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  1. Bumping this thread because yes we are making madmen great again, again, recruiting now! The above links should still work I think, but just message me if not.
  2. Yep, I'd get it if they buffed the pen, but they haven't so its dumb. It's weak enough as it is, a DPM buff is not going to make it competitive, and now they harm the credit earning, which to me would be a nerf to a premium tank so I am surprised they are going to do it.
  3. It's a collectors tank now IIRC so I don't think they gave a shit about those, hence why the 140 is getting buffs whilst the T-62A gets none despite being worse.
  4. If they don't touch the ROF on the E50 then the meme gun with that 280, you'll be able to push the DPM to 4.6k. That is IMO hard to ignore. You can get the reload down to 3.6 ish s, so you can two for 1 almost anything and now will be doing 560 damage. Hilariously if a big alpha damage heavy like a 50tp fires (which has 560 alpha) you can put 840 damage into him and get out before he reloads (at close range). It's just absurd DPM, it's basically Tortoise DPM but on a turreted and far more mobile platform that can still bounce people. I mean against some tier 8 meds you have the
  5. All of which is irrelevant if someone caps out in 3 minutes on Encounter, which happens far too often IMO.
  6. Best use I have found so far is Grille 15, the traverse dispersion thing + turbocharger, it feels like Old Grille 15 (3rd slot can be rammer or view range) you can rush and catch people out crossing to spots like I beat an M60 to the ledges on Airfield and plonked 750 into his side and reversed out before he reacted. I'd say lights CVS + optics helps, but I don't think it makes them competitive. I tested CVS in the training room, it's only really going to have a big effect on things behind bushes that have poor camo, so shitbarns, E100, Maus etc. you'll spot them about 60-70m furth
  7. I put Assault on if I am playing lights or paper meds because there are some good spotting options. Can't stand encounter because too often people just cap and no one does anything about it, so you either shout out your useless team for capping or you have to go yolo in your paper med in front of 5 tanks whilst your heavies twiddle their thumbs. And some of the encounter maps are just terrible so its not worth the extra chance of getting Prohk or Malinovka. Encounter would be fine I think if they made it so the base cap didn't work for the first 5 minutes, so idiotic bots that
  8. I think the IS-4 is going to be pretty strong. It now has super heavy hull armour with hull down heavy turret armour, super heavy HP, but normal heavy mobility and a much better gun. If it parks at the right angle then you can bounce a lot of standard tier 10, which means people will have to sling HEAT at it, and hull down it's up there at being resistant to premium spam, some pixel shots on the cheeks and turret ring. Anyone firing standard ammo or lower tiers, it's going to be able to shrug off and bully pretty easily, whilst it can hold it's own in a HEAT battle with it's better
  9. tajj7

    WZ-111G FT (T9 TD)

    I blueprinted it, cos what else am I going to use those for. It certainly has it's moments, it was QB of all people that actually highlighted it to me. When you are top tier and there are a hug amount of tier 9s then you can quite easily play assault TD, but against lots of tier 10s you more have to play support as your armour doesn't work, especially with all the HEAT slung about. I mean it's still completely awkward, it's a turretless slow TD, but I think what makes it work is the gun is good, you don't have terrible bloom or aim time for 750 alpha. Plus it is basically tier 10 sta
  10. It's still DPM though not alpha and alpha trumps DPM all day every day in the current meta, especially if you don't have armour to be in the sustained fight (like say the Kpz 50t can basically sit hull down and most things won't pen it so it's 320 is less painful) and the platform just scares me, that speed, size, and that cupola. But like I said I haven't played it, I am slowly buying back lots of tier 9s and that one is on my list to get. Tier 9 meds are pretty much the sweetspot IMO, I mean tier 9 generally is good anyway, best balanced tier, no too high alpha TDs, -2/+
  11. Kpz 50t is probably IMO now the stand out along with Standard B. Then it's like PTA, T-55A, 430 (though I don't like it is strong), Patton. AMX 30, Skoda depending on playstyle and preferences IMO. Then like Cent, Type 61, Bat Chat AP, T-54, UDES, Char. WZ-120 might be the only bad one, though personally I think Char is at the bottom of those mid level tanks. I don't get how people can rate that gun when so much of it bar pen and accuracy is bad, bad intra-clip, long reload (and bad DPM because of those two), bad gun handling, and mediocre gun depression on a rear mounted turr
  12. I recently bought the Bat Chat back in an attempt to 3 mark it and aside from occasionally playing it as a light and doing some spotting, I seem to be most successful playing fairly passively most of the time which is a sad reflection of the tier 10 meta.
  13. Does alright in Frontlines, but the accuracy can hurt, the Renegade has been surprisingly effective for me in Frontlines.
  14. This is so much me. I often at times feel myself running through scenarios and plays in my head, and basically seeing too much risk at every turn because the whole map is locked down by multiple TDs/arty/general campers and the poor map design that benefits these plays. But I then get frustrated that I am not doing anything, not progressing the game and that eternal worry about my team suddenly steamrolling the enemy and I get 1.5k damage is there as well. If anything actually harms my attempts to 3 mark tier 10s (I have so many hovering in the late 80's/early 90's that I struggle to push
  15. Honestly Bourrasque gun because of the clip flexibility, clip speed and soft stats. At sort of sub 250m ranges it's basically blap blap, eff off, and that is half the HP of your average tier 8 gun. With Lorraine it's like aim for ages, hit, wait for it, hit, wait for it.... ah the target has gone, do I reload now for like 35s? Meanwhile Bourrasque has relocated and already popped another two shots into someone. Lorraine to me still feels like autoloaders from 2014, before TVPs, Progettos etc. slow clip speeds, bad gun handling and painfully long reloads. They just aren't meta anymo
  16. I'm pretty sure any light could have done it, he doesn't really do much with the EBR mobility but drive ridges, which any light could have done and would have probably spotted out further. It's more that his entire team sits in a forest, gives up map control and loses very little for it because everyone approaching them does not have the same concealment. Since the 1.0 changes the bushes are broken IMO, camo and view range becomes irrelevant if there is an HD bush (that is working) becomes involved. Some clan mates tested it on the balcony of Airfield with a sh*tbarn with 50% crew a
  17. Only played 4 or 5 games in it but I prefer it the Lorraine. The quick double tap, faster reload, soft stats, small size and camo make it superior IMO to the Lorraine, the Lorraine feels too clunky for the current meta, it feels like a 50b. Getting a quick 720 damage out with like a 20s reload feels far more practical for the current meta than 1300 damage in like 7.5s with like a 35s reload. Games are too short, maps are too congested, tanks are too clumped up, opportunities are too breif for the Lorraine's clip to work IMO, you end up getting a couple of shots in the Lorraine mos
  18. Don't ruin the thread. Anyway, as an example of terrible camping winning games at higher tiers - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2EiShUpc_pk&t=0s ^ That team gives up the entire map pretty much, but still win, I find situations like this are too common, sure the EBR lit everyone up but its still a decent example of higher tier situations I have been struggling with, curbing that natural inclination to attack, finding routes to spot etc.
  19. Still tempted to pick it up as it looks like something pretty unique in playstyle and is potentially quite challenging.
  20. I second dealing with the tier 10 campy/arty/hull down meta, especially in more paper/non-meta stuff, dealing with 4 or 5 TDs in Op positions you'll never outspot and balancing passiveness with aggressiveness. I feel that aggressive play, which is my more natural play, is just punished very hard these days and base campers seem to win games way more often than they used to, I hark for the days of watching MrFalkers just aggressively pushing flanks in Russian meds and steamrolling people.
  21. Stats are on tanks.gg if you look at the 1.7.1 Public test option, the only thing they have changed is the reload. Soft stats are 0.10/0.10/0.10, so almost the same as the LT-432, they certainly help to offset that aim time. But from watching people play it, anything over about 200-250m is quite painful, long aim time, bad accuracy and meh penetration. Apparently the turning is pretty bad as well, doesn't turn that well and mobility is good for a medium but nowhere near light tank levels. Camo can be pushed over 40% stationary, so with 390 base view range it's a good spot
  22. I'm not really getting all the fuss. Overall the direction of the changes is good, the ideas are good, the execution needs some finesse but its WG. 1. Premium ammo gets a disadvantage, so becomes more balanced. I mean they did it WG's special way by making all HP pools and all standard ammo go up, but whatever the impact is the same, you actually trade something for higher pen. 2. The additional lower tier HP buff makes a lot of sense, it never tallied properly to the DPMs and Alpha on those tiers, you have tier 6 mediums with over 2k base DPM, but only 750 health, you get the
  23. On current stats the two new tanks are pretty meh. 777 is like a slower but slightly better armoured T-10 and the Bat Chat thing has a 4s intra-clip and pretty bad gun handling by 2020 WOT standards. Also a bit annoying they haven't alternated the two modes to mix up the grind a little.
  24. The double shot is massively situational and often times actually detrimental to use because of the charge up, you often miss the chance of the shot entirely or take a higher risk shot because you are going for the double shot when really you should just shoot one by one, its a gimmick. And as anyone who has used the Foch 155 knows a 5s autoloader is only really one in name and not that useful at all. I can't see why it would be OP, the double shot is gimmicky and situational, the armour is ok but not amazing, certainly far from idiot proof (decent turret if people don't have like 24
  25. Better than the STB-1 for me, turret is way better, hull is better, alpha has more value. Think even with all its buffs the STB-1 is pretty much obsolete compared to the UDES. I did very well with the thing in ranked, haven't actually played it that much in randoms because I am still working on missions for other nations, but in ranked it is the closes thing to a 430U with lots of gun depression. Had something like a near 70% WR in ranked with it IIRC and over 100% chevron rate, it can compete with the 430Us, 907s, 279s, Chiefs. etc. especially as hilariously it doesn't need to do any bou
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