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  1. Hard agree. It's tough to get used to at first but you're never useless. It's really great.
  2. How is the 705A in 2020? The tank is pretty nice looking aesthetically, makes me kind of want it

    1. SchnitzelTruck


      I assume its the same now as when I last played it over a year ago. Gun is total ass, but you can sidescrape/hulldown your way to victory. Its an extremely easy tank to position and play thanks to the unique hull shape and solid mobility, but the gun will fuck you over constantly. .44 acc and 317 heat pen vs super heavies is a nightmare at times. Ultimately, not great.

      For example, I had 3.7k dpg and 66%wr in it and every other tank I played that year had 4k and up to 70%. Its unreliable. You will find games where you just steamroll shit and laugh at your 8k blocked. And then you will never hit a single thing and wonder why you spent 6.1 mil credits.

      God forbid you have to hit a wheelieboi

    2. PityFool


      Lmao schnitz is spot on with that. There are times when you are sitting on a corner and literally nothing can touch you and you wonder how this tank is balanced. Then you try and use the gun and it all makes sense.

      It's actually a good tank though. Very easy to play, very stronk. Gun is just ultra derpy. 

    3. lavawing


      gun has always been ass and meta changes haven't changed that
      afaik it's never been 'competitive' but now has to contend with the buffed 7201, buffed E-100, 60TP, and buffed IS-4 which all more or less have the same niche, but all of which have much better guns

      if you like sidescraping soviet bricks get an IS-4 - that thing might be a worse 279 but a worse 279 is still a very good tank.

  3. What're y'all running on a T110E5 with equip 2.0?

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    2. flare_phoenix
    3. Haswell


      Interesting, nobody using optics anymore?

    4. Private_Miros


      (I checked since I lasted posted and it's Vents, Turbo, Rammer. So no Vert Stab as I said earlier)

      @Haswell that set up with food and crew with BIA and the view range skills adds up to 463m view range. Optics aren't needed on a HT that can get that view range without.

  4. Serb's moonbase needs you, comrade Congrats! Some people are just absurdly lucky, I guess. I went like 200+ boxes deep for the bourrasque, my recruit got it within the first 5 boxes she opened. She ended up getting 50 boxes and all 4 tier 8 prems.
  5. out of... too many boxes now, I got approximately 100k gold, every tank but the one I wanted (the Bourrasque), the new 3D styles, and 15m credits. Regret is strong, this'll have to be all of my wot spending until the Bourrasque just goes on sale Edit: 1 more bad decision later and I got my Bourrasque
  6. Decided to try playing f2p style on an old alt account of mine, I had forgotten how cancer this game is in low tiers

  7. Thanks for the idea of using a rammerless loadout, I'm running vents, irm, and stabs on it and I'm wondering why I didn't reclaim it sooner. Now to repair the winrate from being my second premium tank lmao
  8. I'd never really paid attention to this thread before now, but around two years ago now I figured out that I was a girl. I can't really do anything about it other than very little things due to my living situation, but I'm working on remedying that. I'm glad to discover this thread and see I'm not alone as a trans person here ^^
  9. the AMX M4 45 is probably the most miserable experience I've had playing WoT in years

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    2. Assassin7


      I played AMX M4 back in literally 2012 when +4 MM was still a thing and gold ammo was for gold only, and I was a 48% potato. I used the 90mm because 212 pen worked alright vs tier 10s.

      I remember liking it. Granted it was my first tier 7, and it was so long ago my opinion in it literally does not matter in the slightest.


      Anyway, 50B is so good though. Ive never been amazing at making it work in pubs, But back when FOXEY existed I was basically an instapick 50B player lol. I still love it even today. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Remember when 50b's hull was impenetrable before its HD model? Was fucking hilarious baiting e100's by peaking the front around corners, eating all their heat, then poking and dumping a clip. Worked against jag100's too which was always amazing for rage PM's

    4. kolni


      I did that in the waffle too, people just never figured out that the hull wasn’t paper and kept shooting it 

      4-5 steel walls in it lol

  10. It is so weird to see the AT-15A in that list
  11. Ignore a T26E5 at your own peril. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5585584#westfield-bilbo_badtouch-t26e5
  12. This is the first round of steel hunter I've played, and I've gotta say this is singularly painful. Easily the most painful experience I've had in my WoT career, including early on with 50% crews. I don't know how anyone can enjoy this, I was going to go for a reward tank but I don't think those are worth this pain.
  13. I'm back for more action, and I've managed to ace the T-54 on my seventh battle in the thing. God this thing is fun. Pretty good recovery from going too aggro at the start and losing 2/3 of my HP. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5575671#karelia-bilbo_badtouch-t-54
  14. Always a good sendoff for a session to have a great game in the Derpidan

  15. So here in 2020, I've just bought the T-54. Anyone have any advice on it in the current state of things?
  16. I appreciate the feedback here, I had been running food up to today when I got screwed over by a fire, so I got mad and put AFE on there. As for equipment, what would you recommend? Currently I have rammer, binocs, and camo nets on there. I do have some bond vents in my depot, maybe? As for the positioning and map awareness, that's something I'm definitely trying to improve, so that advice is especially helpful, I super appreciate that. I don't know that map super well, or at least not the TD spots on it, I'm sure you could see my indecision there towards the end. I didn't actually k
  17. Even though I was top in this battle on my team for damage, I feel my contribution was utterly useless. Is there anything I could have done better? I suck at this map in general, and it seems this tank is cursed for me. http://wotreplays.eu/site/5572830?secret=d15abe5e4c427c86bc60bd7081c24545
  18. Ah, that'll make this a pain to record replays for this. I'll scrap the existing ones and do some in my T-44 as I grind out the T-54, I need a break from the Patton after grinding out the first 40 battles. It'll take a bit though.
  19. Yeah even just the random bounces the Guard gets are better than no bounces at all like the UDES. I do agree as well that the Guard feels a lot less clunky than the UDES. And I've got less battles in my Guard than my UDES, even.
  20. I think this thread blessed me, I just had a nice nearly 4k damage battle in mine, playing it for the first time since I returned. Profited 50k credits even after firing all my gold. @Rexxie I like the idea of running binocs on this tank, what's your setup? I'm currently running vents, stabs, and rammer.
  21. @Rexxie I'm almost done with a pack of 40 replays in my Patton, 20 on 20 off, how would you like me to send you those when I'm done?
  22. I haven't played it much since my return, but I enjoy this vehicle a fair bit
  23. I picked up the Patton today, and I've got to say I've fallen in love with this thing. I'm only 4 matches in, but it's sooooooooooo comfortable. It's my fifth tier 10 tank, and my favorite so far. I'm using the same equipment setup as Balthazars to pretty great success (by my standards at least)
  24. So I've become aware that I can straight up buy a T-62A because of the collector tanks thing, is it still worth the credits? I had thought about going for the 430U but I'd have to grind up from the T-34-85. If it makes any difference, I did just purchase the M48 Patton.

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    2. Rexxie


      The 62A and 55A are kinda gorgeous, that's basically the only good thing I can say about the 62A though.

    3. simba90


      I still like and play the t-62a. Just cos its not the best tank in my garage doesn't mean that I don't have fun when I bring it out and spam heat into the faces of other tanks. The buffed 140 is gonna be funny af though.

    4. churchill50


      @Assassin7 In 1.10.1, it's getting 7 degrees of gun depression and an upper plate that's 240-260 effective on flat ground.


      The T-62A still has the best gun handling out of all the Russian meds. It's even noticeably better than the Obj 140. It also, as Rexxie pointed out, is the best looking tier 10 Russian med. But, ever since the 140's turret was buffed, there's very little reason to get the T-62A. Getting a bit of gun performance (when the 140's gun performance is already great) while giving up mobility and gun depression is not a great trade. And that will only be more true when the 140 is buffed in 1.10.1

      It's not worth the 6 million credits in my opinion.

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