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  1. Is there a way to lock your mouse in the game without going full screen?
  2. from the video it looks like you can move the rocket a meter or two at lets say 100m, so as it is currently it looks like it's going to be useful only if you aim a bit too high or don't lead by just a bit, and something about trick shots, so it might be able to go around a corner if you shoot at the right distance and angle Not terrible but I wonder how it will be in the actual release
  3. emperorguy


    I really enjoyed this tank, mobility/depresion/etc were just enough to make it great imho. I'd love to give you replays but I played it in ~8.5 or something. My best advice is that everyone thinks the T-43 sucks and is useless. Many times I could take advantage of this because they would try to shoot someone else. However if you just try to park out and dpm you will get wrecked because you have no armor, so you really have to be careful and time your exposure very well, along with where you're actually coming from (preferably a different location then whoever is being shot at, but wi
  4. I thought it was pretty funny when Silva dove after he fouled a Colombian by kicking him in the side of the leg, although he got a yellow card anyways so I guess it balances out...
  5. grinding up to the maus (as my first tier 10) instead of the american line and getting a free T34 and the E5....
  6. yeah that was a terrible ref (especially those two replays back to back) , from what i understand about soccer standings croatia never had a chance but they could have at least had a fair game
  7. I only have like 3 tanks for each nation, previously i'd click tank battles, the aircraft would gray out and I would just fight with tanks, now the aircraft stay and I get mm based on what tanks and planes I have (so basically i discovered this new thing by being wrecked by an IS-something in the first pz 3....)
  8. did they actually make it so you need to take planes into anything but arcade or am i missing the option to disable that?
  9. well I had a slow start but I managed to finish about on schedual with the 2x weekends
  10. Thats the best part of the game, starting off being tracked by the rock half a meter away, and spending the first half minute getting out of base.
  11. I feel like the worst T-50 driver ever, half the time i get one shot like im in a BT-7 and im not sure why. Also, where can you kill a stug from the front? I keep doing non critical damage so they always end up wrecking me...
  12. actually thats a good point, 2x every time is better for people who are likely to potato their first win, and even if you dont it's more likely most people have an average/less then average 5x then a great game, so i think how much you benefit from 5x or 2x is really variable.
  13. one more xp boost weekend would be nice, I didn't play as much as i planned during the beginning of the event and the double xp every victory saved me, finished US and will finish USSR tomorrow but still got ~45K left to go on everyone else.
  14. I'm confused how the driving/physics are masterfully done, i've only rolled a tank once but how easy it is and the way the tanks drift don't seem realistic to me, or at the very least really annoying considering the low tier tanks I've played turn like whales.
  15. Thats the biggest problem I'm having, this event is the month after school ended and before my job starts so I thought it was perfect timing, only problem is I suck balls at low tier japanese tanks and I'm really inconsistent with some others, so much for my 2500 recent...
  16. I've seen quite a few of these at lower tiers 49% WR 1.7 million WN8, so legit
  17. I feel like the lack of zooming out and a quick way to zoom (I might just be missing that) makes looking around difficult, I've tried to drive through a puddle only to realize it's a huge trench I cant get out off too late a few more times then I'd like to admit. Although it really does seem like a 3rd of each team is oblivious to their surroundings at best.
  18. After about 350 games in the JT 8.8, I wouldn't recommend it, for me it is just too slow, bad depression and gun traverse can make it hard to get shots, and the low alpha means very few are afraid to take a hit. Additionally the super structure can be penned by things like the roomba, I'm not sure what else but it's great when you're hull down and you are basically completely exposed...
  19. from what I gather from the pre battle chat roughly half the WT players are people who suck at WOT and got really pissed at the game. This game seems like an RNG crap shoot trying to pen most things but I'd be lying if i said it wasn't fun, especially the drifting panzers lol
  20. does anyone know what happened to ratz1lla? imho he had the best "educational" stream but I havent seen him on in months
  21. I have settings on ~low settings, but it looks like they made all the tanks darker, thats about the only change I can see
  22. I think the use in historical battles makes it an even better choice for you, it's a fun tank normally but it lets you do something different while still getting xp/credits. I'd say it is fairly noob friendly because of rof (so if you derp your shot you're not waiting forever to shoot again) and since it's tier 5 half the people will only pen you because rng guided their poorly aimed shell to your weakspots
  23. It worked for a large % of americans, but working great is pretty hard to argue. The costs are ridiculous, as an example (since General already talked about medication) hospitals apparently use a "chargemaster" to figure out how much their services cost. How does it decide the cost? Randomly pick a number several times to cost to the hospital. If you have the right insurance you might be fine, if you don't you're usually fucked It's pretty hard for the government to start doing less now, afaik the current congress has done the least in over a hundred years, and the bills
  24. I think it's just slightly more likely obama went "wow, healthcare in the US is terribly expensive, I wonder if I can do something about that" (really everyone would love that if everything else stays the same), and we ended up with the ACA instead. Or it could be some sort of socialist plot, who knows.
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