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  1. It's dependent because the IS-3 is better, the only thing I could really see a 110 being used effectively is from north from on ruinburger and it goes down the middle for hull down
  2. Tier 5 - Tier 5 really depends on map, T1 Heavy/KV-1/KV-1S could all be used on city maps, while the T67, T34 can be used on maps where DPM is needed, and more obscure tanks like the Ram II, Leopard (With the autoloader) can be useful. Tier 6 - T37, T37, T37. Hellcat is basically useless, just a free kill for the other team. M6 is a good heavy on maps where a heavy can be used. The cromwell is basically the only good medium at tier 6 for tourneys. There are some other tier 6 that could be used if you were required to bring a all heavy tank lineup, but that doesn't really leave you many options on which heavies not to pick anyways. Tier 7 - T29 is the main heavy tank that is used, but the IS-2, IS, Tiger and KV-3 could also be used in its place if gun depression isn't an issue. For mediums T20 and Comet are the best as they are really the only two decent tier 7 mediums. For light tanks Bulldog is the best, but if someone doesn't have one and you are more casual, a T71 could be used in its place. Tier 8 - Tanks that will almost always be needed is Ru 251, 13 90/50 100 and IS-3. Then you get into tanks that are more map dependent like the Pershing, T32, 416 and 110. The roomba and T69 I feel are not used very well when brought by teams, as even most Gold League teams don't bother with them anymore, and if they do they've got a strat they're very confident and are being used by players who can make sure they're used correctly. Tier 9 - E75/E50 seem like they will always be the main Heavy/Med tank combo, but there are a lot more tanks that could be used better a lot more in certain situations. Source: 10k gold from almost every skirmish in past forever
  3. I enjoyed this post - http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/412179-skirmish-2/page__pid__8417426#entry8417426 Also, thanks bird man
  4. if anyone has more bulba videos, please tell me so i can add them
  5. OP has been updated, just needed something to do while I listen to this shitty clan leader meeting about people bitching
  6. Our Stronghold Attack Strategy Today - http://i.imgur.com/waavozh.jpg

  7. Epic WEINER Awarded to all players of the Clan that managed to perform the longest winning battles series on the Global Map during the Third Campaign. Winner: [ 30 ] (30) cungrats fellow weiners
  8. Luthrior: "I feel like RBIS is just running doubles on the pro accounts"

  9. hmmm, main page is in need of an update, will do after campaign is over!!!
  10. I didn't say worst wasn't stupid, it's too late right now for this much salt
  11. That's why we let him back in the first time
  12. The reason he was kicked out is because this is the second time he has done something hilariously stupid. The first time he was also kicked out
  13. ikr! I personally think they're pretty amazing!!!!
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