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Status Updates posted by Oxmathus

  1. 3rd Mark E5/E4 Journey twitch.tv/Oxmathus

  2. Dankly streaming some tanks, what you up to? twitch.tv/Oxmathus #shameless

    1. TriggrHPY
    2. Cunicularius


      I try to watch but is like playing tenks, i no can enjoy if have headache Q_Q

  3. Playing some tanks before BULBA's 5:45 AM EST Strongholdfight... http://www.twitch.tv/oxmathus

    1. #Lunaughty


      E A R L Y B O I S

  4. Playing tanks again for an unknown amount of time - http://www.twitch.tv/oxmathus

  5. http://www.twitch.tv/smylee_rage - External's Goodbye Party :'(
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    2. Oxmathus


      Basic Training/Tech stuff or something like that

    3. tomhwk


      we've done races with arty firing on us, and now 1v1 with teams.

    4. rojo180


      So he won't be gone for too long right?

  6. #sbaltownwodtuhs

  7. Our Stronghold Attack Strategy Today - http://i.imgur.com/waavozh.jpg

  8. Luthrior: "I feel like RBIS is just running doubles on the pro accounts"

  9. Come visit the BULBA almost 24/7 stream! twitch.tv/bulbarepresent

  10. BULBA is now recruiting on NA server, visit this thread for more info -

  11. [bULBA] > [-G-] - Bulba #1 NA Clan

    1. Tuco22


      Cause people leave/join clans. Its a new feature.

    2. AirG


      signing bonuses to gud.

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