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  1. Don't judge my equipment, I'm but a part time chodestar. I think this battle was alright http://wotreplays.com/site/3809519#live_oaks-nicarasu-t49
  2. IS-3: 36Löwe: 36 T26E5/Patriot: 31 Rhm. Skorpion: 11 - 3 = 8 I prefer my paper TDs be able to hide.Obj. 252U/Defender: 23 + 1 = 24 Still my therapy tank.
  3. I hadn't noticed this thread before, payday is this Friday so I'll send some over then. Good luck!
  4. After a successful few months of keeping myself from being featured in my thread, I'd like to shame myself for being this bad in some very good tanks: And you lot who need it couldn't buy xvm camo like my IS-7 winrate...
  5. Is it bad that I consider this tank my own personal hell? It may be because I played through the tank in 2 days, and the last tier 7 light with an autoloader I played was the Bulldog, but this thing is complete and utter flaming garbage to me. I free xp'ed it to full modules before my first battle, and free xp'ed the last 20xp - 30k xp to the Bat Chat 12t (thanks to reserves and labor day bonus this was only like 4 to 6 battles worth of xp, I just didn't want to play it anymore). Maybe I'm just playing it wrong. Stats from my short tenure in the tank:
  6. I'm pretty excited, I might actually grind past the Comet now. Reads this thread:
  7. Hmm, only 120 ping to EU from Indiana. Not too bad if NA dies.
  8. Oh thank god it's not coming to NA. I was worried. Sorry about your luck SEA friends
  9. You people will probably think I'm insane, but I traded in my (s)Lowe for a FV4202, and I've got to say driving the FV4202 is a hell of a lot more fun. Would not recommend (s)Lowe with arty the way it currently is, while it was a good tank it just wasn't fun or particularly effective for me.
  10. Yeah, I've been getting a ton of bottom tier matches since the patch, may be a part of why I'm enjoying my t9 lights so much. I haven't noticed the preference system, went 10 matches bottom tier in a row last night platooning with friends.
  11. At least in platoons, it seems like it is far more common to be bottom tier now. I ran about 15 games with some of the guys, and we ended up getting top tier maybe twice, or three times, and bottom tier all but 1 of the games. These were mostly tier 8 games.
  12. T54 ltwt, now that I've played it a bit more is absolutely ridiculous. One of my favorite tanks now.
  13. I've got to say, before actually playing the patch I hated it. Now that I've played my t8 and t9 lts, I've got to say that at least the ones I have fared pretty well (RU251, T54 Ltwt, Bulldog, LTTB, sold the shitty sp1c clone). Getting stunned by arty is annoying, but at least my LTs are fast enough to usually not get hit directly and can get to hiding while stunned. Haven't tried any other tanks post patch, though. New MM seems nice.
  14. I may be forced to eat my words on the T54 ltwt. It felt sluggish to me before the patch, but has gained 300 horsepower now. Only complaint I actually have is the ammo count, almost ran out of shells carrying my socks off first game in it after the patch. It's too bad I have no real desire for the T-100, I may just keep the ltwt for fun now.
  15. I don't know about tier 9s, but there will be only one tier 8 light tank remaining for me after the patch hits. That is, of course, the mighty Blackdog. The poor nerfed little P.O.S.'s in the tech tree won't stand a chance against the one true king. It's kind of sad really, but none of the other tier 8's look remotely worth playing, while the Blackdog looks like it may have the highest dpm of all LTs, lel (I may be wrong, I haven't actually done a direct comparison)
  16. Nicarasu

    Strv S1

    No comment on siege mode, other than requiring a bit more planning, but -11 gun depression and traverse fast enough that you basically have unlimited arc are pretty nice things to have.
  17. Nicarasu

    Strv S1

    This is when you die, just like almost any other TD, except maybe one of the derp germans or an ISU/704
  18. Surely you can't be serious, the Steyr is...
  19. Prem Lorraine is here! What do you guys who have played it in its current incarnation think? I'm considering getting it, but I'm not decided yet.
  20. Yeah, the M44 is just disgustingly good. I would have used it to abuse togs, but my American SPG crew is currently chilling in the M40/M43. The x to higher tier missions do seem like they'll get harder, I hope they update them.
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