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  1. So I've become aware that I can straight up buy a T-62A because of the collector tanks thing, is it still worth the credits? I had thought about going for the 430U but I'd have to grind up from the T-34-85. If it makes any difference, I did just purchase the M48 Patton.

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    2. Rexxie


      The 62A and 55A are kinda gorgeous, that's basically the only good thing I can say about the 62A though.

    3. simba90


      I still like and play the t-62a. Just cos its not the best tank in my garage doesn't mean that I don't have fun when I bring it out and spam heat into the faces of other tanks. The buffed 140 is gonna be funny af though.

    4. churchill50


      @Assassin7 In 1.10.1, it's getting 7 degrees of gun depression and an upper plate that's 240-260 effective on flat ground.


      The T-62A still has the best gun handling out of all the Russian meds. It's even noticeably better than the Obj 140. It also, as Rexxie pointed out, is the best looking tier 10 Russian med. But, ever since the 140's turret was buffed, there's very little reason to get the T-62A. Getting a bit of gun performance (when the 140's gun performance is already great) while giving up mobility and gun depression is not a great trade. And that will only be more true when the 140 is buffed in 1.10.1

      It's not worth the 6 million credits in my opinion.

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