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  1. I haven't experienced any issues, running Firefox. Even my ABP is white-listed for Wotlabs.
  2. I love this thing. It rams like a freight train, and chews straight through most things you throw at it (except those darn Matildas and Hetzers). I've personally never thrown gold in it, though it's probably because I don't often run into Matildas or Hetzers.
  3. As a tomato pubbie (getting better!) I bought this tank post nerf, to grind credits and free xp. I personally think it feels pretty solid. I typically pen what I hit (I aim for weakspots with AP. it's not THAT bad imo), and the pref MM is really nice. Overall, it feels really solid to me, but I haven't exactly had any other experience in tier 8 tanks.
  4. As an American who can speak some french, I kind of want to go to EU and dick around pretending to be a french guy (It's fun having mortal enemies!) Plus, it's nice to have a change of community once in a while. From my limited experience (NA only, there is still a lot of complaining about gold, but I never see much in the way of sperging, at least not in my matches. Also, playing the TOG II* has to be a diplomatic mission, I end up trading so many jokes with the enemy team.
  5. Just bought a tog, Got mastery badge second class in my first battle with it, 978 damage, I thought it was pretty good, but I'm just a pub, might have just been luck
  6. Took on 8 other tier 7's solo (group I was with died), and I still managed to survive a while, taking out only two since I'm such a pubbie, but still, I actually survived a while until a couple crommies got behind me. I'm liking this tank.
  7. I like the pew-pew, I've always had good luck with it. Just had this battle today. http://imgur.com/MBaJ4DA http://imgur.com/EmoyjbT
  8. I just bought this monster. Haven't played it yet, should be fun! Edit: First match was great fun, lost, but still fun. Question is, should I be using gold with this tank.
  9. I may be a lowly pubbie, but I love my Super. It was my first tier 8 tank, and has forced me to massively improve in my 77 games with it. Now I've learned things like weak spots and flanking, and I actually have a basis to improve from there. Any advice for how to do better with it? I only have 551 average damage in it, and a 48% win rate with the thing, but I still enjoy it.
  10. Hello! I'm Nicarasu, a long term player, who formerly only played sporadically, resulting in my low battle count. I'm currently running both American td lines (t5 on both), both German TD lines (Jgpz IV, Marder 38T), and British TD's (Alecto) ; American (T1 Heavy), Russian (KV-85), German (VK 30.01 H), and French (B1) heavy lines; American and Soviet mediums (M4, T-34 [Quit the T-34-85, went back for the other line]),; American and British lights (Chaffee, Covenanter); and British (Birch Gun), American (M41 HMC), Soviet (SU-5), and German (Pz.Sfl.IV.b) Sky Cancer lines. Oh great denizens of th
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