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  1. 215b > Conqueror, even tier for tier. (not that the Conq doesn't spend most of it's time fighting tier 10s anyway) Even though the 215b is not well liked, for me it's better than the E5, great gun (aim time, dispersion, rof, accuracy, ACPR gold round), lots of HP and unlike the Conqueror you get a workable turret. Rear mounted turret is awkward, sadly side armour is trash so no SS (if only it had that advertised 100mm!) but find a dip to get into, wiggle about from arty and just unload that laser cannon. It's a big relief over the Conq, which is a nice gun on a meh platform, 215
  2. Fun is important with premium tanks. You also have to think raw stats + dispersion for overall gun handling, AMX has both a more accurate gun and faster aim time than STB-1 Yeh FV speed to 45/50, or at least 40 then it's decent, though those gun handling stats murder the B barrel.
  3. Comparisons to the Cromwell? because that has terrible bloom and can't fit a v-stab and is still for me the best tier 6 medium. Plus with base aim time 2.1s and 0.34, to work with then bloom can be largely compensated for with V-stab, vents, BIA, smooth ride, snap shot etc. if needed. This tank needs balancing factors because at the moment it looks like a tier 8 light with normal MM, more health and a better gun.
  4. Seems a vast improvement on the T69 to me, 1600 damage in a clip is actually threatening and even missing/bouncing two out of the clip you have seriously hurt a tank, whereas a T69's clip and alpha was too low when you added in the unreliability of your gun to hit and or/pen. 210 pen is still low for tier 9 but seems better tier for tier than 173 on tier 9, it at least deals with most tier 8's comfortably and doesn't let you down side shots like the T69 does, plus APCR as go to is better than HEAT. Carrying a 50/50 load so far, 2nd game in the tank I had a 4k damage game in which I was o
  5. Personally couldn't recommend the E5, maybe it's just me but I can't get on with it. For a start I find the 215b much better for a similar role. (stats play out as well, my 215b averages 2600 DPB, E5 I can barely get above 2000) Yes the rear turret is awkward but after you get over that you have - A better turret due to a much smaller weak spot, - You have more health to play with. - You have 13% more DPM (BIA + rammer gives around 7.3 second reload, can perma-track all but the very best repair crews) - Superior gun handling, aim time, accuracy and dispersion values a
  6. I'd presume because of the Panther 2, the FCM benefits from no real French medium tank counterpart on tier 8. Trouble is the Panther 2 is just a below par tank on tier 8, so a premium version of it with the same gun getting preferential MM would mean it was better, it;s like the same with the Fury, which has a crap gun for tier 6 but a Fury with pref MM would be better than the Easy8 because it has the same gun. On current stats it doesn't need pref MM. As far as I can tell it will basically be the best tier 8 medium that also happens to be a premium, IF they don't change
  7. Focus fire seems the worst issue with them from what i have seen, get spotted and all fire goes your way because people know how much of a threat they are plus know how easy they are to pen them. With the Waffle you are surely waiting for the stars to align on Malinovka with a good scout and staying at almost maximum render range. E3 to me, aside lack of turret has staying power which I think you need to get that much damage, which is probably why E100s get that much damage more often.
  8. ^ Conqueror has an even more unreliable turret and less gun depression. As for the 7/1 turret it's troll, not reliable, go look in tank inspector, some places are like 130mm, some are like 400mm. Well that is the mantlet, turret cheeks won't bounce anything but tier 7 guns, HD re-work actually made the roof better because it got a better angle to it, if you are using your gun depression then the roof is almost always auto-bounce. You also got more angle on the UFP so that bounces a lot more than it did, again especially if using some gun depression, face hug a T54 whilst you reloa
  9. According to FTR, in the article about the new tier 8 premiums, despite them doing an HD FV4202 and getting stats for it (35 kph top speed lol) - So those rushing to get the FV or only buying it to get the premium I wouldn't rush. Premium HESH is weird and it's actually uses are limited because cheap HESH will do the same job on 75% of the targets you would use premium HESH on, i.e bat chat turrets, waffles etc. the 110mm of pen us usually enough. So premium HESH might work say sides of am E75 turret, maybe side of an E100 turret (can't remember the exact values there) etc.
  10. Would buy this in an instant though some hidden stats would mess this up, but hey not like the Bat Chat is known for great gun handling, so this does fit well as a crew trainer for French Mediums. Would presume most people would have a damn good crew for this tank. Basically seems like it's a smaller, lower profile, 50T with better gun depression and power to weight, but with total paper armour rather than cardboard armour. 6.3 second reload I think with rammer, it can afford to spam a few shots and miss. It looks like the most worthwhile one to buy, bar maybe the STA-2 IF that o
  11. Maybe, but point still stands that not sure many people in replays have the mindset to actually get shot. If you aim to take many shots and keep people alive that aren't damaging you, then I think you can get the damaged blocked up. Trouble with E100, is other E100s spamming heat at you, in tier 10 there are a lot more tanks around with 330 plus pen premium rounds that start going through bits of your armour like turret cheeks you can't hide like your LFP.
  12. Presuming there is no EU version of this around?
  13. 4 of them it's 1500 ish average damage every 13-14 seconds on average, do that for a minute and half or so, you've got 9000 damage blocked, if you bottle them in a corridor and don't kill them most noobs will keep trying if you bait their shots. There also plenty of noob IS3 drivers about. Not sure where your 4 minutes comes from. Plus the E75 needs 3 shots on tier 8 heavies to kill them, so you can farm 4k damage of them as well without killing them. Of course stopping your teammates killing them is hard, but plenty of times I've been left alone in facing 5-6 enemies and if th
  14. E3 was the one I was looking at for the mission. Workable armour, decent alpha, ok DPM, decent gun handling, seems a good option for more maps that come up than the paper TDs which are more one trick ponies. Still will need the stars to align for an 8k damage game, that's still 11 shots on average to pen, with 14-15 seconds a shot But at least the E3 can possibly get into the thick of the action and stay there if it's flanks are secure and take a beating. Plus it doesn't seem to have the fear factor of a Waffle, Deathstar or JagdE100 which get focussed fired a lot. I me
  15. It's one of the few TDs that really interests me, just haven't got of my arse yet to get through the flatpanzer but now I have an E25 to train German TD crews up I should probably get through it.
  16. Think the Heavy one you have more control over because with an E100, IS7, E75, VK 45 etc you can put yourself in a position to get shot a lot. Ideally I think you would want a match with no arty and plenty of tier 8s or tier 7s, preferably heavies as they are both fairly easy to pen and have big enough guns that the damage will start mounting up, plus with normal AP they will struggle to pen LFP of E75s/E100s. E75 say with 3/4 tomato IS's/IS6's and the like shooting at it will mount up the damage blocked in no time, you may even have to take the decision not to kill tanks that aren't l
  17. Yeh for me Comet > Cromwell. Comet has gun depression, gun handling, more DPM and bouncy turret. All of which work really well as a combo, great ridge line flanker. No idea why though the game thinks it can be the equivalent of a T29 or IS though.
  18. I usually go middle with the 7/1, anywhere with ridges is the tanks natural ground, you need decent view range though so at least optics. Think with skills I have about 480 and that way I can spot the base campers. Depends though on your village tanks whether they push or fall back. If they loose village side or dint go at all I fall back to the ramps that connect either end of the very with middle and either support my heavies or snipe the enemy coming through the village.
  19. Been lurking here for a while reading the article, reviews and a few forum posts so thought I'd finally join and say hello. Been playing WOT for about a year now on the EU server and have been trying to steadily improve though my win rate has been going south a lot of late. Aiming to get around the 2000 - 2200 WN8 as I think this will probably be about where my ability tops out. Hopefully some tips here can keep me progressing.
  20. Just got the 215b and I prefer it to the T110E5 as well, no "pen me here!" hat on the turret so hull down you are much better protected, noticeable better DPM and gun handling. 7.3 seconds for 400 damage with 1.7s aim time is just a dream. Rest of the tank is decent enough, very nice traverse for some wiggling, and useful for quickly adjusting sidescrapes as you have to sidescrape every corner. Plenty of HP to play with and whilst the rest of the armour is mainly troll more than reliable it can save you a fair few hits which when you combing it with the DPM means you can rack up
  21. Thought this was an appropriate placed for my first post, as this was my first tier 9 and is my favourite tank in the game. Not sure how anyone can call such an excellent gun bad, it maybe not the best snap shooter, but it is also far from the worst, because whilst something like a Patton, or E50 or a T-54 can snap shot better, the percentage of times those shots actually pen compared to a 7/1 hit is much much lower. Also disagree that that it's the worst 'Nato' tier 9 medium, I've heard nothing but bad things about the type 61 and Leopard PTA that basically have a faster top speed ov
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