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  1. First time hopping in a JT88 since they buffed it, this thing is really fun these days

    1. Diriz0n


      Surprisingly mobile for such a fat ass,  like T-1O3. Not necessarily in the driving, because of horrendous HP/T. But it is harder to circle, jerk, and trap than you may think because of its buffed high track traverse, which for some retarded reason is higher than Skorp G. Another buff, the relative high reverse speed, which German TD are usually stuck with 11-12,  it has 16 making it quite good.....(Tiger ll and Tech tree Jag Tiger have 12   lol) Lower hull is also 12Omm not 1OOmm,  which means you have a chance to stop standard AP from common 175 pen 1OO-122mm guns. It is very dangerous to lower tiers, and soft skins like progetto, Skorps, Lorraine, SU13OPM  -  because of its DPM and way more reliable downrange than something like TS5

      I just wished this thing carried more ammunition, Tiger ll carries more. And the gun movement range increased to +15/15-, as well as -8 gun dep. Seems modest improvement. The new 212 pen AP is nice, but 237mm APCR is extremely limiting, 244 APCR would have been fair.

      Speaking of which ,  Panther 88 is sorely needing its same pref tank status, and 212AP pen round


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