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  1. As long as the vehicles can use direct fire, I dont see much issue. But even if they go into detail with them, I wouldnt expect it to be anytime in the foreseeable future.
  2. Thats porbably how most artillery will be implemented anyways. I dont see WT being able to make a satellite system work.
  3. BVV_d called them artillery, so as far as that's concerned, I am not wrong. WT already showed a glimpse of the BM-8-24 (or some form of a Katyusha tank)
  4. You aren't aware? That's going to change. Artillery is now a planned feature, starting with something small, the BM-8-24.
  5. Lest we forget the rear armour is as thick as the frontal. How many times people will fall for it will be remarkable.
  6. The internal armour (10mm to 50mm depending) walls were made to protect both modules and crew. If WG moduled it and the crew are safe for the most part, modules should be no different.
  7. Maybe because im just a new player and dont know anything, but whats the problem with the T7 and T8? I found myself having pretty fair matches doing good damage outputs.
  8. Theyre all missing many things.
  9. The T6 has quality gun performance at least.
  10. That should not be the case with the Tier 7. It should get two turret upgrades.
  11. No, they do not. Do not intertwine Soviet heavy design with Japanese.
  12. 20? Hardly close. The crew was never above 8 to 11. (Specifics cannot be given)
  13. Not historical, fake stats made by WG.
  14. No, there shouldn't be.
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