, 11. Even though o7 has one more battle played than eLevate it doesn't give eLevate any breathing room, with them currently sitting around the middle of the scoreboard they need this win to more concretely secure their standings. I'm going to pick two players from this match up. Arclit from eLevate and Vetro from o7. Next up at 21:00 EST
  8. Jojo told me he's not going to be playing a tier 6 anymore
  9. For all you dumbos who make fantasy teams, I updated it to be 1,250 gold per screenshot instead of 500 -
  10. ¡HOLA AMIGOS! Today is Thursday, July 21st and here are your best Fantasy League prediction picks for today's matches. To start off at 20:00 EST - #RU vs. Maple Freedom With Maple Freedom currently at 1-1(1 OTL) (4 Points) and #RU at 4-2, (12 Points) this is a underdog match. Maple Freedom has a chance to take maybe 1-2 matches off of RU and maybe a third depending on map picks, however that's the best I'd have to give Maple. RU would have to mess up pretty bad to throw more than that. However even with the strong possibility of a 5-0 it's still worth to pick one player from this match up,
  11. Message Neverwish and blame him, because I had it added in my post that statik wouldn't be playing tonight due to internet issues
  12. I actually probably messed up, because it looks like Jojo is playing a Tier 6
  14. Doing them right now, don't worry, you have till a little past 8 pm EST to secure them in Also, after today's picks im going to start doing them a day early and then just update if anything is needed for the next day.
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