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  1. It all depends person by person and exactly what they're looking for. But like for any game the fastest way to improve is by surrounded yourself with people better than yourself and moving clan to clan to do that is a step for up and coming players
  2. For a player who is looking to be competitive and improve you should never be the top 10% in recents because you want a healthy pool of players you can learn from
  3. 3rd Mark E5/E4 Journey twitch.tv/Oxmathus

  4. Dankly streaming some tanks, what you up to? twitch.tv/Oxmathus #shameless

  5. 50-2 Back before the Foch nerfs:
  6. My life is complete knowing I'm #2 for damage in the Jagzilla, thanks bic boi
  7. Been about a week since one of these, and unfortunately this one is going to be a bit short too Tuesday, August 4th - eLevate vs. Team Rival This has the potential to be a good match, with the possibility of being some sort of 5-2 or such depending on map picks. I'm going to pick 2 players from this match which will be Arclit from eLevate and wwii_fanatic from Team Rival Maple Freedom vs. High Woltage Caballers With the other matches tonight I don't think it's worth picking anybody from these matches, so I'm going to pass. o7 Gaming vs. GAME-OVER With the exclusion of Vetro from o7's roster for the remaining matches of the season, I believe that this match has a good chance to also go to a 5-2 or 5-3 since o7 will be lacking on the carry department. With that I'm going to pick Synergy3k from o7 and Haich from GO Synrgy Gaming vs. I Love Lamp This is the match to go all-in on with Lamp's improvement last week with a 5-1 win over #RU it shows their improvement, or maybe just #RU's lack of cohesive play? We will see. So I'm going to pick Executis and Jojojacky from Synrgy and FightBreastCancer from Lamp
  8. Hi ^.^ It's currently Thursday, July 23rd and these are my fantasy picks for tonight's matches. Tonight at 20:00 EST we're starting with - eLevate vs. o7 Gaming This match is interesting in the fact that both of these teams have the exact same points values, 11. Even though o7 has one more battle played than eLevate it doesn't give eLevate any breathing room, with them currently sitting around the middle of the scoreboard they need this win to more concretely secure their standings. I'm going to pick two players from this match up. Arclit from eLevate and Vetro from o7. Next up at 21:00 EST will be - Synrgy Gaming vs. Maple Freedom Overall this season I'd say that Synrgy has been performing better than Maple Freedom, however Synrgy is only ahead of them by 3 points on the standings, so this will be Synrgy's chance to secure the spot ahead of Maple Freedom for the rest of the season, as we're getting close to the end and the bottom of the standings leads to relegation. I'm only going to pick 1 player from this lineup which will be Executis from Synrgy. *DO NOT PICK JSMOOTH TONIGHT, HE WILL NOT BE PLAYING!* For the second to last match at 22:00 EST - Team Refuse vs. Team Rival This match could have the potential of being interesting, overall I strongly believe Refuse will take the win, but Rival has a good possibility of taking this to a 5-2 or even 5-3 depending on the map picks and if Rival really brings their A game tonight. With this information, I strongly believe it's worth picking two players from this match, which I'll pick _KT and E63M6 from Team Refuse. For the last match of the night at 23:00 EST we have - #RU vs. High Woltage Caballers Honestly this will probably the be match highlight of the night, with two teams who are sitting at 2nd and 3rd place on the leader boards battling it out. Woltage is currently sitting ahead of RU even with RU's 1 battle lead on them, so let's see if Woltage can stay ahead of them or not. I'm going to pick two players from High Woltage which will be HeavyTwenty and Dakillzor. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams NOT playing tonight - Noble Gaming, S.I.M.P., I Love Lamp and GAME-OVER. Do NOT have any players from any of these teams on your own fantasy team.
  9. Jojo told me he's not going to be playing a tier 6 anymore
  10. For all you dumbos who make fantasy teams, I updated it to be 1,250 gold per screenshot instead of 500 -
  11. ¡HOLA AMIGOS! Today is Thursday, July 21st and here are your best Fantasy League prediction picks for today's matches. To start off at 20:00 EST - #RU vs. Maple Freedom With Maple Freedom currently at 1-1(1 OTL) (4 Points) and #RU at 4-2, (12 Points) this is a underdog match. Maple Freedom has a chance to take maybe 1-2 matches off of RU and maybe a third depending on map picks, however that's the best I'd have to give Maple. RU would have to mess up pretty bad to throw more than that. However even with the strong possibility of a 5-0 it's still worth to pick one player from this match up, and with that I'm going to go with godzilla_mode from #RU. Next up at 21:00 EST is - Noble Gaming vs. Team Rival This match has a lot more potential to go past a 5-0 than the RU and Maple match above, so with Noble at 3-2 (9 Points) and Rival at 1-3 (1 OTW) (5 Points) it means that this match is very important for both of these teams since they're both towards the middle of the score board comparative to the rest of the league. Overall though I'm going to have to give this one to Noble because they will understand the importance and see Rival as a good opponent since they've overall had a good showing to their matches even if their points don't exactly reflect that. I'm going to pick two players from Noble which will be AkulaV and Dodoma and one from Rival which will be wwii_fanatic. After at 22:00 EST will be - S.I.M.P. vs. High Woltage Caballers This match is very important for both of these teams because both teams will both have atleast two other very strong teams to face after this match. However for SIMP this means even more brought on by the fact that both of these teams have played the same amount of matches but High Woltage has 4 points more than them. At the end of a bias'd day, I'll give this match to Woltage in a 5-2 fashion. From this match up I'm going to pick HeavyTwenty from Woltage and Nitts from SIMP. To finish off the night at 23:00 EST - I Love Lamp vs. GAME-OVER This match is basically one to determine who is at the bottom of the leader boards, with Lamp currently on the bottom with 1 point and GAME-OVER with 2. There's not too much to say about this match other than it has the possibility to be long but I don't think it will just because of how previous matches for these teams have gone, which is why I'm going to pick 1 player from this, which will be JoJoJacky from Lamp. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams NOT playing tonight - Synrgy Gaming, o7 Gaming, eLevate and Team Refuse. Do NOT have any players on these teams on your own fantasy team.
  12. Message Neverwish and blame him, because I had it added in my post that statik wouldn't be playing tonight due to internet issues
  13. I actually probably messed up, because it looks like Jojo is playing a Tier 6
  15. Doing them right now, don't worry, you have till a little past 8 pm EST to secure them in Also, after today's picks im going to start doing them a day early and then just update if anything is needed for the next day.
  16. Yup! http://www.fantasywgl.com/news/article/88/
  17. Nice, looks like we did well tonight Also congrats T1 on first place in overall standings
  18. There's a twitch app I use where you can watch previous broadcast and it saves the twitch chat, so you can see what everyone was saying https://www.rechat.org/
  19. Hi Carbon, watch on a night that we actually play http://www.fantasywgl.com/matches/
  20. Hello again friends! Tuesday, July 14th Matches - 20:00 EST Time Slot - eLevate vs. Team Refuse Looking at all the other matches tonight, this match up will undoubtedly be the most interest. Both of these teams last matches were on July 7th in which they both received both of their first actual match losses. eLevates match loss was against #RU which ended in a 2-5 in RU's favor. Refuse's match loss was against Noble Gaming which from watching the stream looking both teams were trying to throw for skins, overall the match ended in favor of Noble at 5-3. I believe that this match could have the possibility of going to a 5-4, however unless Refuse tightened up their game play I'm going to currently have to give it to eLevate in most likely a 5-3 of some sorts as it is yet to be seen. With this information I'm going to pick Arclit from eLevate and E63M6 with _KT from Refuse. 21:00 EST Time Slot - #RU vs. Synrgy Gaming #RU is currently looking like one of the top teams to beat this season, leaving Synrgy with a harder time to win but not impossible at all. I believe that if Synrgy bring their A game then they could possibly bring this to a 5-4 going the way of either teams, overall this will be pretty interesting, or 1 sided. However with the match up of Noble Gaming vs. o7 Gaming next, I'm only going to pick 1 player from this lineup which will be godzilla_mode from #RU. 22:00 EST Time Slot - Noble Gaming vs. o7 Gaming Noble and o7 are both looking like alright teams so far this season, however o7 still has a lot of the better teams to play which will show if their currently score on the leader boards is currently justified or not. Noble had a harder start to the season and will most try to make the best of the matches that are left. I'm going to have to say that this match will go in the favor of Noble, however the score prediction is a bit more difficult as this could have the potential of being 1-sided if Noble fixed some of their issues we saw in the Refuse match. I'm going to have to pick Vetro from o7 Gaming and Dodoma with AkulaV from Noble. *Do NOT pick Synergy3k from o7 Gaming as he will NOT be playing in tonight's matches.* 23:00 EST Time Slot - S.I.M.P vs. Maple Freedom There's not too much to say about this match up as there's no more room on my fantasy team, however SIMP and Maple both really need this win but SIMP will undoubtedly take this victory unless Maple can pull a miracle out of nowhere. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Teams NOT playing tonight - High Woltage Caballers, Team Rival, GAME-OVER, I Love Lamp Do NOT have any players from any of these teams on your fantasy teams.
  21. Hello friends! Thursday, July 9th Matches - 20:00 EST Time Slot - S.I.M.P. vs. Synrgy Gaming Should be a decently interesting match. Overall I think that SIMP is going to take home the victory, but Synrgy should be able to take a couple wins home, I'll predict something along the lines of a 5-2. I'm probably going to go with 3 players from this line up which will be drynitz and Nitts from SIMP and one player from Synrgy which will be Executis because PubWhisperer will be absent tonight. 21:00 EST Time Slot - CANCELED I Love Lamp vs. Synrgy Gaming CANCELED DUE TO ISSUES WITH LAMP. REMOVE ALL PLAYERS FROM BOTH ROSTERS OUT OF YOUR FANTASY TEAM! 22:00 EST Time Slot - GAME-OVER vs. Maple Freedom Currently Game Over is doing the worst out of any team to put it out there bluntly. They have managed 1 battle victory out of the 16 battles they've played. It doesn't really require much more attention than that. However Maple Freedom pulled out a very nice 5-1 from for themselves on Tuesday over Rival and will most likely take this game in the same fashion. I'll go with 2 players from this lineup from Maple Freedom which will be MRMAN58 and 0utofSight. 23:00 EST Time Slot - High Woltage Caballers vs Team Rival High Woltage just came out of a decisive 5-0 win over o7 Gaming on Tuesday and Rival just came out of a depressing 1-5 defeat to Maple Freedom on Tuesday aswell, this battle couple most likely have the same outcome for these teams. I will pick my last 2 players for my lineup from High Woltage, which will be HeavyTwenty and Dakillzor. Good luck!
  22. Late again, but here it is - Tuesday, July 7th Matches - 20:00 EST Time Slot - High Woltage Caballers vs. o7 Gaming Only going to pick HeavyTwenty because I think the last 2 matches of the night will be really exciting. 21:00 EST Time Slot - Team Rival vs. Maple Freedom Going to pick nobody because I'm going all in for the last 2 matches. 22:00 EST Time Slot - eLevate vs. #RU Going to pick Arclit and GameIsRigged because I'm going to be picking my last 4 in the next match. 23:00 EST Time Slot - Noble Gaming vs. Team Refuse Going to pick AkulaV and canadianimpact from Noble and _KT with E63M6 from Refuse. I'm doing this with the hope in fantasy points that this will be the longest match of the night
  23. Don't really have much time to do this since my internet has been down the whole day, but here it is - Thursday, July 2nd Matches - 20:00 EST Time Slot - eLevate vs. Noble Gaming This is going to be a bit risky, but why not. I'm going to pick 4 players from this match because I think it's going to be a good one. I'm going to pick Arclit, statik, AkulaV and militant83. Be warned, if this match becomes a 5-0, then this will be a huge loss of FP. 21:00 EST Time Slot - S.I.M.P vs. #RU Only going to pick 1 player from this match, so I'm going to make it Nitts. 22:00 EST Time Slot- I Love Lamp vs. Team Refuse Not going to pick anybody for these matches because I believe that it'll be pretty short if all goes as I think it will. 23:00 EST Time Slot - GAME-OVER vs. Synrgy Gaming I feel like this match will go to atleast a 5-3, so I'm going to pick 2 players. PubWhisperer and Zakume.
  24. Yeah I didn't do so hot last week, that's why they're only suggestions my friend
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