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  1. Yeh I know which is why I think they need buffing, but of course the ignorant masses out there think these things are OP and gamebreaking because they are fast.
  2. I don't mind effort but it needs to be rewarded, if something has a high skill floor, it needs high potential when you exceed it and play it really well. I don't think currently they do this, the tier 8 premium has been buffed but not really in the way most people who played it thought it should be either with increased firepower or better view range. Personally I think all these vehicles will end up needing buffs long term, but then we have had tier 10 lights for ages now and they are not performing, especially Rhm. and WZ but they are just left being crap.
  3. Yep, when looking at most of the streamers who tested it they were around 500-700 combined down on their other tier 8 lights, it does about tier 8 light damage (gun is decent compared to other lights) but it doesn't do the spotting and the gun doesn't compensate for that enough.
  4. So they nerfed the speed and engine power, but gave them nothing else. Makes them even worse then. Literally all they have is speed, and now they are worse than that, they didn't need a straight up nerf, they needed to be made less min/maxed.
  5. 279e changes are completely unnecessary, even if it was underpowered which is highly unlikely considering almost all the people I have seen who have it, its pretty much their best performing tier 10, there are clearly not enough of them and they have not been about long enough to make that judgement. Ghost Town is an awful map, city in the middle and then surrounded by red line camping spots, which as usual are elevated, have hard cover, bush cover and every approach is across open ground, and there are like 3/4 spots on each red line. If you want to progress from the city, you have like 300m of open ground to cross with no cover to dig these spots out, top map design giving the best spots on the map to shitters who drive 50m from their spawn and make no attempt to win the game. Wheeled vehicles are just meh, don't find them game breaking at all now the boosts are gone, obviously 5+ of them on each side with another 5 shitbarns on each team is just chaos, but that is the test server and the same with too many of any tank, the day the Grille 15 came out was just as stupid. But on live, when there are 1-2 of them, 90% of them will die trying to do this 'drive fast and survive' tactic, they are really not harder to hit, IMO Even 90 is harder to hit. They'll fail horribly on live, its more campy, the map rotation is corridor crap maps or campy maps they'll never outspot, there is less lage so shooting them becomes easier and most people won't be 500 battle noobs who are barely on tier 5 trying tier 10s they have no clue about like on test. A small handful of player will get these to work but I doubt even they will stick with them long term as why bother when you can work your behind off in a wheeled vehicle and have fun not being able to kill Maus or Type 5s or IS7s because of your crappy pen and DPM or you could just dominate games in a 430U with far less effort.
  6. You do like 150 damage with non-pens, and with all the auto-aiming you do its RNG if you actually pen anything, at other EBRs half the time you'll just hit the wheels or the gun. Plus the DPM is still crap, its 2.5k with HE if you pen every round, which you won't. The Super Conq gets 120mm pen HE, with 515 damage and has 3.7k base DPM using that round. The 5A has like a 1.5s faster reload for its 490 alpha AP FFS, shit DPM is Shit DPM regardless of the HE round. High pen HE, HESH etc. all these rounds are just gimmicks and rely on RNG more than anything and most of the time what you actually use them against other tanks can pen with their normal HE anyway (like most lights, Grilles, arties etc.) It's like the high pen HE on the GF Bulldog or the Cent 7/1, yeh its nice to have, its a little bonus, but in practicality with the way those rounds work, plus all the RNG, they add very little to combat effectiveness of those tanks. It's like a placebo, you pen one of these rounds, see a high damage roll and you get a good feeling and think they are good, but you forget the other three that did like 100 damage and that you'd have done more damage overall with your standard round.
  7. I haven't found them hard to hit at all, I was hitting them reliably at medium ranges with the T-100 lt and that doesn't have good accuracy (so some shots just missed by going low or high etc.) or that amazing shell velocity for APCR. Most tier 10 meds will have no issue, Russsian tier 10 meds are going to be hilarious against them I think, they'll bounce them and have 50% more DPM, the shell velocity, turret traverse and gun handling to hit the shots. Also the T-100 lt pretty much straight up counters these things, you are pretty much as fast to accelerate up to 70kph, you have almost the same camo, much more view range, more health, more DPM and your armour is semi-reliably against their APCR. I played about 10 games in it on test, and once you avoid the initial yolo rush push, you can just dominate them after that. Most people on test didn't either, saw plenty of these things get one shot by sh*tbarns (and there were almost as many of them in games as the EBR 105). The tanks themselves are awful IMO, especially the tier 9 and 10, their guns are close to pointless. You gain 8mm of penetration and 200 DPM going from tier 8 to tier 10. (the tier 10 only has about 50 more DPM than the tier 8 premium and effectively only 40 more alpha as well). Plus they have the attrocious penetration drop off at range, at 500m they have 162mm of pen, sub 130mm penetration rolls on a tier 10 tank. The cruise mode is utterly pointless as well, as its close to uncontrollable at higher speeds, it just doesn't work well with a keyboard input as you pretty much turn 90 degrees with a slight touch on the steering. Overall I think they are complete utter crap. They go fast in a straight line, often too fast where hit bumps or get air you'll kill yourself anyway, and at medium to close ranges even on the laggy test server people will hit you. Your gun is just not good at all aside being fast to aim with low dispersion, plus the HE is quite nice. I think it'll rival the Rhm. for crappest tier 10 win rate if they go live like this, once light players realise that they can't do the yolo spot at the start and hang back, then they can just control the vision game. Tier for tier the best one is probably the tier 8 because it has tier 8 light gun power, you aren't crippled with the low pen and DPM the tier 9 and 10 have. Well actually the best one is the tier 8 premium which has the two shot autoloader so effectively has 350 alpha with a 9s reload, which is better than the reload of the tier 10 for 390. It's also surprising no one pretty much better than the tech tree tier 8 in every way. Going fast for survival I just don't think has any value in the current meta, once people get used to them on live I don't think these tanks have any real role.
  8. tajj7

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    And tier 8s, at angle the Defender can still pretty much be 240+ effective everywhere, due to the upper plate being so good that even over angling the pike you still have amazing armour and massively increase the lower plate effectiveness. But yeh 257 armour is complete BS especially for lower tiers. What is funny though is that I find German tanks bully the crap out of them because they are so tall, they shoot down on the roof, on the upper plate and on the top section of the side armour negating all the angles.
  9. T28 is overperforming at the moment, WG massively overbuffed it, so if this has better armour (reserving judgement until we see the whole layout) its going to be OP as f*ck despite the crap accuracy and depression, it's going to be a tier T95 that morons can just RRR, left click and right click to win flanks, because other idiots facing it will never pen it.
  10. tajj7

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    Might need a tad better handling and bit better mobility but I wouldn't say the armour is worse than the 257. Defender lower plate is actually slightly better than the 257s, against 225 AP rounds (so decent tier 8 heavy pen) its about 210 - 225 effective, whereas the 257s lower plate is more like 195 - 200 effective, plus the 257s lower plate is higher and bigger IMO, so easier to hit. Upper plate wise the Defender wins here easily, at worst it's 320 effective front on, ranging up to basically over 350 effective, whereas the 257 is about 245 to 270 effective, this means the Defender can angle the pike (and thus it's lower plate) to hit like 230-240 on both upper and lower plate, so can bully lower tiers and most non-premium spamming tier 8s with ease sitting in the open. The 257 if it angles the pike, it becomes like 200 effective. Then there are the turrets, 257 edges the turret fronts because you can go through the Defender mantlet with over 250 pen, but the rest is all pretty much the same being about 270 effective to like autobounce for a lot like most Russian heavy turrets. Both have two 150mm cupolas, Defenders are a tad taller, but what lets the 257 down is the 30mm roof overmatch area which is massive (like twice the size of the IS3 one if not more) and can be hit from the front if the tank is on the flat. The only real thing the 257 has going for it is the auto-bounce lower side armour, but then Defender can sidescrape against 150mm guns and bounce, 257 can't do that. Overall IMO Defenders armour is better and the 257 is hardly poor armoured for its tier, it bounces a lot for a tier 9 heavy.
  11. tajj7

    50TP Tyszkiewicza thread

    Yeh agree its like IS7 premium ammo, its just lacking against types and Maus etc. compared to the 340 HEAT most other tier 9 and 10 heavies have, especially when coupled with a derpy gun, like the E75 gets 311 APCR which is not much more but the gun handling is so much better it feels way more effective. Probably only the 14cm on the Type 4, 127mm on the M4 51 (neither of which are used on those tanks) and the Emil 2s premium rounds are worse and in the current meta premium rounds are important.
  12. tajj7

    50TP Tyszkiewicza thread

    ^ Yeh basically that, definitely not keeping it when I get the tier 10 unlocked. Whole tank is just not that comfy, it's slow and awkward to move about, the gun aims for days and the armour is wonky as all hell. Yet at the same time when the armour bounces stuff and you hit stuff, you can be a complete monster, the alpha is very satisfying for a tier 9. I have just found getting consistency from it hard, you'll have like 5k damage games and then you'll have a game where you only get to fire 6-7 times either because the team folded or the enemy folded and your too slow to catch up, and half the shots either miss or bounce.
  13. tajj7

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    Probably with like T-10/257 mobility then yes it would. Actually making it the first tier 9 premium a la WOWs would be an interesting approach to balancing it IMO.
  14. Which Panther? Tier 7 one, Panther 88 or Panther 2, to be honest they are all crap, but no reason for other tanks to be crap because of it. Panther 2 and Panther 88 need making more E50 like IMO, more DPM, better frontal armour so they can bully lower tiers etc. Buff both. It's starting at tier 6 so I presume so, they have super tested tier 6-10 vehicles. ---------------------------------- They have buffed it - They seem to have basically buffed the mobility, made it more agile and harder to slow down. Plus a DPM buff which is rather meaningless as it wasn't a reload issue but the burst level being too ineffective. Mobility was it's massive strong point, it has hyper mobility but very poor survivability, poor firepower and terrible view range, would much prefer they made it a more well rounded vehicle that worked in more situations, than just this situational go kart.
  15. tajj7

    Get Ready for the BIG Fist....Lube Up!

    I have a Defender, 252U and IS-3A (thank you boxes) and would quite happily see them all nerfed. Actually I'd very happily have my Defender lower plate made like 150 effective in exchange for some mobility and gun handling. And similar for the 3A, more gun handling and mobility for the auto-reloader going to the Italian style away from the idiots style it is now.