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  1. Because they're already living with an extra chromosome and the molester that's responsible for it.
  2. Actually, that'd be awesome. I know you've been playing with Spaz a lot. He and I are probably very similar skill wise.
  3. Oh, sorry. Should've included that. Derp. I'm NA server, CST. I'm usually on in the evenings usually starting around 8pm CST and I go until midnight unless I'm having a bad night.
  4. I've played for about 2 years. I'd say I played about 8k battles before I even STARTED trying to get better. Reading posts here, watching youtube videos and various streamers culminated in my recents getting up to 2600 with an overall of 1650-ish. That was in October of 2015. At which point I found myself frustrated with every aspect of the game, including the people I was playing with. I'm in a clan that's focused on skirmish/tournament/teamplay. I've made probably in the neighborhood of 100k in gold in the last year or so. I'm capable of playing well and I'm capable of improving. However...
  5. (PIR8) is looking for dedicated players for the Tournament and Stronghold game modes. Our Mission We strive to offer a great community focused as a top tier Tournament clan in the (RDDT) family with a strong focus on teamplay. In addition, we enjoy off-tournament-time Strongholds, which allow players to spend more time working on their team-based tier 8 play. What People Are Saying About Us (<22:49:57> "Yoda": PIR8 is God)(<13:36:48> "Xeroproject": and since PIR8 is RDDT's SEAL Team 6)Tournaments PIR8 prides itself on being a top level tournament clan with winnings exceeding 150
  6. I like my scouts: Chaffee, T37, Bulldog, WZ-132, 1390, LtWt I'm also primarily a medium player: T20, T69, Pershing, AMX 30P, T-54, E-50, T-34-85, Bromwell, M46 The heavies I drive are 'comfort' heavies. Tanks that even idiots do well in: M6, T29, T32, M103 (ok, maybe not idiot proof), IS-3, KV-1, T-150.
  7. Gonna go with this. I really dig the weekly skirmishes. I find them more diverse and stimulating. Additionally, they offer me more gold income than CW. Rather than constantly spend gold moving RIDICULOUSLY good crews between tanks every week, I keep a stable of disparate tanks with pretty good crews. Tanks I regularly use for stronks have my better crews and my T10s tend to have my best crews. The tanks that meet none of the above criteria but are tanks I enjoy driving are tanks I grind new crews in. For the longest time, I shuffled all my American med/heavy crews up and put new gold crews
  8. No, I don't think you're off base. I've been watching your stream for some time now and feel your frustration. It REALLY seems like the game has had a sudden influx of.... I don't know if they're bots or just REALLY shitty players. The XVM color scheme I use from Aslain's actually has a color below tomato red which is actually NO color. The players are grey. The sheer number of grey players I see who have 10k+ battles and a SUB-200 wn8 just boggles the mind. I'm pretty sure they're NOT bots because in my experience bots have BETTER stats. I honestly do not know what special school for the ment
  9. I'd really like to NOT install XVM, because even without that stupid win prediction thing, a quick glance at your all orange team and the enemy team being all green/blue, you KNOW it's going to be a tough win. Since 9.7 came out on NA before EU, Aslain's wasn't really ready. So I used Solo's. And while there were a ton of things missing I really like, I was forced to use at least a MORE vanilla setup. And I noticed going back to the vanilla reticle cleared up a TON of problems I was having. I like the look of J1Mb0's, but that wierd reticle 'wiggle' near the horizon seems to be far more pr
  10. Got into a match with Garbad on the enemy team again last night. Got my shit pushed in real good.
  11. SerB? Full of shit? What are the odds on that?
  12. You know what I found the most interesting about that match? Did you notice all the light tanks that yolo'd through the middle to kill arty? Granted, they didn't achieve much because they did it immediately and Anfield and others hadn't gotten far enough from the spawn that they couldn't turn and protect the arty. Because there were so few 'REAL' tanks (heavies and mediums), the potato lights KNEW the likelihood of base campers was virtually nil. Had they delayed their yolo another 30-45 seconds and given the heavies and meds time to move to their normal positions, those lights could've k
  13. This would be my guess. I remember everyone saying there was NO WAY the CDC would get released with the stats it had.
  14. I'm rapidly approaching that point, myself. As I've gone up in tiers, the lowest I feel comfortable or having fun playing is going up as well. At this point, I flat out refused to drive anything below tier 5 and if I'm being completely honest with myself, I've come to loather tiers 6 and 7 as well, even if there are tanks there (T-34-85, Comet, T29) that I LOVE to drive. And it's ENTIRELY because the meta is completely different and I get yolo killed by 8 fucking tomatoes.
  15. I was watching Anfield's stream yesterday (or the day before) and he got in a match where each team had 5x Arty, 4x lights, 1x TD, 2x med and 3x Heavy. It.Was.Hilarious.
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