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  1. Hey guys. http://wotreplays.com/site/2595193#details This is me in my brand-new E 75 on Mines. Tier X game, two arties. Hill taken by the enemy. I went to a covered position below and basically stayed there until I died. I did only 900ish damage, but had plenty of assisted damage due to proximity spotting. I did not like camping there, but I felt like it was the right thing to do at the moment. Our team melted away quite quickly, so I was genuinely surprised when our arty managed to win the game. Was it a good thing to camp there? What did I do wrong? (Besides being an idio
  2. For anyone who might be still reading this, I did it in my Tiger II when I started playing again after a long break. It's easy now after it has been nerfed.
  3. Haven't played the tank, but I'm pretty sure low exposure is the key along with health preservation. Alpha is crap and armor is unreliable even at tier V, so don't play aggressively like in a KV-1. Think twice before exposing yourself. Shoot at distracted targets and know when to fall back. Use allied vehicles as cover if possible. There is actually a lot you can learn from this tank.
  4. Lulz I'm Jingle-famous, right in the beginning:


  5. Hi, since this tank is being discussed mostly in the Upcoming Changes section and seems not to have a proper thread here, I'm starting it. So far I had two games in this tank. Both were against Xs (I was in a platoon), I got roflstomped and did little damage because of poor positioning. If you have good replays of this tank, please share them here (or pm me), I would really appreciate it! And by good I don't mean epic wins in a tier VIII game against bots but rather games against experienced (and higher tier) enemies that show some good positioning. Thank you!
  6. How the hell do you cope with module damage? I feel like I get ammoracked in the majority of battles in which I take damage. I have wet ammo rack and safe stowage, it doesn't help at all. At times I get ammoracked twice - then the tank just isn't competitive at all. Also, my gun gets damaged very often when I get hit while peeking from a hulldown position. And how do you deal with Soviet hovertanks in this tank? It's nice and easy to kill them from a distance, but they always eat me alive in close range combat. (And yes, I try to avoid them in close quarters.)
  7. So, I was doing scientific research the other day and came across an interesting documentary, in which a tank is involved. I am a rather curious person and want to ascertain what tank it is, however, as I am not an expert on Russian hovermeds, I am not entirely sure. My money is on T-54.
  8. What are the chances they are going to buff it (especially the gun) after some time / when they start to sell it?
  9. Hello again, I'm looking for a platoonie. I'm having the absolutely worst luck in my Tiger II, I would really appreciate someone with whom I could cooperate. Thanks.
  10. Hi again. Lately, I've been frustrated by this map. I rebought the Comet in order to raise a crew for my brand-new FV4202. I've been playing the tank a lot and enjoying it much more than during the original grind. However, I swear I'm getting that goddamn bloody Kharkov every other game. Tier VII matches are fine, VIIIs ok, but in tier IX matches, I really struggle. I think my problems mostly come from bad positioning. The truth is that I don't have a clue where to go. Generally, I avoid the middle at the beginning, try to support, punish enemies who aren't paying attention and find ga
  11. Feel free to add me as well, I'm also grinding tier VII tanks at the moment...
  12. Yeah, on tier 8 it's mostly luck, but I'm still going to give it a try - I intend to grind those lines anyway. I am not intentionally staying at tier 8, I just don't have high tier heavies. King Tiger is probably the worst for this kind of thing in short-term horizon, but it leads to E75 and E100. I also own a Conqueror, but ... meh. I really suck with it. The fact it's made of cheese won't help either.
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