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  1. This period at the end and after the xmas boosters is full premium spam, it's premium ammo span city at the moment, you basically have to assume everyone is spamming it. I mean I am playing tier 9 tanks with food, using premium ammo and still making like 100k profits. The 3 arty is just a thing, it always goes in these cycles, WG nerf arty, arty bobs over react and say its terrible, turns out its not, all the arty bobs start clicking again and annoying people, added to all the people doing their missions. For it to drop down we need the next minor arty nerf, and we'll have a nice p
  2. Most players can't use flexibility though. I am also pretty sure without the soft stats the double barrelled thing would be completely unusable. I don't think the 703 2 is OP, it's very good but not OP. If I was to make one change it would probably for the accuracy to be worse in double shot mode, make it more like a derp gun and therefore more like a shotgun shot, which would make it less effective double shoting paper targets at medium to long ranges. Aside from that I think it's generally ok.
  3. 3.4s aim time, unless the dispersions are amazing, means a lot of the time it's never going to do it's clip speed. It's a paper tank with bad gun handling, bad accuracy, bad gun depression, bad penetration, that has such a bad aim time it's burst speed is irrelevant. To me it's looking like a much bigger, slower, worse camo Even 90, with worse gun depression, that gets DPM and alpha, the Even 90 IMO only works because of it's size and camo adds funky vision games, if you have to actually do damage with it, the gun is terrible and unreliable. IMO great guns more often than not
  4. Is the mobility even that good? Yeh like 2-3 years ago it probably was, but we have WVs now, we have lights with 30+ hp/ton, this thing has light tank pen and light tank health pretty much, but now has nerfed 23 hp/ton speed and a 62kph top speed. French tanks also seem to usually have average ground resistances. I mean the Progetto goes 55kph, has nearly 19 hp/ton with amazing ground resistances, has more health than this thing, more pen on both rounds, better gun depression, better gun handling, way better accuracy. Is this tank likely to go that much faster than a Progetto? P
  5. Renegade gun is so much better, it makes the tank so good IMO that everything else you can work around.
  6. Which is very good for tier 8, the 112 is not far of 113 in terms of armour effectiveness and easily troubles most tier 8s, with them needing cupola shots really and it can be easily angled.
  7. Armour is worse I think, more holes in it, bigger cupola, worse side armour etc. Tanks.gg shows 140mm armour either side of the gun mantlet. This thing looks more like a Renegade to me, wonky armour for better mobility, worse gun than the Renegade as well. It's the 703 v2 that worries me, aim time/accuracy is awful but it has 0.12/0.12/0.06 dispersion values, essentially 780 alpha with the double shot and looking at the armour layout, it looks like the turret is about 250 effective at worst, upper plate is about 220 effective, so armour on the IS-3 sort of levels at least. So
  8. Crap pen, crap aimtime, crap accuracy = crap tank. That is just a recipe for frustration, regardless of other attributes IMO. The Super Hellcat has very good mobility, very good aim time. very good camo, but is still frustrating to play because you don't pen or hit a lot of shots, this will be even worse. Neither of these new meds impress me, they just look like very bad Czech auto-loaders with a bit more mobility.
  9. Close to 50%, hoping to get to 60% by the end of the weekend, and will probably pick it up as it looks both decent in terms of ability and pure looks. By people's descriptions it sound like the old Conqueror on tier 8, with more mobility.
  10. It's a hell of a downside though, 3s on a auto-loader is pretty poor, 4s on one that has no armour at all and needs 12s to unload for 1500 damage is awful. The Skoda T50 can literally do it's 3 shot clip before this thing will be able to fire it's second shot! Too many targets will have gone back into cover before you can unload your clip and then you'll be stuck with 2-3 in the mag wondering about that long reload. And 36s reload is bad as well, in the meta of fast games it'll just not be able to do very much as it's taking 48s to do 1500 damage (if all 4 pen and hit), whilst
  11. What Jesse said basically, they are doing another 'rebalance', but really its a nerf to keep slowly killing arty to the point eventually no one plays it. This is a nerf, especially so I believe for tier 5 and 6 arties, because I think (though may be wrong about this) that their alpha damage has not only not been changed to reflect the increased HP pools due to the premium ammo change, but it also hasn't been changed to reflect the general tier 6 and below HP buffs. On the HE and previous 'special ammo' sandbox versions, tier 6 and below tanks had essentially received TWO HP buffs, o
  12. 25k base XP a day, but do like the look of the tank so might get a bit of discount and get it anyway, it's basically a tier 8 E5.
  13. There are some new styles as well, for FV4005, 907, Progetto 65, 403U, T-100lt and SU-130PM, they just didn't mention them and no one is sure how they are going to be implemented/sold etc.
  14. Apparently there is a third version now with 390 alpha, seems a bit all over the place with the balancing. Hard to tell its strength until we see the armour effectiveness.
  15. T95 and 907 aren't in the bond shop though and I doubt they will be for a while until WG powercreeps them, they know damn well those tanks are too strong and could easily balance them. Those two tanks being too good is not a good reason to screw over M60 owners though.
  16. It was about 24k bonds I think to get tanks on EU after the last campaign. Which is another reason it's stupid, I doubt many chose the M60 or 121b in the auction, but some probably did and potentially paid twice the price, whilst also had to play at least 5 games in the campaign (and those players likely played more). It's a d*ck more by WG but the masses lap it up because they get access to reward tanks they didn't earn, but they'll lap it up now, but wait until their Frontline or PM tanks go in for an easy amount of bonds, then they'll cry about it but it'll be too late then. It
  17. 15k bonds is pissy easy to get these days, most players who have been in the game for 4+ years will have gotten 5k last year and will get another 5k this year. Steel Hunter was sub 40 games for me to get to the last rank and that got me 5k bonds, so that is 15k bonds and a CW reward tank right there for just having an account for a long time and playing one event this year. Let's not even talk about farming bonds on tier 10, bonds from Frontline, Bonds from ranked (6-7k I think for reaching top rank, and even easier this season than last), bonds from premium account (25 daily), bonds
  18. I like the direction, I think high calibre HE is dumb as hell, not to mention tanks like the KV-2, M4 Derp etc. are OP and a scurge of lower tiers. Also making it less RNG based, taking away the pens, making lower calibre HE a bit more reliable for those decap or very low HP kills makes sense. No T49s snapping across the map and penning your light tank for 1k or doing 300-400 to turret of an IS-7, I can get on board with those changes. They have sadly gone full retard though with the 2nd version of this, Type 5 derp is doing 500-600 hits again to the front of a Maus, O-I is doing li
  19. Tier 9 IS-3 on those stats looks crap to me, turret even looks flatter than the tier 8.
  20. tajj7

    TL-1 LPC

    Would usually be tempted, even like the skin to be honest, but two things have put me off buying. Firstly WG proposing to sell CW reward tanks for bonds, so I am not buying anything until that is confirmed either way. 2ndly this thing is a T95E2, but basically better in every way and it was supposed to a replacement for that based on early leaked stuff, but instead WG thought fuck it, can't have those few thousands T95E2 owners get a nice tank they didn't pay for so we'll sell it to screw them over. And yes I have a T95E2. It looks a solid tank, pretty well balanced, but
  21. Yeh its annoying, its almost better not knowing and just having it popup after the game. I generally don't try to 3 mark stuff that often as I get very frustrated with it, I mean after that E5 failure I didn't play the tank again for about 3 moths out of disgust. I generally just notice the odd tank is quite high and give it a go for a bit. Especially as I am not good enough to do tier 10 3 marks that easily, only one so far which is the E5 and a few others that are close that I am scared to try to push over the line. 9s and 8s have happened a bit more organically through normal play wit
  22. As others have said its consistency, you really have to avoid those low damage f*ck up games as much as possible (which is why I find it so hard as I tend to be quite aggressive and have the odd brain fart). You also have to be aware what assistance you are doing, if you start the game by tracking something for 1.4k, you probably want to try to track everything you meet or see, but of course if you spot everything then tracking that last tank is pretty pointless. Which can lead to some odd situations where you are like circling the last alive tank doing damage but don't want to track it.
  23. Interesting, also 300 alpha even though tier 8 soviet 100mm have 250. That DPM as well, 1.4k.
  24. Didn't say it was OP, I am actually quite happy with how they seem to have balanced the mechanic initially, it seems like you say to need some thought to utilise it to the best and bobs will likely just try a lot to do the two shots, have terrible DPM, and be derping shots into walls not accounting for clearance for both guns and probably not being able to time the charge up properly. However its still dumb they released a video 3 days ago saying it was going onto super test purely to test the gun concept and they weren't balancing for vehicles and it now has gone onto public test, as a
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