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  1. Points of etiquette: - If you accidentally hit or damage a teammate, apologize. Not only is it polite, it can sometimes dissuade rage-team damage / TKs from happening, which means you don't lose health / die for a mistake. - Do not block a teammate's retreat. - Do not run into a teammate, especially when they are aiming or firing. - Occasions where TKing is acceptable / beneficial are relatively rare. Avoid it when you can, which should be as much as possible. - If you're the last one alive playing against all odds, don't drown yourself. Get one more shot, or whatever. Drowning yourself i
  2. Depends on how important the E5 is. If you need the E5 right now, then skip the top gun. Otherwise, the top gun is something I would recommend getting. It's the only really strong point of the tank, and if you skip it then the M103 just stays mediocre throughout the grind, which means substantially less fun. And isn't fun the point of a game? I also believe the top gun is better training for the E5.
  3. Haven't heard CW as a requirement. A thing that some will do whenever they get their organization skillz together as a sort of do-it-if-you-like activity, the way the daily blitz / 3v3 things that TLR's gotten into are something that's around, but not forced. TLR TC is already a thing (dat 90% winrate huehue). It's far from required. I haven't been very active in the last month, but I highly doubt this has changed.
  4. Himmelsdorf in SU-85: - If top tier / proper enemy team makeup, go tank alley. Has longish engagement range for a city, and you can sort of outfite people 1v2 if you're top tier and aren't facing a KV or something. Still want to not get shot, though. - 2-3 line is usually a decent move at most times; common TD nest at B3 and I3-ish. Ruinberg: 0 line corners or near the courtyard on 1 line (but a distance back, like by the church or something, want that range). Either way gives you relatively long range and less chance of getting shot at. Ensk: 1 line, 4 line. Run, don't walk, away fr
  5. I don't have XVM, so I switch to gold when either I don't want to bounce thick stuff like a KV-4, or when I MUST do damage to win a match (usually after falling behind).
  6. What do you mean by "good"? The "good" non-CW clans I know of are LIMBO and TLR. LIMBO is about top 15-30ish, TLR about top 10-20, at least by some noobmeter standards. You know, if your standards are low enough, I wouldn't mind another someone to carry me in the clan. If platooning with and training blues is ok, then I think M--M is primarily needing unicum types to balance their training roster. At least that's what their recruitment threads make it sound like. I'd like to say something about SNRK, since they make it sound like they're a social clan (or at least not as srs bsns
  7. The 100% crew you get is probably best left on the tier 1 tank until you get your first tier 4-6 tank, at which point it may be worth moving up. The problem is if you move it up with tiers it's 1.) expensive and 2.) your tanks will be elite before you get the skill back to 100% (i.e. a net loss of experience). And if you leave it on the tier 1 and play the 1 regularly, you can get a lot of the first crew skill done before moving into middle tiers, which should yield a rather useful advantage. There's only two disadvantages to leaving it on the tier 1 that I can think of. First, your tier 2
  8. Well, it's a game. Fun is the point. I don't think you can go wrong there. inb4 play4fun n00b. T29 was my first tier 7, and I was about 50% after 100 battles, despite respectable KPB, damage, etc. T32 was my first tier 8. I think I was about 53% after 100 battles ... I forget, but it wasn't brilliant. M103 remains my only tier 9. Probably 52% after 100 battles. But I've seen several tankers in the game that did well in T29 / T32 that totally bombed when they got to the M103. Like 55% T32 --> 38% M103 bombed. T110E5 is my first tier 10. Haven't made it to 100 battle
  9. I used to draw tanks when I was a lot younger. Just random crap, not any particular tank, but something that looked M1A1 tank-like. TBH I think tanks are easier than the falcons I tried more recently. However, I don't claim to be more than a dabbler (< 100 hours practice) who only ever drew for self-amusement alone in a room somewhere, so feel free to ignore me. Pretty sweet for something you just picked up and did. How long did it take? Did you use a reference?
  10. What do I think of your stats? "Eh, whatever, it's just some dude's stats. Kinda sucks in an E-100." Are you looking for help with something? If so, what? Don't just ask for "any thoughts," because that's pretty meaningless.
  11. One of the only Korn songs I'll listen to: One of the more cacophonous songs I'll listen to: FFDP: EDIT: To clarify, I can only remember being raging mad once in the last ~6 months, so I don't have any "rage music," as it were.
  12. Brand new ISU-152. 80% winrate. 1100 damage per game. wat.jpg It was at 90%+ for the first 15 battles with 1000 DPG. The key to winning is luck. --- A couple days ago had 3 shit games in a row in my Jackson. First was a team with about 7 0-damagers on my team. Second was a Hetzer magic across the map oneshot through the window off the wall under the train etc. bullshit. Third was a friendly Hellcat simping me like a retard. An M-103 game a few days ago with 4 TKs. Seriously, fuck troll platoons. Last night I was kind of unlucky in my 13 75, but otherwise nothing bitchth
  13. In general, there's an unavoidable learning curve at the next tier. I've given myself 100 battles in my T110E5 that I will not judge or feel bad about because I want to give myself leniency in the new tier. Getting to tier X would get the up-tiering learning curve(s) out of the way. I think it's worth getting a tier X vehicle, if for no other reason than to say you've been there and understand intuitively that tier N+1 tanks aren't gods. I tended to subconsciously give higher tiered tanks more respect than they deserved; it turns out they die just the same, but I didn't get that really ing
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