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  1. This is off topic, but I have been playing the Super Conq in the current meta and I really do not think its a very good tank, I think its massively over rated in the current meta. It does one thing well, sit on a ridge hull down and that is about it, something a far more mobile, 440 alpha, super camo, tiny, -13 gun depression Swedish med is going to do pretty much as well. Or something the Kranvagn is able to do but next patch is going to do with near T57 heavy levels of autoloader DPM and not far off 50b mobility. You have no alpha to trade, no one sits in front of allowing you to
  2. The STB-1 penetration change is just more pen drop off, so they want to make it worse at longer ranges I suppose to be the opposite Leo 1. Also I am presuming the standard 258 APCR it currently has, changes to 258 AP, which is actually beneficial as with the greater normalisation that is basically more pen at closer range and it has HEAT for longer range work. Supposedly its getting a turret armour buff as well, I think the quality of that and the special suspension will make or break this 'rebalance', I am not sure why so much need to be changed, why it needs so much nerfing.
  3. T92 at least has high view range, high camo and exceptional gun handling, plus virtually no penetration drop off. This thing is just meh, whatever it does well another light does better
  4. It looks very generically 'meh', its not bad but its not good either, everything is just on the side of meh, not that fast, DPM is pretty crap for that alpha, gun handling is ok but crap accuracy for reasons, view range is crap as well which is odd for a British tank. If this is a sign of what British lights are going to be its going to be a big disappointment, I mean this thing basically seems like a bad HWK 30, worse DPM, worse alpha, worse accuracy, worse view range, traverse is worse, like really what is the point of it?
  5. Which means I can add empires border I think as my second one to go with mountain pass, I don't think I have had a single good game on that map and its absolutely pointless in anything other but heavies and has a completely pointless open flank.
  6. I think Mountain Pass for me as well, its the least flexible map in the whole game IMO, so completely limited and its also so small on available area, there is literally a 3x3 map area in the north east that is completely impassable terrain. There are 47 map squares out of 100 on that map, that more than 50% of them is unusable, making it technically IMO the smallest map in the game. Shame its not 3 maps, hopefully they increase it to the 3 in the long term once they get it working.
  7. Key points from the above IMO - 1. You have to laugh that WG both admits arty is toxic but then claim it needs to be toxic. 2. What the hell is step 2. 3. At least they recognise that damage per battle for arty needs to be lowered.
  8. Neither is going to stop it. You think cutting down premium ammo damage is going to stop people firing premium ammo? it'll just increase it, because people will need to fire more. Premium ammo spam is a symptom of the meta, the meta is not a symptom of premium ammo. If there was not so many things at higher tier with absurd armour, youd see far less premium ammo and HE being spammed, that is pretty much guaranteed because that is the old state of things before Jap heavies, Bobjects, Defenders, Maus buffs, VK 1001 Ps, t95 buffs etc. Like 2016 we had far less of this shit
  9. Kind of like the arty changes, not the way I'd do it and I think they need to do more, but honestly I'll take it. If it means less Fv4005s in game and less Type 4/5s using the derp guns, then a good change. The Type changes are actually half sensible, still doesn't tackle the no weakspot issues with the armour but it tackles the big issue with the derp gun. Effectively this takes the alpha down from 1400 to 900, because a non-premium HE firing Type 5 is rare as rocking horse sh*t, so whilst it'll still be annoying it'll be more like an O-Ho shooting you doing like 200-300 damage
  10. Well we have no information that they intend to do that, so on information so far available its just a straight up nerf. ----------------------------------- Circon actually raised a valid point in his rant video, tier 5 and 6 arty is basically OP as all hell and this 'rebalance' completely ignores those tiers. In pen, DPM and damage terms they are proportionally way higher to their tier than the higher tier arty is. The M44 is able to do 550 damage, it can one shot almost all tier 5 TDs, lights and mediums, in some cases with lowe roles, but the T92 is not able to
  11. I mean its a thing, calling it a rebalance is WG corporate speak to try to confuse the clicker brigade, its a nerf, a straight up nerf. Also all those arties listed are clearly too good, so good they get special treatment. IMO I think WGs plan is basically to keep nerfing arty with a thousand cuts through these 'rebalances', so eventually you just kill it off by making players not want to play it. They know most players hate it but they also know the can't just remove it and I don't think they can be bothered to do a proper rebalance where you completely change how it works. I
  12. T-62A dispersions with a worse aim time, not bad for 440 alpha.
  13. Yes I know I saw it, but they are still meds so IMO their camo will be more in med ranges not the top of TD ranges. T34 and T30 are the same tank but the latter still has much better camo because its a TD. Personally I doubt we'll see a high tier medium with over 20% base camo, that would be higher than all the high tier lights as T-100 lt IIRC has about 19% base, so if they had the same camo as the Strvs then that would make them better scouts than the best light tanks as their moving camo would still be like 14% and the tier 10 has 410m view range. So you'd have a tier 10 med
  14. Not for the tier 9, that at the moment basically seems to be a UDES in almost all the stats. Camo is likely to be high, for a med, but I doubt the tier 10 will be much higher than about 16-17%
  15. Yeh they have weirdly nerfed the Emil 1, more engine power, worse DPM, worse gun handling because reasons.
  16. Those stats are all over the place at the moment, difficult to tell anything, I think they are just getting the siege mode thing working first and then theyll start fixin the stats. I doubt much of it will change, doubt those camo values are right, they are probably shown with crew skills or something. The whole concept contradicts itself, on the one hand you have these high gun depression, high alpha, turret rmour ridge peakers, but then the camo and view range says long range, but then the pen, aim time and accuracy don't support that.
  17. tajj7

    HWK 30

    I like it, prefer it to the BlackDog, its lower profile as well so just feels smaller and has better camo. Have no issue dealing with wheeled vehicles in it, you have 410m view range, literally 100m better than the tier 8 WVs and you have high pen HE as well, or your decently fast APCR standard rounds. It's a good tier 8 light tank, but very far from OP and probably not quite up there with LT-432 that just has that bully ability. But its comfortable and fun to play, similar to the M41D, they are just reliable light tanks, and they work very well in Frontlines. Like the M41D
  18. Frontlines is going on all year, every month so it does kind of make sense, as long as the extend the test beyond this week.
  19. Stats are out for the tier 8 and 10 on RSR. But the blog keeps crashing for me. Tier 8 has 217 pen with 360 alpha. Speed is 55kph with 25 hp/ton, aim time about 2.1s. -12 gun depression with the siege mode, turret though looks too flat to bounce anything. Tier 10 has 460 alpha with about 250 pen. It also goes 45kph with 16 hp/ton so not the fastest, aim time is 2.4s, reload about 10s. Turret is 95mm so liklely to autobounce everything using the gun depression, which is -13. 122s will overmatch hull front and sides.
  20. I doubt that 460 is going to go live, even in the video they didn't sound too sure about it, I reckon it'll get nerfed to 440 or 420.
  21. I have nothing really against either of these new features, they are rather 'meh' to me, but I don't think they are bad. But firstly I can't see how that is enough content to be worth a major patch full with test server and secondly how this has appeared without balance changes or any of the other major fixes. From a PR point of view, they should have just bundled this change with something else more substantial, if this was some new features that also came with say the rebalances of those tier 10s they said they were going to do (and presumably the tier 8 and 9s for those lines by t
  22. There is only so far you can push 120mm alpha though really without it looking silly. Plus 1.32k damage in 5.5s and a reload in about 20s is only 1s slower clip output than a TVP and its a similar reload time. I also suspect that the gun handling might also get tweaked a little after testing to be a little better.
  23. I actually quite like these changes, its WG thinking out of the box for once. Yes the gun handling of these tanks is shit, BUT, buffing the gun handling starts encroaching on the French heavy autoloaders (and to an extent the medium autoloaders generally). IMO the issues with the Swedish heavies were a combo of shit factors. Bad pen + bad handling + slow clip + long reload. You'd miss and bounce a few shots, the target would pull back before your clip had finished and then you couldn't do sweet FA for 30s. I had some good results in the Emil 2 when grinding it, but b
  24. This is why IMO they need to restrict the max spawning to something like 1-2 on each sector, not 5, as it creates massive imbalances all over the map. If you want to change sectors, you should have to drive more often than not IMO, not just spawn on a flank to create a big overloads, its where you end up getting like 15-6 situations and stuff which is just silly and idiot defenders often spawn on a sector that already had 12-13 people vs not many. Artystrike overall IMO needs to go, maybe leaving airstrike, there is just too much spam of indirect fire once people rank up over the we
  25. Yeh it is, you just need to be able to get to it safely, which sometimes can be difficult if you spawn stupidly and they have flanking shots on you, especially if they control the east of the cap, but once there you are hard to dig out, blocked like 8k damage from it in one cap. I am more generally though just using lights + the lnyx 6x6 with engineering, inspire and recon plane, capping or decapping like a mad man, I was two bounces of the arse of an IS-M away from getting General in a 16 minute game last night and I'm probably now averaging around 1k points per game. It's hard to
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