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  1. How is the 705A in 2020? The tank is pretty nice looking aesthetically, makes me kind of want it

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I assume its the same now as when I last played it over a year ago. Gun is total ass, but you can sidescrape/hulldown your way to victory. Its an extremely easy tank to position and play thanks to the unique hull shape and solid mobility, but the gun will fuck you over constantly. .44 acc and 317 heat pen vs super heavies is a nightmare at times. Ultimately, not great.

      For example, I had 3.7k dpg and 66%wr in it and every other tank I played that year had 4k and up to 70%. Its unreliable. You will find games where you just steamroll shit and laugh at your 8k blocked. And then you will never hit a single thing and wonder why you spent 6.1 mil credits.

      God forbid you have to hit a wheelieboi

    2. PityFool


      Lmao schnitz is spot on with that. There are times when you are sitting on a corner and literally nothing can touch you and you wonder how this tank is balanced. Then you try and use the gun and it all makes sense.

      It's actually a good tank though. Very easy to play, very stronk. Gun is just ultra derpy. 

    3. lavawing


      gun has always been ass and meta changes haven't changed that
      afaik it's never been 'competitive' but now has to contend with the buffed 7201, buffed E-100, 60TP, and buffed IS-4 which all more or less have the same niche, but all of which have much better guns

      if you like sidescraping soviet bricks get an IS-4 - that thing might be a worse 279 but a worse 279 is still a very good tank.

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