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  1. The good dispersion values kind of offset the aim time and accuracy, depends how bad that tumour is. Completely craps all over the Chieftain/T95 tier 8 reward.
  2. It could be fine, if you made it so you basically just between two modes, dual fire, or single fire. Then dual fire has bad accuracy and longer aim time for example, and then like a 20s plus reload, so it works basically like a shotgun. (go with like 0.45+ accuracy, 3.2s aim time, 21-22s reload, something like that, basically derp gun levels) Single fire then basically stays similar as current IS-4 maybe with marginally buffed stats for balancing to tier 10 and high DPM to reflect the two guns, (say 9s reload, 2.6s aim time, better dispersion etc.) Also if its keeps exact ST-I platform but with tier 10 HP, maybe a little more hp/ton (I think project plans had 15 hp/ton), then your platform is solid but not OP as ST-I is decent but still has weakspots, so nothing broken about the armour layout. Then you'd basically have a choice between a derpy shotgun for big alpha, or a normal single shot gun alternate firing the two shells , but at a quicker rate than most 122s, 9s base reload would be like 2.9k DPM if its 440 alpha. Make it so you can only switch fire modes when the gun is loaded, so if you shotgun then you are out for the full long reload. But this is WG we are talking about, and those provisional stats are absurd, again that looks like the standard 440 alpha gun ST-I currently has times two. So a 15s reload, is for 880 alpha, that is absurd, that is 3.5k DPM base, if its 17s, its still an impressive 3.1k DPM. And then on the 'quick' reload, they are talking 5-7s, which is 5.2k DPM to 3.77k DPM. Unless its 390, then it might make more sense, but even then that 5s reload is like 4.6k DPM and the 15s reload for a 780 alpha hit, is still 3.1k DPM. I have distinct worries that this thing will end up having an auto-reloading type mechanic and the ability to basically double tap the gun with zero intra-clip, and it'll have far too good reloads for whatever way you play it, making it like a tier 10 better armoured IS-3A.
  3. Hp is going from about 16% - 29%. But alpha is going up from 32% to 43%. So things are actually going to die faster, especially anything that is easily penned by standard ammo, i.e paper meds, lights and tds. Its why many of the big alpha TDs have gone from low chance of two shoting a lot of things they face to like two shoting more things they face reliably. Like most tier 9 meds will now be two shot reliably by the old 750 alpha TDs, whereas before those TDs needed high rolls. Why they are tying alpha increase to calibre is beyond me, it should be related to armour, because if you don't have any armour, you don't care about prem rounds and everything is now killing you faster, but in reality you can't now kill heavily armoured stuff as easily because your prem rounds are nerfed. So a Maus vs tier 8, or Type 5 vs Leo 1, has gone more in the favour of the super heavies, because the former has more health and more alpha now with standard rounds, but the latter has no armour so gets penned by the increased alpha standard rounds, but either has to bounce lots of their standard rounds back, or has to use their lower alpha/DPM premium rounds back, so either way will take longer to kill the super heavy, whilst the super heavy kills them faster. GG great balance there. Oh and I think I do know why, they are trying to keep the DPM differences the same, for example if you look at E100 and Leo, with their buffed alphas of 1060 and 525 on their standard rounds, the DPM difference has stayed at 458 as it is now between the two when they have 750 and 390, except when everything has more health that 458 DPM advantage is actually less beneficial because its less of all the targets HP (if that makes sense)
  4. Lights are shit in every other game mode, completely unused in like ranked and you get like one in CWs, I don't really see much wrong with them being the strongest class in FL, actually gave a point to having tier 8 lights.
  5. Well yeh that is the other thing you can't set up your consumbales after you know what side you are on.
  6. Terrible changes IMO, what an absurd nerf to light tanks that is. The only good thing there is re-spawn cooldown and arty losing 2 consumables (but really it should have none) But why the fck does a heavy tank need 3 consumables? Can we not have a game mode where they are not the dominant class? So now in your light against that Defender you can't pen, he can spot you with recon plane and dump arty on you, cos reasons. Yet again WG fail to recognise the problems, lights are not dominant because of their 3 consumables but because of how powerful engineering is, especially stacked, they should have nerfed that. With these changes we'll just see more Defenders and VKs that no one can pen being spammed that can do more stuff on their own and more Progettos spammed because they get 2 consumables now.
  7. Can definitely recommend the UDES, grind is ok to it, though the best is definitely the tier 10. The tier 8 has no armour and the tier 9 has terrible pen.
  8. It's a real shame as well because with the MM changes, mid tiers are decent and get some decent MM now, so are a nice change of pace especially after the mess that tier 10 is. But playing like a tier 6 med and losing half your health or more with a non-penning hit from some bob that has played 5k games in his OP M44 just gets old.
  9. This year, or just in the new year was in that video with all the promised changes, like improved premium account and stuff.
  10. STB-1 on test was alright, but still don't see how it really competes with the UDES 15/16, as UDES turret is better, has the same suspension, similar gun handling, similar mobility, 440 alpha and way better camo. Liked the Leo 1 on the 2nd test, its very nice, but tier for tier the PTA buffs make that better again lol.
  11. Seems fine to me, we have a very experienced playerbase, with mass ranks of tanks and crews in the garage, that is tough place to be for newer players so stuff that allows them to catch up and be more at an equal footing I think is a good thing. Similar to BIA free crews and PM crews having skills, boosters etc. all help people catch up crews. Also isn't sixth for everyone coming, they confirmed it at xmas IIRC.
  12. Yeh all issues. T67s, many of the tier 4 TDs, and the derp guns are all problematic at those tiers IMO, the HP boost will help the one shots, as it'll be less easy to do it, but you are also buffing those tanks up as well. And yeh Circon had a rant about the arty, many of the arties on tier 5 and 6 are not just broken, they are just flat out OP, if you look at their pen, DPM and alpha compared to the HP and armour of the vehicles they face, and then the same at higher tiers, you'll see their alpha, DPM and pen is way way too high. Like T92 has 60 pen and 1300 damage, even with a pen it'll struggle to one shot even many tier 8 tanks and the pen means aside from complete paper tanks like the Grille, most meds, heavies etc. in the sides/front/hull roofs it won't pen. It then has just 1600 DPM anyway, even if it pens, so realistically it can maybe take like half the HP of a tier 10 tank every minute if its lucky. Then the M41 HMC, it has 550 alpha on tier 5, so it is able to one shot most tier 5 meds, almost all tier 5 TDs and lights, and high roll on some of the heavies I think, plus it has 38mm pen, which means loads of tanks can be penned, and then it has a 24s reload, so it can pretty much one shot two tier 5 meds every minute and is more likely to do so because of the pen. It's literally 3-4 times more effective than the tier 10 arty. It baffles me WG have just ignored it, Grille, M41, M44, Hummel, Su-122A (600 alpha of tier 5 FFS) etc. are just stupid and ruin the mid tier experience, completely easy to play and very dominant. Pretty much all of them make players over perform, especially average or below ones.
  13. I'm generally seeing though that the team with more of them, tends to win, especially if there is any sort of hull down battle, they are just impossible to shift unless the player over peeks (which to be fair I see even some very very good players do often), and they are fast enough to contest these positions early. You don't need to camp (IF you have something with armour) but you need to very early recognise when things are going to go tits up, if the flank is looking overloaded, you need to go and this is why I ditched the Super Conq, it just couldn't get out of those situations enough. Its why I am liking the UDES, on ridge battles its almost as good as Super Conqueror at bouncing, but its also fast and stealthy enough to get away and relocate. Plus it doesn't have to brawl because that is funnily not its role, even though its got this amazing turret, it is counted as one of the support meds, so role XP comes in the form of spots I think and doing damage within view range, so you can quite happily fall back and snipe. Plus its absurd camo and low profile actually makes it a decent scout, so it has that flexibility to do that in the right maps and situations. I've also seen that people will push together, but it needs a lot of things going for it to happen, everyone is very apprehensive of being the first and getting wrecked. Since out of qualification and switching to the UDES my progress has been decent, in div 3 so far I have earned 28 chevrons and only dropped 7, plus in qualification my luck with teams was horrible, win rate dropped to below 40% at one point so progressing was really tough as I was losing so many games, but back around 50% The meta I think will only get worst next time to be honest, rumours are another CW campaign is happening in the summer so more people will get Chieftains and 907s, more people will also have 279e by the time the next ranked comes around so I expect we'll see teams of nothing but these tanks next time.
  14. Its a good change and needed, but looking at those super test values, its not universal. I mean Cromwell goes from 750 to 800 but the Excalibur goes from 750 to 840? Also increasing the HP of already OP vehicles? T67 with more HP, lower tier arty with more HP?
  15. 430U and Super Conq probably the two most effective 'regular' tanks, IS7 does ok. T95/4201 is massively the best tank for the mode though, all the highest ranked players have used this almost exclusively. Then you see lots of 279es, 907s and 260s. I am making the best progress with the UDES 15/16, it's like a 430U that works better on ridges but worst on the flat. Progress once you get out of qualification is easier because of the daily doubles, you can use up to 5 tanks per day, so can basically double your chevron gain in 5 battles, so if you get a 2 chevron game, that becomes 4, so its worth having 5 options to use just for that. Also kill steal like a bitch, kills give absurd XP, like 1 kill does more XP than like 1.5k damage pretty much. 3k damage on a win will get you top 10, but 3k damage and 2/3kills will get you top 3 most of the time. Same on a loss to save not losing a chevron, try to bag a kill or two, it'll make the difference.
  16. They have buffed PTA on 2nd test, engine power back up to 800, gets the 278 pen, and 323 pen the Leo 1 gets, and the traverse back up. Tier for tier its looking better than the Leo 1 again, you are not getting a huge amount going from tier 9 to 10, 150 HP, 350 DPM, some gun handling, slightly faster top speed. Because 278 pen, 420 alpha with like 2.5k DPM looks stronger on tier 9 than the same but a faster reload on tier 10 IMO. Also Leo 1 is getting the reverse speed and traverse back, so the only 'nerf' is the hit points.
  17. It is absolutely horrible, its pretty much the worst of WOTs captured in one game mode. Your progress is also basically dependent on the luck you get with teams, if you get screwed over with 5 crap teams in a row good luck making any progress. Has same issue as WOWs ranked, but that at least has less players so 1 player makes more a difference, but there is little you can do if you get swarmed by like 10 meta tanks because their team has lemming trained and your hasn't.
  18. Cos its the standard response when everyone mentions that line and moving tanks, they say move all the tanks down with their stock guns basically when its really not needed. The only tank in that line that is really struggling is the Tiger 2, the rest are fine or would be fine with some slight tweaks (i.e E100). German cupolas never seem to be that weak and that one does not look very big. Plus the M4 49, has a crap handling 300 alpha gun. Also the upper plate of this thing is probably stronger than the M4 49s, which is about 230 - 240 effective, this is 180mm, and the E75's upper plate is only 160mm, so I reckon this thing is going to have about 270-280 effectiveness on the upper plate and it'll be able to angle, whereas the M4 49 has shoulders which weaken it when angling. I am fulling predicting that this thing's lower plate is going to be over 200 effective straight on that cupola is going to be the only weakspot frontally and it's not going to big or that weak. IMO pretty much armour, mobility, alpha, and gun handling would need nerfing on this tank to make it balanced, it's basically a tier 9 tank with tier 8 hit points and penetration.
  19. Tiger 1 is more than fine at tier 7, plus the E75 would be broken as all hell at tier 8 unless the armour was heavily nerfed. Really only the Tiger 2 is the issue and I think if they fixed it a little it'd be fine, buff roof armour so no overmatch, buff turret front to like 220 or something, buff the mobility up a little so it can go like 40kph on flat ground, and make the gun have high DPM, shift the HP to like 1750. You'd then have the Tiger 1 on tier 8, not great armour, decent mobility, ok turret, high hit poiints, high DPM. ------------------------------- As for this abomination, @leggasiini pretty much covers it. OP as all hell, I don't even think a weak lower plate would balance it, which it probably is not going to have if its following the Pz 7/VKB style. A Super heavy with normal heavy mobility, borderline bad medium gun handling and TD alpha, what could possibly be wrong with that?
  20. Yeh it was supposed to be HEAT, that was an error on the article, plus it mentioned nowhere that the turret armour was going to get buffed, which you'd think was important information. Then the Leo 1 information said they were nerfing power to weight, even though they weren't. This whole 'medium rebalance' thing was a bit of a mess on WG's part, lets hope they come back with something better thought out and more clearly communicated.
  21. Like I said this is based on someone else reading their forums (probably with google translate) and posting this on the EU forums so they may have interpreted it wrong. But WG have communicated this whole thing terribly, badly translated articles missing points came across in the first place and I don't think the article that then confirmed they were re-thinking it was well written either. I think when they say 'cancelled' they mean those specific nerfs, not the plan to nerf these tanks in the first place, at least that is what I think (hope) is happening.
  22. Yeh was my point, my point was about forcing wins, not DPG, farming and punishing idiots who push into you is nowhere near the same as forcing wins in the current meta. And yeh your second paragraph sums up my point exactly, at no point did I say it was a bad tank and I fully recognise it has some excellent characteristics and probably even has some broken potential considering the lack of hull down weakspots, but in terms of the current tier 10 meta, it being better than like an E5, E100, IS-4, E50M et all does not make it the uber tank some make it out to be, I consistently see this tank claimed to be the best of the best, super power creep tank, but it really isn't. I think it has dropped down a level from the top tanks, its still power creep mind. Last 1k battles for Kolmiopaavo, showing him playing 110 games in the SC, with 4.5k DPG, so dropping over 400 damage per game, and just 62.73% win rate, dropping over 4% win rate. It actually puts his recent SC win rate below his account recent WR. Highlights my point really, its not as effective in the current meta. He's also interestingly despite pulling lower DPGs, over the same period he is winning more games playing the 907, Bobject, Patton and 5A. You have highlighted its defensive characteristics and its comfortable damage farming characteristics, none of which I disagree with. My point was the VALUE of these characteristics in winning games in the current meta. And they are simply not that valuable IMO, currently there are plenty of hull down monsters at tier 10 that rival the SC's defensive capabilities or farming capabilities close enough, but offer more in other areas, like alpha or mobility, that give them more power in winning games in the current meta. Especially when the current meta is very campy, people don't push into hull down tanks, they don't give you easy farming options, you are often left needing to push yourself and react to falling flanks, something the SC simply is not good at. Also over performing for the very best is not OP. Op is overperforming for most players. And as I said WR curves show that even super unis don't over perform in the SC, so even that point is moot. IMO 5A, obviously T95/FV4201, 430U, 907, 277, 260 are much better for winning games in the current meta than the SC. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, back on topic, supposedly the RU forums went pretty mad on the suggested changes. I believe (though this info is 2nd hand so bear that in mind) they didn't think Leo 1 buffs were enough, didn't think the STB-1 changes were even buffs and they thought the 430/430U changes were the wrong way to nerf these tanks. So I'd presume that back lash is what has prompted this U-turn and it hopefully means that whilst those nerfs are cancelled it just means they will nerf these tanks in a different way, which hopefully means armour nerfs.
  23. Considering I have 3 marked the Conqueror, and have just 3 marked the E5 in the same meta, nah I don't think it is. I know how to play it, its nowhere near a bad tank but most people, including you massively over rate it IMO. And the stats back me up, the WR curve for it is average at best, and on recents its declining. Most good players are getting about their win rate in it, so its hardly the stellar tank many people claim it to be. In fact the 60TP has a better WR curve, giving slightly better performance for most players which makes sense to me as the alpha is so valuable. You say its a great defensive tank, yes it is, but not only are half the tier 10 heavies able to roadblock hull down like that (as I said pretty much every corridor or city is littered with perfect hull down rubble for Russian tanks) but being a great defensive tank is irrelevant in the current meta when no one pushes. The current meta is super campy, no one commits, no one is aggressive, you go play the heavy corners or flanks and people just hide waiting for you to push. Everyone camps and waits for other to drive into them. There is IMO very little value in the current meta in a defensive tank, as everyone is on the defensive, they are waiting in OP base camping positions for someone else to push. Plus when you need to push or do something because your other flank is failing, you can't because the tank is not good at it. In one game I went to the building side in Pilsen, you are facing hull down Russian heavies you can't pen, you can't cross that massive gap because you are too slow and the lower plate is too weak. Those other tanks do not commit, they barely peek, so what exactly do you do, you have a massive gap to cross where you are slow and weak, you can't trade well, you can't pen those hull down tanks because even if there are weakspots no tank is hitting them reliably at 100-200m. You can't go the other side because its too open, your are too slow and there are 3 arties. So you basically hope people feed you damage and that your other flank doesn't fall, but neither happens that often. You are describing it strong for game situations that basically don't exist. No one pushes a hull down Super Conqueror at 300m, they don't bother. And yes arty craps on everything, but more mobile tanks can move and relocate, russian tanks are covered in spaced armour and other tanks just have better thickness. Super Conq has not of that, its huge, slow, paper thin from above with little spaced armour BS. If arty has a different heavies to go for, its going to go for a Super Conq. It is IMO the most over rated tank in the game. It's very far from bad, but in reality what it can do, most other tier 10 tanks can do almost as well and they are far more flexible and versatile to go with it.
  24. K-91 is not very good, awkward rear turret, not great accuracy, low alpha, nothing special on the gun handling. Leo 1 is already more comfy to play than it, with these changes its just better than it IMO. The new Leo looks decent enough to me for its role, like I said its never going to be a super meta tank unless the meta changes or they stick a shed load of armour on it, neither of which is likely in the near future. But best in class pen, aim time, and accuracy, higher alpha than most other tier 10 meds, fastest top speed of any tier 10 med, all round good mobility, better dispersion stats, decent camo, APCR premium rounds, it'll be decently effective at what it does and more competitive. It aint going to be a Fatton or Obj. 140 but those are two of the best tier 10 meds outside the buffed 430U and the 907. These changes make it go from bottom of the pile to middle of the pack and I'm fine with that, plus I reckon we'll see some more tweaks and buffs for it as it goes through the process. I look at these changes like the M60 changes, not going to turn it into some sort of uber meta tank, but makes it more playable and fun to use. @hazzgar True, it'll certainly help and they are amongst what makes the tier 10 meta so painful. Still think its a tank that is more hype than actual performance these days.
  25. This is off topic, but I have been playing the Super Conq in the current meta and I really do not think its a very good tank, I think its massively over rated in the current meta. It does one thing well, sit on a ridge hull down and that is about it, something a far more mobile, 440 alpha, super camo, tiny, -13 gun depression Swedish med is going to do pretty much as well. Or something the Kranvagn is able to do but next patch is going to do with near T57 heavy levels of autoloader DPM and not far off 50b mobility. You have no alpha to trade, no one sits in front of allowing you to get a second shot. Everything spams HE at you, splashing your weak everywhere else armour and doing decent damage, a 60TP the other day was doing like 300 damage to me with HE by snapping the turret. Arty, Type 5s, Sh*tbarns spam it to death all the damn time. If you go to a 'heavy' side or city fight, everything else you damn meet is super strong hull down and pretty much every spot works for Russian tanks, so your -10 gun depression becomes irrelevant in all but a handful of spots, meaning 260s, 430Us, IS7s, 277s will get to the rubble spot way before you because they are way faster and they can spam HEAT at your turret ring or cupola and pen, whilst you can do squat all to them. If you need to push anywhere, you are slow and you have a massive lower plate that even tier 8 lights can pen with ease from distance. You have zero of the side armour BS that the Russian tanks have or the Maus, or Type 5 has, if people get your side at pretty much any angle, then they will pen and probably get your ammo rack. Meanwhile an IS7 or 260 or 430 has a lot more troll lower plates and they can cover gaps way way more quickly and will troll more side shots as well. I mean I get its annoying to fight hull down, but then so are literally more than half the tanks on tier 10 and most of them are far more well rounded and flexible than a Super Conq. Honestly do not get the fuss about it, to me it feels decidedly average in the current meta, sure better than power crept stuff like an E100 or IS4 or Cent AX or E50M, but not near a 5A, 260, 430U, Fatton, 60TP, etc. IMO. Maybe I am just crap in it, but it doesn't feel as strong as people make this tank out to be. -------------------------------------- Anyway back on topic, I think people are being a bit harsh on WG, sure the STB-1 changes are a bit weird at the moment but we need to see the full picture I think to really know. The Leo 1 changes IMO are good, the tank is never going to be a 430U, but making it better and more reliable at what is does well is a good thing and I think overall the tank is going to be more effective. I also suspect when they go through the testing phases we'll see some of those nerfs dropped or the buffs pushed a little further. 30b got some needed attention and looks pretty solid now. And whilst they haven't nerfed the 430U who I would like, you have to give them credit for at least nerfing it, I mean of the more annoying tanks on tier 10 IMO to fight right now, they are Type 5, 430U, Sh*tbarn and arty. WG are nerfing all of them, which means even if the nerfs don't go so far or as well done as we think they should be, the impact should at least mean that not only are these tanks less effective, we'll see less of them. Plus 3 of the worst tier 10 meds are at least getting some attention. You never know they might surprise us with some changes for the 121 as well. If you look at what they promised at the end of last year, they are making some decent progress and making IMO changes that will make the game better if not as good as they could have done.
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