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  1. This, at the moment it's just a shitter Progetto in virtually ever way, having 0.2s faster clip speed doesn't make up for worse DPM, worse accuracy, worse gun handling, worse mobility, worse pen. The high tier meds have fast firing clips, with decent pen and fast reloads. This thing has the fast firing clip but not the other two, doing 720 damage with crap pen and like a 25s reload doesn't appeal to me. Don't see the point of the thing compared to the Progetto or the Lorraine. Like you say pre nerf stats it look decent, but then they nerfed it right down.
  2. The MM is fixed, in that the waves are adjusted to the level of the team not the highest level, so played 3 won 3 last night, it's made it quite easy, especially on the US side, the Hellcat group with 4 tanks the airstrike/artillery combo they have is insane, you can one shot a lot of the tier 5 tanks that appear and take even 1k HP off a Tiger with a good hit. Main issue now is motivating myself to keep playing it, average is about 50 points a win now with the adjusted levels, which means like 40 wins for each piece of equipment, that is 80 in total across the two fronts.
  3. Shouldn't the Achilles have the 17lber so is able to pen the Tiger pretty easily?
  4. I'd accept the terrible DPM (well actually it should be still higher) but it at least might make sense if the gun's alpha met with their description and the tank had like 440 or 480 alpha so it was this unique low DPM, but hard hitting mobile stealthy sniper, like they were trying to create something like a Hellcat/Leopard 1 but in light tank form. But its 390 alpha, with below average pen, and bad accuracy, and not great aim time, and terrible pen drop off. How about this - Make the reload like 11s base, that is still only like 2.1k DPM. Make the premium APCR shell the standard, with no horrible pen drop off so good 268 pen APCR. Give the tank premium HESH like the Cent 7/1 with like 520 alpha and 210 pen. Buff the shell count to 40. Buff the accuracy to like 0.32 Buff the view range to 420. Keep the above buffs. (so 0.16/0.16/0.08 dispersion with the 1.9s aim time) Then you have a more unique tank, something that is a very good spotter (very high camo and view range combo) and a decent sniper but that also can put out big alpha hits against softer targets.
  5. Some pathetic buffs for Manticore - Still awful.
  6. Yeh they are awful and are being universally panned by everyone from what I have seen, all the CCs are saying they are the worst tanks in the game, worst lines brought into the game ever. Sad as well apparently one of the guys who did a lot of research for the line for WG, was on QB's stream last night expressing his disappointment about how bad they are. He puts all this work in for a line that is not going to be played and is going to be universally disliked. Something is IMO up with this, the whole thing is rushed, as said above, we only saw these tanks 2 weeks ago, now they are on test readying for release? Patch 1.6 was hyped up by WG as supposedly something special and game changing, but all it is going to have is some minor changes and team damage off, plus the British lights. I think that someone at WG has effed up and the big content for 1.6 wasn;t ready so they are rushing out the British lights. On currents stats they are hands down worst tanks in the game. Major buffing is needed to even get them somewhat competitive.
  7. Balancing tanks by high pen never worked and is like a 2013 thing in WOTs, its what kept tanks like the Cent 1 and Panthers so shit for so long, you have high pen so the rest of the tank has to be completely crap, but then a T-54 is all round awesome with crap pen, presses 2 and gg.
  8. I'm hoping this T95E2 is a replacement and current owners get the new one because they both pretty much have the same name. That E75TS thing is odd, but at least they have tuned the armour down from tier 9, I wonder how strong that LFP, could make it OP if its VK 1001P or Defender levels.
  9. Tier 7 and 8 are out https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/07/10/world-of-tanks-british-light-tanks-gsr-3301-setter-lhmtv/ Aside high pen they look thoroughly below average in almost every area, speed, hp/ton, view range, and have woeful DPM. That tier 8 has sub 1.4k base DPM on a tier 8 tank, amazing. How they fck they think having good pen makes all these other attributes viable is beyond me, great I can pen some more shots, but the tank is still utter shit. They seem keen to make this line pretty damn bad.
  10. Bad, very bad, 1.6k DPM on a tier 10, bad accuracy, meh penetration for a tier 10 even with premium ammo it only has the same pen as Cent AX, horrible gun elevation and they are even giving it limited ammo count for even more 'fun'. Bad gun handling as well, together with average speed, agility and hp/ton. They also lie about the size, they say its smaller than a T-100 lt, and then show a comparison picture where they measure the top of the T-100 lt being from an infra-red light on top of the turret, which isn't in the collision model, so its actually taller than the T-100 lt. Contender for worst tier 10 tank on those stats and it makes zero sense as a tank, they make it sound like it should be like some sort of tier 10 hellcat, a mobile sniper, but then the alpha, pen, accuracy, aim time etc. is nowhere near good enough for that role.
  11. Bonds shop seems like a myth though at the moment. And they have already used up two of the vehicles that were supposedly going to be in there in the Black Market, which I am 100% we will see again. I bet both the ranked and Frontline reward tanks will appear in a black market eventually. The best use of bonds I can see at the moment is in the tank auction after CWs, if you had like 25k bonds then its probably worth playing the low amount of CW campaign games and then buying a T95 or whatever that way. Outside of that there is not much to use them on and they have been talking about the bond shop for like a year now and nothing has happened. I am struggling to see anything unique is going to go on there.
  12. I have improved vents, improved rammer, improved v-stab and improved optics. I think vents have the biggest impact. Overall the impact is pretty small, but it is quite fun to max things like view range or DPM to obscene levels. But I have the vents, rammer and v-stab on my Cent 7/1 as its my favourite tank and they basically improve its main weaknesses, i.e DPM and dispersion. It's fully pimped with a 6 skill crew, now approaching 7 skills and also I use directives I have, either the vents or v-stab ones. Some might argue I suppose its a waste boosting an average tank, but I found before I just wasted bonds moving them about to tanks I played for a bit then stopped playing, so thought I'd put them on a tank I used often. The improved optics are on the EBR-105.
  13. Yep in classic WG dumb move, the 320 alpha medium with less armour, now has worse gun handling and DPM than the tier 9 heavy reward tank, that has more armour and 400 alpha. Th AE1 now has nearly 2.3k DPM, with 0.13/0.13/0.08 dispersions. And this thing now has 2.1k DPM, with 0.15/0.15/0.12 dispersions. It was borderline whether this tank was any good, but with those nerfs it looks crap now IMO. Tier 8 DPM, tier 8 gun handling, below average alpha, weaker premium round than a lot of other HEAT rounds, that turret and hull armour is going to have to be amazing to warrant those nerfs IMO.
  14. On current stats its a flat out worse Conqueror, DOM, aim time, accuracy are all pretty meh. Cool looking tank though, wonder how weak and visible that cupola is, will make or break the tank.
  15. 2.3k base DPM for 320 alpha on tier 9 is pretty crap to be honest. AMX 30 has 2.8k base and Patton 2.7k base and that is with 390 alpha as well. ----------------------------------------- Overall it looks nice, some good points, some bad points, but I think it'll depend on that turret armour, how much is 250mm, how far it goes back (40mm side turret armour is a worry if you can see it from the front) and how well rounded it is. If you can get the sort of bouncing a Cent 7/1 gets, then that will be a pretty decent tank. Like a hybrid of a Cent 7/1 and AMX 30. On initial stats I am happier I put more effort into ranked than I have Frontlines. I also think it looks alight, they just obviously haven't rendered it.
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