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  1. First time playing frontline in forever, wheeled tanks have absolutely ruined it

  2. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5055389#minsk-bilbo_badtouch-leo Aced my Leo in a couple battles in the thing
  3. It really does, at least in a pinch. No one else on my team was really doing anything so I figured I better get my gun to work before they all managed to get themselves killed, ha
  4. I did a lot of zooming around and finishing things off, basically treated it like I would a very thin skinned medium. It's a miracle I didn't get punished for some of the risks I took. Only about a third of my damage was from 300m or further. I'm just sad I didn't ace it with that lmao.
  5. Nicarasu

    TL-1 LPC

    They do seem to enjoy clicking it, probably because it's new and therefore scary.
  6. Haven't posted a replay in a while, but I somehow managed to pull something pretty nice in the Challenger http://wotreplays.eu/site/5049301#siegfried_line-bilbo_badtouch-challenger
  7. https://i.imgur.com/gk45xAO.png

    Had to share with somebody, second match in the thing

    1. Wanderjar


      geez bilbo nice work there

    2. Nicarasu


      Thanks! I didn't have replays on at the time but I got just under 3k damage blocked too.

  8. Nicarasu

    TL-1 LPC

    I wouldn't have bought it if it was super expensive, I figure I'll at least get my money's worth of enjoyment out of it. I don't have a T95E2, but hopefully it gets buffed and ends up comparable. Hadn't heard about that, though I'm not very involved in CW so that's probably why.
  9. Nicarasu

    TL-1 LPC

    Being the sucker for new toys that I am, I've purchased the new TL-1 LPC. It seems like a really comfy tank, though I'd prefer if it were maybe a little faster. Has very comfy gun handling and a really solid HEAT round, and 280 alpha. Turret seems bouncy but does have some weak spots so it's not super busted. As for the package, 7 days of premium is nice, and the crew comes with Band of Brothers and enough XP for another skill as well. The style can be removed and replaced with something else if you wish. I've played a few matches in it, seems like a really fun little tank so far.
  10. If I never see another Projetto again it'll be too soon.

  11. Seems I'm finally getting the hang of my Bat-Chat 25t AP. Getting the top gun is certainly going to help ha


    1. Tarski


      I wouldn't say I've gotten the hang of mine yet, but I think my performance is shifting from utterly shameful to merely shameful. 

    2. Ham_


      Should have got the 50 100 first lol

  12. I just took way too much pleasure in double burning an IS-3 with mine. All 170 pen of my APCR at 200 meters was enough to go through the side and into his fuel tanks that he so kindly showed me.
  13. I did the same thing. I'm greatly enjoying it, but I'm kind of awful in it. I do however have a three girl crew that I had set aside for this day a long time ago. I was even enjoying it somewhat stock, but that's probably because I loaded nothing but APCR with the stock gun. Now I just have the second gun researched.
  14. -3 to the T-10, other people may like it but it's unplayable garbage to me. +1 to B-C 25t AP, only have a few battles in it but it's a lot of fun. If someone could add this, I'd appreciate it, couldn't get the list to copy right.
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