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  1. I got the new double barrel thing and despite playing like a shitter for a few battles in it I've started to get the hang of it. It's a fun tank, and the gold round is great lol


    1. Tarski


      Definitely a fun tank. 

    2. lavawing


      better IS-3A?

    3. Nicarasu


      It remains to be seen long term, but I like the feel more. I ammo racked another one the first time I landed a salvo lmao

  2. Super Hellcat is more fun than I expected

    1. Assassin7


      It felt alright but I was kinda disappointed in the fact it has less gold pen than the regular one a tier up (lmao) and it still felt fairly sluggish. I was kinda hoping for pre, pre nerf stats

  3. First time hopping in a JT88 since they buffed it, this thing is really fun these days

    1. Diriz0n


      Surprisingly mobile for such a fat ass,  like T-1O3. Not necessarily in the driving, because of horrendous HP/T. But it is harder to circle, jerk, and trap than you may think because of its buffed high track traverse, which for some retarded reason is higher than Skorp G. Another buff, the relative high reverse speed, which German TD are usually stuck with 11-12,  it has 16 making it quite good.....(Tiger ll and Tech tree Jag Tiger have 12   lol) Lower hull is also 12Omm not 1OOmm,  which means you have a chance to stop standard AP from common 175 pen 1OO-122mm guns. It is very dangerous to lower tiers, and soft skins like progetto, Skorps, Lorraine, SU13OPM  -  because of its DPM and way more reliable downrange than something like TS5

      I just wished this thing carried more ammunition, Tiger ll carries more. And the gun movement range increased to +15/15-, as well as -8 gun dep. Seems modest improvement. The new 212 pen AP is nice, but 237mm APCR is extremely limiting, 244 APCR would have been fair.

      Speaking of which ,  Panther 88 is sorely needing its same pref tank status, and 212AP pen round


  4. I love the UDES 14 5, but damn if some villager were to shoot the thing with a .22 rifle you'd lose 4 modules

    1. Diriz0n


      Upper hull can be annoying. 35mm at well over autobounce angle. 1O5mm won't even work, making the tank not something you ever want to auto-aim


    2. Nicarasu


      It's a good thing for anyone shooting at it that even the slightest graze of the turret will pen though

  5. First time playing frontline in forever, wheeled tanks have absolutely ruined it

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    2. Assassin7


      wheelies have ruined every game mode tbh

    3. Nicarasu


      You're not wrong, I just feel like they're extra cancerous in Frontline.

    4. Archaic_One


      Yeah, I had all but quit a year ago, but I decided to come back to play FL again. That lasted until about March or so. The wheeled abominations just turned FL into something unrecognizable and also unfun.

  6. https://i.imgur.com/gk45xAO.png

    Had to share with somebody, second match in the thing

    1. Wanderjar


      geez bilbo nice work there

    2. Nicarasu


      Thanks! I didn't have replays on at the time but I got just under 3k damage blocked too.

  7. If I never see another Projetto again it'll be too soon.

  8. Seems I'm finally getting the hang of my Bat-Chat 25t AP. Getting the top gun is certainly going to help ha


    1. Tarski


      I wouldn't say I've gotten the hang of mine yet, but I think my performance is shifting from utterly shameful to merely shameful. 

    2. Ham_


      Should have got the 50 100 first lol

  9. Am I some kind of freakish masochist to be having fun in a stock B-C 25t AP?

  10. I give up on playing heavy tanks. Just not nearly enough fun to be worth the effort, when all you get is being bottom tier and constantly pounded by top tier arty

  11. New IS-7 skin is neat looking.


    1. Ham_


      Wg managed to monetize the IS-7s original machine gun

      Jokes, these skins are actually awesome

    2. Nicarasu


      I just wish I could afford to get more than the three boxes I was able to get, lol. Don't care much about the premium tank offerings this year, but I love the idea of alternate tank skins.

    3. lavawing


      the smoke grenade launchers look really out of place though, not to mention the plates on top of the turret. IMO a more rugged style like what the 5A has would way cooler

  12. So I was dumb enough to buy a 432, how would you guys equip one?


    1. Action


      Rammer, Optics, Vents, Food, Firefighting Directive

      With Both Vew Range skills on the commander you could drop the food and run an extinguisher instead

    2. TheChang


      I was running vstab/optics/rammer for my first 10 or so games, then switched vstab for vents. The extra view range is really needed for piercing camo, even with a max crew. It also has identical handling to the M48 Patton, so not so great that a vstab is unnecessary/unhelpful, but not so bad that you need one.

      Run food for the extra camo/view range, though pay attention when your fuel tanks get hit, it happens quite often in this tank.

      Ammo loadout is 24/24/3, I could probably run less ap, but a few games it's been useful for carrying. They also have decent shell velocity at 1k m/s. The HE shells have really excellent alpha at 300, so worth having a few of those.

  13. Purchased:
    'Strv 103B' successfully purchased. Spent credits: 4,270,000.

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    2. lavawing


      @NightmareMk9 what you said seems to be eminently applicable to both lines

    3. Nicarasu


      @NightmareMk9 I thought the tier 9 Swede was good until I got the tier 10. So much better.

    4. NightmareMk9


      Tier 9 still gets penned in the face 80% of the time.  I thought the whole point of the line was to be invulnerable from the front is ASS mode.

      The 416 was/is ok, but tier 8 mm is terrible now.  The 430/2 was very good, now its just ok

  14. Just coming back from quite a long break, did they completely rework Pilsen? I had a match on it and honestly thought it was a new map (and proved that my Ferdi is still one of my favorite tanks.)

    1. king_spaniel


      It indeed did receive major changes.  0 line is known as the blind yolo, bushline sneak area, with both sides having high ground sniper perches on 8-9 lines.  The building side (1-2-3), the entry ways were removed from the 1 line, making it a long tunnel for the A1 and K1 snipers, and the 2-3 is still where the heavies tend to go, albeit now with the middle square factory that has an opening connected to the 2-3 line.  Map overall feels larger, I would gander by about 20%.  Oh yeah, and there are a bunch of asphalt dunes in the center of 8-9 line.

    2. Assassin7


      yeah. they made it worse IMO. the field area is pointless to go to now. stupidly easy and obvious sniper spots on the ridges. you can't push it, the coal fields are not cover. you can't push it or anything. so the only option is to go down the 1 line

    3. Nicarasu


      I see. As I wasn't sure where the good firing lines were, I went to the south 8-9 line sniping area in my Ferdi. Worked out well enough, only got hit once and raked in 3k damage. Maybe my targets were just terribad, but the map feels less like death to play as a TD now.

  15. Purchased: 'Strv 103-0' successfully purchased. Spent credits:  2,160,000.

    1. hazzgar


      I prefer the UDES because it's eaasier to abuse VR at t8 but the armor will save you from time to time. It's nice the strv0 doesn't really have a stock grind since 286pen on a stock gun is not a problem

  16. The M46 KR is dead, long live the Primo Victoria.

    2017-09-09 14_32_19-WoT Client.png

  17. Seems the only thing I can win in today is my T26E5 https://i.imgur.com/9PdZ5ua.jpg


  18. You guys are making it really hard to ace this thing...

    Victory!          Strv S1      Westfield    Survived  1,695      1,027       8,322    77,406    (   95,486  - 18,080 )  Achievements    High Caliber    Tank Sniper    Sharpshooter    Mastery Badge: "II Class"     3,341       182         5       1    WN8:  4,827

  19. Got my first Radley-Walters yesterday, got another one today: http://wotreplays.com/site/3392012?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545

  20. Best tier 8 light tank to go for? Gotta get that LT15. Was wanting to go for T54 LW, but I don't know how it'll be after the nerfs. Already have a T49, seems entirely useless except for lols.

    1. WhatTheSkara


      RU/13 90/wz, they have the best camo/view range combo..

      Run optics, food and load a shit ton of apcr/heat, you really don't want to bounce that last, crucial shot don't you?

      Platoon with tier 10 TDs/arty so you get the best chances to have someone shooting at what you're spotting/detracking

      And moreover, pray for prok/malinovka

      T54 light doesn't have either the camo or the view range to cope with the mission requirements, although it's a great TB/SH tank

    2. FreddBoy


      RU-251. Its sex personified.

    3. zippy_the_cat


      WZ-132 and the Ru 251, all the way. With the 100mm mounted the WZ is a faster-firing T-54 Lite with less armor. The Ru is in a class of its own.

  21. Never could afford the Jt88 before it went away, should I get one? Heard it shits credits like none other.

    1. Bludsuager


      If you like slow armored TDs then yes:) it does shit out cash like WoT milks the eu but it gets boring after you figure out its a one trick pony and requires support and is map dependant

    2. RC_Tank


      It's on rental for NA, I'd try it out first

      I tried it out and I loved the gun, ~4.9s reload and good dispersion from what I saw.

      Had a game where I did like 800 damage and died, made 21000 credits.

    3. kukis12345


      It has an amazing Jagdtiger prenerfed armor, has rapid fire accurate gun, but its slow and very easy to get flanked, so u need good positioning and a team. The fact its so slow made me abandon this vehicle, trust me, it gets very boring after a few hundred battles. If you however like slow tanks and tds then go for it, otherwise go for some more fun premium 

  22. Ever seen a Lowe flip end over end? As a bonus, T34 Ace Tanker. Lowe flip is near the end. http://wotreplays.com/site/2611296?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545

  23. Victory Live Oaks Cromwell Experience received:2,898    Credits earned 37,769    Battle achievements 1 Mark of Excellence, Master Gunner, Sharpshooter, Mastery Badge: "I Class" Repairs:    -4 889   Ammunition:    -23 100   Consumables:    -3 000   Total:    6 780      WN8: 3 809 (100) 

    My first MOE on a tank that wasn't drug down by a bunch of rentals! (KR)

  24. Just got my shit wrecked by Bulba in T6 Stronkholds

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