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  1. I have mainly used the Progetto, Lynx 6x6, M41D and 432. Defender around the cap if I need to hold a spot or maybe push a cap, or push out a camping/flanking ridge (like the east side of A or east side of C, as these ridges are quite important in holding or capping those flags). I have also completely dominated in the Defender just sitting defending on C, there is a little rock you can poke from behind, you are tucked in from flanking fire and usually the people on the platform above C struggle to pen you and you can just farm defence points. Tried the IS-3A but its too slow a
  2. Hi folks, This area of WOTlabs looks pretty dead but worth a go anyway, -MM clan are rebuilding and looking for some more active players. You can check out our full recruitment page here - http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/699593-mm-madmen-make-mm-great-again-again-recruitment-thread/#entry16641335 And are welcome to join us on our discord community here - https://discord.gg/vtVRApArES Message me if interested. Cheers tajj
  3. Any new patch with new vehicles is problematic especially around the starting tiers of that new content. I played about 9 games last night, all tier 8 and 9 and only saw 4 of them, only 1 plyer tried the dance through the whole team thing and died within 20s on Overlord. Was in a game with an EBR 105 that managed 7k spotting on Prohk, but then I managed 5.5k in the Lt-432 and actually out damage him as well, so I think it was more a very bad enemy team more than anything (especially their top tier light who yolo sucided in the first minute). The game breaking apocalypse the pub
  4. The F key issue is all of them. The speed issue is generally all of them. The spam ability, is generally all of them. There are then particular issues with particular CVs but as a whole their are issues with the whole class and how it has been implemented. Yeh that is part of the problem with the spotting issue for DDs, coupled with the speed they are spotting half the team within the first 20s, and obviously instantly attacking, which other classes simply are not able to do. Adding some sort of cooldown/cycling/readying of planes would help I think.
  5. Yeh its an odd one, especially as the TA-152 was a high altitude interceptor specifically designed IIRC to target high altitude bombers. Whats weird is they could have just used late variants of the Fw-190 as plenty of those were converted into ground attack aircraft and essentially replaced the Ju-87s in that role. Or they could have used the duck. Or done what they seem to have done with RN carriers and have horizontal bombers. That is the main issue with them, that and the constant readiness of planes for the endless spam. Have you watched I-chases Hakury
  6. Playing DDs at high tiers is meh now. You get plane spammed, the fact that CVs now don't have to worry about plane loses or re-arming/replenishing squadrons just means they spam you over and over, so basically become perma-spotted.
  7. Doubt I will sell my Kaga/Saipan just because I don't think WG will sell them again and they could get buffed in the future. But I am inclined to play the game less though based on what I have seen. They seem to be basically beta testing this on live and it could be many months before this gets anywhere near an acceptable level.
  8. I agree, but it's still a possibility. As pointed out above the T95E2 is a non credit making premium, as is the Chimera and people grind those. Plus the Chieftain/T95 was initially released without credit making ability until the whole CWs community complained about it. Also it says 'Frontline Exclusive' which to me suggests they are restricting it to that mode, again WG breaks those sort of promises all the time, but it seems weird to brand it that and theoretically anyone is able to get it as every player will be able to rent tier 8 tanks and play frontline, and I am presuming eventuall
  9. There is no confirmation that the Emil is going to be a regular premium either, note the wording in the news item - 'The third tank is the rare Tier VIII Swedish heavy, the Emil 1951. This is a Frontline-exclusive vehicle and has yet to see combat, other than for testing' Whereas the other two mention in the same article - Tier VIII Premium Japanese medium tank Tier VIII Premium Chinese heavy Might be wrong and just the way it is worded, by if it was a premium why wouldn't you mention that?
  10. Hopefully it's not either of those two, as they are both unappealing, derpy, no armour, turretless TDs. Maybe they have something new, high chance it'll be Russian though. Apparently people are saying you'll only be able to get enough points for two tanks and they won't be the Emil and tier 9, so its likely to be a choice between the two + STA-2/WZ-111
  11. Less pen and accuracy than the Progetto, plus a standard auto-loader so less flexible, slower, less gun depression and probably bigger as well so easier to hit. Slightly faster clip speed seems to be all it has.
  12. Maps are not designed full stop, but then most maps mobility is a completely over rated attribute, if you can go about 40-50kph, then you have more mobility than you ever need in this game to do what you need to do, if you are packing armour and good gun with that mobility, like almost every bloody Russian tank, then you are in the best position. Because armour and alpha is the meta. 100kph means you can rush from one corridor where you can't do anything to the other corridor where you can't do anything, the fastest. Plus you can rush to like the hill on mines with your crap gun and no
  13. Yeh I know which is why I think they need buffing, but of course the ignorant masses out there think these things are OP and gamebreaking because they are fast.
  14. I don't mind effort but it needs to be rewarded, if something has a high skill floor, it needs high potential when you exceed it and play it really well. I don't think currently they do this, the tier 8 premium has been buffed but not really in the way most people who played it thought it should be either with increased firepower or better view range. Personally I think all these vehicles will end up needing buffs long term, but then we have had tier 10 lights for ages now and they are not performing, especially Rhm. and WZ but they are just left being crap.
  15. Yep, when looking at most of the streamers who tested it they were around 500-700 combined down on their other tier 8 lights, it does about tier 8 light damage (gun is decent compared to other lights) but it doesn't do the spotting and the gun doesn't compensate for that enough.
  16. So they nerfed the speed and engine power, but gave them nothing else. Makes them even worse then. Literally all they have is speed, and now they are worse than that, they didn't need a straight up nerf, they needed to be made less min/maxed.
  17. 279e changes are completely unnecessary, even if it was underpowered which is highly unlikely considering almost all the people I have seen who have it, its pretty much their best performing tier 10, there are clearly not enough of them and they have not been about long enough to make that judgement. Ghost Town is an awful map, city in the middle and then surrounded by red line camping spots, which as usual are elevated, have hard cover, bush cover and every approach is across open ground, and there are like 3/4 spots on each red line. If you want to progress from the city, you have like
  18. You do like 150 damage with non-pens, and with all the auto-aiming you do its RNG if you actually pen anything, at other EBRs half the time you'll just hit the wheels or the gun. Plus the DPM is still crap, its 2.5k with HE if you pen every round, which you won't. The Super Conq gets 120mm pen HE, with 515 damage and has 3.7k base DPM using that round. The 5A has like a 1.5s faster reload for its 490 alpha AP FFS, shit DPM is Shit DPM regardless of the HE round. High pen HE, HESH etc. all these rounds are just gimmicks and rely on RNG more than anything and most of the time what yo
  19. I haven't found them hard to hit at all, I was hitting them reliably at medium ranges with the T-100 lt and that doesn't have good accuracy (so some shots just missed by going low or high etc.) or that amazing shell velocity for APCR. Most tier 10 meds will have no issue, Russsian tier 10 meds are going to be hilarious against them I think, they'll bounce them and have 50% more DPM, the shell velocity, turret traverse and gun handling to hit the shots. Also the T-100 lt pretty much straight up counters these things, you are pretty much as fast to accelerate up to 70kph, you have almost t
  20. And tier 8s, at angle the Defender can still pretty much be 240+ effective everywhere, due to the upper plate being so good that even over angling the pike you still have amazing armour and massively increase the lower plate effectiveness. But yeh 257 armour is complete BS especially for lower tiers. What is funny though is that I find German tanks bully the crap out of them because they are so tall, they shoot down on the roof, on the upper plate and on the top section of the side armour negating all the angles.
  21. T28 is overperforming at the moment, WG massively overbuffed it, so if this has better armour (reserving judgement until we see the whole layout) its going to be OP as f*ck despite the crap accuracy and depression, it's going to be a tier T95 that morons can just RRR, left click and right click to win flanks, because other idiots facing it will never pen it.
  22. Might need a tad better handling and bit better mobility but I wouldn't say the armour is worse than the 257. Defender lower plate is actually slightly better than the 257s, against 225 AP rounds (so decent tier 8 heavy pen) its about 210 - 225 effective, whereas the 257s lower plate is more like 195 - 200 effective, plus the 257s lower plate is higher and bigger IMO, so easier to hit. Upper plate wise the Defender wins here easily, at worst it's 320 effective front on, ranging up to basically over 350 effective, whereas the 257 is about 245 to 270 effective, this means the Defender
  23. Yeh agree its like IS7 premium ammo, its just lacking against types and Maus etc. compared to the 340 HEAT most other tier 9 and 10 heavies have, especially when coupled with a derpy gun, like the E75 gets 311 APCR which is not much more but the gun handling is so much better it feels way more effective. Probably only the 14cm on the Type 4, 127mm on the M4 51 (neither of which are used on those tanks) and the Emil 2s premium rounds are worse and in the current meta premium rounds are important.
  24. ^ Yeh basically that, definitely not keeping it when I get the tier 10 unlocked. Whole tank is just not that comfy, it's slow and awkward to move about, the gun aims for days and the armour is wonky as all hell. Yet at the same time when the armour bounces stuff and you hit stuff, you can be a complete monster, the alpha is very satisfying for a tier 9. I have just found getting consistency from it hard, you'll have like 5k damage games and then you'll have a game where you only get to fire 6-7 times either because the team folded or the enemy folded and your too slow to catch
  25. Probably with like T-10/257 mobility then yes it would. Actually making it the first tier 9 premium a la WOWs would be an interesting approach to balancing it IMO.
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