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  1. Pelion

    Locking turret / gun not possible anymore?

    Any news on when this is going to be fixed? The original thread on WG forums has now been locked, and I havent seen any sign of a patch...
  2. What is the point in scouts in this meta?  Seriously.  Tier 10 Ruinberg -> Himmelsdorf -> Stalingrad -> Siegfried Line -> Kharkov -> Pilsen->.....Why aren't I in a med again?

    1. TAdoo87


      Because you want to finish some missions like me.:cri:

  3. Pelion

    How do you deal with getting banned for being good?

    Yeah fair point. I actually almost mentioned arty, but OP has almost no arty games according to sig. I have a strong suspicion that disabling chat would solve the issues in this thread.
  4. Pelion

    How do you deal with getting banned for being good?

    I can't say I know anyone this has happened to on EU outside of FAME members being reported for being in FAME. As long as you aren't constantly abusing players in chat then I doubt this will happen very often (i.e. ever).
  5. Pelion

    Maus - Solo RRR Experiment (Completed 1/11/2016)

    This will be great to watch. I'd love to see you upload a full session rather than just exceptional games though. It's going to be just as interesting (and hilarious) to see where this fails miserably.
  6. Once again very nice. It's a little more obvious that your hull is safe on this one though. I'm still not really sure how you didn't die on the first one. I think you tend to make smaller and more controlled movements than I do and that makes ends up making you less predictable (so you dodge more shots), and also exposes you less while keeping you close enough that you can always pop out and shoot once an opportunity presents. I still have moments where I pop out, shoot and reverse half way down a hill for example, whereas you almost always pop out, shoot and reverse about half a meter below the ridge line.
  7. I'd like to second the question from the previous page. How did you know you were hull down on the steppes game? Was it just a case of knowing that spot well enough, or are you able to find these kinds of spots on the fly? It looked to me as though the side of your hull should have been sticking out in front of the enemy heavies, but clearly it was just about hidden behind the curve of the terrain.
  8. Pelion

    Physics 2.0 Test Server is on

    Well this rolling around all over the place and taking no damage seems a little silly. Lets hope they manage to fix that before it goes live (assuming they intend to)...
  9. Uhhh....for most of the lifetime of the clan?
  10. Pretty standard rules
  11. IF someone is trying to learn to FC, we should really give them the respect of bringing proper tanks. It's hard enough without trying to work out how to make CDCs and super pershings wolfpack together.
  12. I too am a refugee. Now where are gan and joko? Someone get gan and joko in here!
  13. Pelion

    how do we feel about jingles

    One of the things I like about QBs stream is how he for the most part actually does take responsibility for his own actions and admit when he makes mistakes (unlike the vast majority of other streamers I've seen). He will regularly finish a losing round with a "what could I have done differently to win there" summary. While he isn't top class, he is still a very solid unicum and is very good at explaining his thought process and screwups. Jingles on the other hand spends a lot of time blaming mistakes on RNG/bad teammates or just about anything else other than his own bad play. He's still pretty entertaining though, and at least he doesn't think he is god of tanks.