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  1. Maybe this is normal for the non green/teal players, butttt I still felt the need to post it. My rage is real. I also want to point out that the 54 Lightweight could have won the game, but threw it by going for arty and then getting direct clicked.
  2. Because WoT needed another reason for pubbies to set up tents and camp the whole game. Also means I won't know to play like if there's arty or not.
  3. I expect more from your clan in pubs but I don't get what I want. On a serious note, how are we going to make it more interesting? Like what do you suggest us use as words? Maybe we don't say it because we want to impress you, or be overly creative or even be intelligent. Why would I want to express my feelings in an overly complex way, when there is instead a simpler and quite possibly more accurate way to express them? Also, calling someone a douche bag or pointing out that they are such because they wear a specific brand of clothing is also not creative, intelligent, or impressive. Also, the dictionary definition of cancer (so the only definition that matters) makes the word a generic term that covers a wide range of things including the 3 types of diseases you pointed out in your prior post, and things such as arty in this game. It doesn't matter what you want it to mean, what matters is what it actually means.
  4. I'll have to watch some of those replays as I still haven't figured out how to make it as reliable as my IS-6. Despite that I still think this tank is at a minimum just as good as the IS-6. Either way, good article (and a good first? Unless you authored some others I haven't read.).
  5. I'm going to hold judgement until it's actually finished. Also, Rexxie theme best theme.
  6. Harmony is to be valued. However, manners are necessary to maintain harmony.

    1. Visn0r


      and moments of chaos to keep the balance and appreciate it

  7. That is absolutely fantastic. Does this artist have a page of some description that shows more of his/her work?
  8. Seriously though, not only do you advocate arty but you advocate XVM headhunting with it. Get out.
  9. I have the E100 and like it, most of the time. I'm bad in it though since I have like a 44% WR in it.
  10. I feel this actually explains why, to a degree, I'm essentially at a wall in my WoT performance. I'm not good at making snap decisions, I never have been. But other games where I can think about it for a bit (Games like Civ 5, XCom, Wasteland 2 etc.) and games where I can follow a set plan with minor alterations (Starcraft 2) or basically any flying game (I wanted to be a pilot before I got diagnosed with Epilepsy) I excel at. I think that to a degree this comes down to the games, or other things, that a person enjoys or grew up doing. RNG in WoT also might have a large factor in affecting someone's decision making, I know I hesitate on peeking on a one shot person because I'm afraid of the low roll fucking me over. Musician factor and Car Analogy Being a musician (Guitar, Trombone and Drums) I don't feel it's helped me really be not shit at tanks. As far as cars go, I figure I'd be an above average driver. I actually feel that decision making and anticipation in that is actually slower paced then WoT, and I feel a lot of that might be because of signs/signals and painted lines and traffic laws as well as people focusing more on driving then they do in WoT because in WoT, you can basically do whatever you want with essentially zero consequences outside of losing a game, which it seems most people don't care about. Cars on the other hand if you make a stupid decision it could result in fines, jail time, getting sued, or even the loss of your life. I feel a lot of people therefore focus on and analyze their decisions more then they might otherwise. It's also something rather familiar for them.
  11. How to be good the easiest way possible: 1. Get a Shotgun or Carbine. 2. Profit. Alternatives: Snipe with an LMG. Place C4 upon a 4 wheeler and drive it into them and detonate. Edit: The AA vehicles are pretty wonderful too.
  12. Well, the IOC flag/symbol/whatever is actually based off of the Byzantine Empire's. I sort of suggested it as a logo when I was in Leadership there. The Byzantines fascinated me back then more then they should have.
  13. T110E5 has honestly been the only Tier 10 tank to be nice to me as far as my stats are concerned (IE above a 51% winrate, unless my IS7 has climbed back up). Was my 2nd Tier X after the IS7 and I got it back when it was first available. I've never had a time where I've thought it to be not in the meta and have always loved it. It's not amazing, but it's good. Also, the cupola seems to be a non issue anymore as I get bounces off of it except for the dead center, provided the pubbies are not spamming gold..
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